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#include "mono/metadata/image.h"
#include "mono/metadata/blob.h"
#include "mono/metadata/mempool.h"
#include "mono/metadata/domain-internals.h"
#include "mono/metadata/mono-hash.h"
#include "mono/utils/mono-compiler.h"
#include "mono/utils/mono-dl.h"
#include "mono/utils/monobitset.h"
#include "mono/utils/mono-property-hash.h"
#include "mono/utils/mono-value-hash.h"
#include <mono/utils/mono-error.h>
#include "mono/utils/mono-conc-hashtable.h"
struct _MonoType {
union {
MonoClass *klass; /* for VALUETYPE and CLASS */
MonoType *type; /* for PTR */
MonoArrayType *array; /* for ARRAY */
MonoMethodSignature *method;
MonoGenericParam *generic_param; /* for VAR and MVAR */
MonoGenericClass *generic_class; /* for GENERICINST */
} data;
unsigned int attrs : 16; /* param attributes or field flags */
MonoTypeEnum type : 8;
unsigned int num_mods : 6; /* max 64 modifiers follow at the end */
unsigned int byref : 1;
unsigned int pinned : 1; /* valid when included in a local var signature */
MonoCustomMod modifiers [MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY]; /* this may grow */
#define MONO_SIZEOF_TYPE (offsetof (struct _MonoType, modifiers))
#define MONO_SECMAN_FLAG_INIT(x) (x & 0x2)
#define MONO_SECMAN_FLAG_GET_VALUE(x) (x & 0x1)
#define MONO_SECMAN_FLAG_SET_VALUE(x,y) do { x = ((y) ? 0x3 : 0x2); } while (0)
struct _MonoAssemblyName {
const char *name;
const char *culture;
const char *hash_value;
const mono_byte* public_key;
// string of 16 hex chars + 1 NULL
mono_byte public_key_token [MONO_PUBLIC_KEY_TOKEN_LENGTH];
uint32_t hash_alg;
uint32_t hash_len;
uint32_t flags;
uint16_t major, minor, build, revision, arch;
struct MonoTypeNameParse {
char *name_space;
char *name;
MonoAssemblyName assembly;
GList *modifiers; /* 0 -> byref, -1 -> pointer, > 0 -> array rank */
GPtrArray *type_arguments;
GList *nested;
struct _MonoAssembly {
* The number of appdomains which have this assembly loaded plus the number of
* assemblies referencing this assembly through an entry in their image->references
* arrays. The later is needed because entries in the image->references array
* might point to assemblies which are only loaded in some appdomains, and without
* the additional reference, they can be freed at any time.
* The ref_count is initially 0.
int ref_count; /* use atomic operations only */
char *basedir;
MonoAssemblyName aname;
MonoImage *image;
GSList *friend_assembly_names; /* Computed by mono_assembly_load_friends () */
guint8 friend_assembly_names_inited;
guint8 in_gac;
guint8 dynamic;
guint8 corlib_internal;
gboolean ref_only;
guint8 wrap_non_exception_throws;
guint8 wrap_non_exception_throws_inited;
guint8 jit_optimizer_disabled;
guint8 jit_optimizer_disabled_inited;
/* security manager flags (one bit is for lazy initialization) */
guint32 ecma:2; /* Has the ECMA key */
guint32 aptc:2; /* Has the [AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers] attributes */
guint32 fulltrust:2; /* Has FullTrust permission */
guint32 unmanaged:2; /* Has SecurityPermissionFlag.UnmanagedCode permission */
guint32 skipverification:2; /* Has SecurityPermissionFlag.SkipVerification permission */
typedef struct {
const char* data;
guint32 size;
} MonoStreamHeader;
struct _MonoTableInfo {
const char *base;
guint rows : 24;
guint row_size : 8;
* Tables contain up to 9 columns and the possible sizes of the
* fields in the documentation are 1, 2 and 4 bytes. So we
* can encode in 2 bits the size.
* A 32 bit value can encode the resulting size
* The top eight bits encode the number of columns in the table.
* we only need 4, but 8 is aligned no shift required.
guint32 size_bitfield;
#define REFERENCE_MISSING ((gpointer) -1)
typedef struct _MonoDllMap MonoDllMap;
struct _MonoImage {
* The number of assemblies which reference this MonoImage though their 'image'
* field plus the number of images which reference this MonoImage through their
* 'modules' field, plus the number of threads holding temporary references to
* this image between calls of mono_image_open () and mono_image_close ().
int ref_count;
void *raw_data_handle;
char *raw_data;
guint32 raw_data_len;
guint8 raw_buffer_used : 1;
guint8 raw_data_allocated : 1;
guint8 fileio_used : 1;
#ifdef HOST_WIN32
/* Module was loaded using LoadLibrary. */
guint8 is_module_handle : 1;
/* Module entry point is _CorDllMain. */
guint8 has_entry_point : 1;
/* Whenever this is a dynamically emitted module */
guint8 dynamic : 1;
/* Whenever this is a reflection only image */
guint8 ref_only : 1;
/* Whenever this image contains uncompressed metadata */
guint8 uncompressed_metadata : 1;
/* Whenever this image contains metadata only without PE data */
guint8 metadata_only : 1;
guint8 checked_module_cctor : 1;
guint8 has_module_cctor : 1;
guint8 idx_string_wide : 1;
guint8 idx_guid_wide : 1;
guint8 idx_blob_wide : 1;
/* Whenever this image is considered as platform code for the CoreCLR security model */
guint8 core_clr_platform_code : 1;
char *name;
const char *assembly_name;
const char *module_name;
char *version;
gint16 md_version_major, md_version_minor;
char *guid;
void *image_info;
MonoMemPool *mempool; /*protected by the image lock*/
char *raw_metadata;
MonoStreamHeader heap_strings;
MonoStreamHeader heap_us;
MonoStreamHeader heap_blob;
MonoStreamHeader heap_guid;
MonoStreamHeader heap_tables;
const char *tables_base;
MonoTableInfo tables [MONO_TABLE_NUM];
* references is initialized only by using the mono_assembly_open
* function, and not by using the lowlevel mono_image_open.
* It is NULL terminated.
MonoAssembly **references;
int nreferences;
MonoImage **modules;
guint32 module_count;
gboolean *modules_loaded;
MonoImage **files; /*protected by the image lock*/
gpointer aot_module;
* The Assembly this image was loaded from.
MonoAssembly *assembly;
* Indexed by method tokens and typedef tokens.
GHashTable *method_cache; /*protected by the image lock*/
MonoInternalHashTable class_cache;
/* Indexed by memberref + methodspec tokens */
GHashTable *methodref_cache; /*protected by the image lock*/
* Indexed by fielddef and memberref tokens
MonoConcurrentHashTable *field_cache; /*protected by the image lock*/
/* indexed by typespec tokens. */
GHashTable *typespec_cache; /* protected by the image lock */
/* indexed by token */
GHashTable *memberref_signatures;
GHashTable *helper_signatures;
/* Indexed by blob heap indexes */
GHashTable *method_signatures;
* Indexes namespaces to hash tables that map class name to typedef token.
GHashTable *name_cache; /*protected by the image lock*/
* Indexed by MonoClass
GHashTable *array_cache;
GHashTable *ptr_cache;
GHashTable *szarray_cache;
/* This has a separate lock to improve scalability */
mono_mutex_t szarray_cache_lock;
* indexed by MonoMethodSignature
GHashTable *delegate_begin_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *delegate_end_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *delegate_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *runtime_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *runtime_invoke_vtype_cache;
* indexed by SignaturePointerPair
GHashTable *delegate_abstract_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *delegate_bound_static_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *native_func_wrapper_cache;
* indexed by MonoMethod pointers
GHashTable *runtime_invoke_direct_cache;
GHashTable *runtime_invoke_vcall_cache;
GHashTable *managed_wrapper_cache;
GHashTable *native_wrapper_cache;
GHashTable *native_wrapper_aot_cache;
GHashTable *native_wrapper_check_cache;
GHashTable *native_wrapper_aot_check_cache;
GHashTable *native_func_wrapper_aot_cache;
GHashTable *remoting_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *synchronized_cache;
GHashTable *unbox_wrapper_cache;
GHashTable *cominterop_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *cominterop_wrapper_cache; /* LOCKING: marshal lock */
GHashTable *thunk_invoke_cache;
GHashTable *wrapper_param_names;
GHashTable *synchronized_generic_cache;
GHashTable *array_accessor_cache;
* indexed by MonoClass pointers
GHashTable *ldfld_wrapper_cache;
GHashTable *ldflda_wrapper_cache;
GHashTable *stfld_wrapper_cache;
GHashTable *isinst_cache;
GHashTable *castclass_cache;
GHashTable *proxy_isinst_cache;
GHashTable *rgctx_template_hash; /* LOCKING: templates lock */
GHashTable *delegate_invoke_generic_cache;
GHashTable *delegate_begin_invoke_generic_cache;
GHashTable *delegate_end_invoke_generic_cache;
/* Contains rarely used fields of runtime structures belonging to this image */
MonoPropertyHash *property_hash;
void *reflection_info;
* user_info is a public field and is not touched by the
* metadata engine
void *user_info;
/* dll map entries */
MonoDllMap *dll_map;
/* interfaces IDs from this image */
/* protected by the classes lock */
MonoBitSet *interface_bitset;
/* when the image is being closed, this is abused as a list of
malloc'ed regions to be freed. */
GSList *reflection_info_unregister_classes;
/* List of image sets containing this image */
/* Protected by image_sets_lock */
GSList *image_sets;
/* Caches for MonoClass-es representing anon generic params */
MonoClass **var_cache_fast;
MonoClass **mvar_cache_fast;
GHashTable *var_cache_slow;
GHashTable *mvar_cache_slow;
GHashTable *var_cache_constrained;
GHashTable *mvar_cache_constrained;
/* Maps malloc-ed char* pinvoke scope -> MonoDl* */
GHashTable *pinvoke_scopes;
/* Maps malloc-ed char* pinvoke scope -> malloced-ed char* filename */
GHashTable *pinvoke_scope_filenames;
/* Indexed by MonoGenericParam pointers */
GHashTable **gshared_types;
/* The length of the above array */
int gshared_types_len;
* No other runtime locks must be taken while holding this lock.
* It's meant to be used only to mutate and query structures part of this image.
mono_mutex_t lock;
* Generic instances depend on many images, and they need to be deleted if one
* of the images they depend on is unloaded. For example,
* List<Foo> depends on both List's image and Foo's image.
* A MonoImageSet is the owner of all generic instances depending on the same set of
* images.
typedef struct {
int nimages;
MonoImage **images;
GHashTable *gclass_cache, *ginst_cache, *gmethod_cache, *gsignature_cache;
mono_mutex_t lock;
* Memory for generic instances owned by this image set should be allocated from
* this mempool, using the mono_image_set_alloc family of functions.
MonoMemPool *mempool;
} MonoImageSet;
enum {
typedef struct {
GHashTable *hash;
char *data;
guint32 alloc_size; /* malloced bytes */
guint32 index;
guint32 offset; /* from start of metadata */
} MonoDynamicStream;
typedef struct {
guint32 alloc_rows;
guint32 rows;
guint8 row_size; /* calculated later with column_sizes */
guint8 columns;
guint32 next_idx;
guint32 *values; /* rows * columns */
} MonoDynamicTable;
struct _MonoDynamicAssembly {
MonoAssembly assembly;
char *strong_name;
guint32 strong_name_size;
guint8 run;
guint8 save;
MonoDomain *domain;
struct _MonoDynamicImage {
MonoImage image;
guint32 meta_size;
guint32 text_rva;
guint32 metadata_rva;
guint32 image_base;
guint32 cli_header_offset;
guint32 iat_offset;
guint32 idt_offset;
guint32 ilt_offset;
guint32 imp_names_offset;
struct {
guint32 rva;
guint32 size;
guint32 offset;
guint32 attrs;
} sections [MONO_SECTION_MAX];
GHashTable *typespec;
GHashTable *typeref;
GHashTable *handleref;
MonoGHashTable *handleref_managed;
MonoGHashTable *tokens;
GHashTable *blob_cache;
GHashTable *standalonesig_cache;
GList *array_methods;
GPtrArray *gen_params;
MonoGHashTable *token_fixups;
GHashTable *method_to_table_idx;
GHashTable *field_to_table_idx;
GHashTable *method_aux_hash;
GHashTable *vararg_aux_hash;
MonoGHashTable *generic_def_objects;
MonoGHashTable *methodspec;
* Maps final token values to the object they describe.
MonoGHashTable *remapped_tokens;
gboolean run;
gboolean save;
gboolean initial_image;
guint32 pe_kind, machine;
char *strong_name;
guint32 strong_name_size;
char *win32_res;
guint32 win32_res_size;
guint8 *public_key;
int public_key_len;
MonoDynamicStream sheap;
MonoDynamicStream code; /* used to store method headers and bytecode */
MonoDynamicStream resources; /* managed embedded resources */
MonoDynamicStream us;
MonoDynamicStream blob;
MonoDynamicStream tstream;
MonoDynamicStream guid;
MonoDynamicTable tables [MONO_TABLE_NUM];
MonoClass *wrappers_type; /*wrappers are bound to this type instead of <Module>*/
/* Contains information about assembly binding */
typedef struct _MonoAssemblyBindingInfo {
char *name;
char *culture;
guchar public_key_token [MONO_PUBLIC_KEY_TOKEN_LENGTH];
int major;
int minor;
AssemblyVersionSet old_version_bottom;
AssemblyVersionSet old_version_top;
AssemblyVersionSet new_version;
guint has_old_version_bottom : 1;
guint has_old_version_top : 1;
guint has_new_version : 1;
guint is_valid : 1;
gint32 domain_id; /*Needed to unload per-domain binding*/
} MonoAssemblyBindingInfo;
struct _MonoMethodHeader {
const unsigned char *code;
guint16 code_size;
guint32 code_size;
guint16 max_stack : 15;
unsigned int is_transient: 1; /* mono_metadata_free_mh () will actually free this header */
unsigned int num_clauses : 15;
/* if num_locals != 0, then the following apply: */
unsigned int init_locals : 1;
guint16 num_locals;
MonoExceptionClause *clauses;
MonoType *locals [MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY];
typedef struct {
guint32 code_size;
gboolean has_clauses;
} MonoMethodHeaderSummary;
#define MONO_SIZEOF_METHOD_HEADER (sizeof (struct _MonoMethodHeader) - MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY * SIZEOF_VOID_P)
struct _MonoMethodSignature {
MonoType *ret;
guint8 param_count;
gint8 sentinelpos;
unsigned int generic_param_count : 5;
guint16 param_count;
gint16 sentinelpos;
unsigned int generic_param_count : 16;
unsigned int call_convention : 6;
unsigned int hasthis : 1;
unsigned int explicit_this : 1;
unsigned int pinvoke : 1;
unsigned int is_inflated : 1;
unsigned int has_type_parameters : 1;
MonoType *params [MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY];
* AOT cache configuration loaded from config files.
* Doesn't really belong here.
typedef struct {
* Enable aot caching for applications whose main assemblies are in
* this list.
GSList *apps;
GSList *assemblies;
char *aot_options;
} MonoAotCacheConfig;
#define MONO_SIZEOF_METHOD_SIGNATURE (sizeof (struct _MonoMethodSignature) - MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY * SIZEOF_VOID_P)
static inline gboolean
image_is_dynamic (MonoImage *image)
return FALSE;
return image->dynamic;
static inline gboolean
assembly_is_dynamic (MonoAssembly *assembly)
return FALSE;
return assembly->dynamic;
/* for use with allocated memory blocks (assumes alignment is to 8 bytes) */
guint mono_aligned_addr_hash (gconstpointer ptr);
mono_image_check_for_module_cctor (MonoImage *image);
mono_image_alloc (MonoImage *image, guint size);
mono_image_alloc0 (MonoImage *image, guint size);
#define mono_image_new0(image,type,size) ((type *) mono_image_alloc0 (image, sizeof (type)* (size)))
mono_image_strdup (MonoImage *image, const char *s);
g_list_prepend_image (MonoImage *image, GList *list, gpointer data);
g_slist_append_image (MonoImage *image, GSList *list, gpointer data);
mono_image_lock (MonoImage *image);
mono_image_unlock (MonoImage *image);
mono_image_property_lookup (MonoImage *image, gpointer subject, guint32 property);
mono_image_property_insert (MonoImage *image, gpointer subject, guint32 property, gpointer value);
mono_image_property_remove (MonoImage *image, gpointer subject);
mono_image_close_except_pools (MonoImage *image);
mono_image_close_finish (MonoImage *image);
typedef void (*MonoImageUnloadFunc) (MonoImage *image, gpointer user_data);
mono_install_image_unload_hook (MonoImageUnloadFunc func, gpointer user_data);
mono_remove_image_unload_hook (MonoImageUnloadFunc func, gpointer user_data);
mono_image_append_class_to_reflection_info_set (MonoClass *klass);
mono_image_set_alloc (MonoImageSet *set, guint size);
mono_image_set_alloc0 (MonoImageSet *set, guint size);
mono_image_set_strdup (MonoImageSet *set, const char *s);
#define mono_image_set_new0(image,type,size) ((type *) mono_image_set_alloc0 (image, sizeof (type)* (size)))
mono_metadata_get_shared_type (MonoType *type);
mono_metadata_clean_for_image (MonoImage *image);
mono_metadata_clean_generic_classes_for_image (MonoImage *image);
mono_metadata_cleanup (void);
const char * mono_meta_table_name (int table);
void mono_metadata_compute_table_bases (MonoImage *meta);
mono_metadata_interfaces_from_typedef_full (MonoImage *image,
guint32 table_index,
MonoClass ***interfaces,
guint *count,
gboolean heap_alloc_result,
MonoGenericContext *context,
MonoError *error);
MonoArrayType *
mono_metadata_parse_array_full (MonoImage *image,
MonoGenericContainer *container,
const char *ptr,
const char **rptr);
MONO_API MonoType *
mono_metadata_parse_type_full (MonoImage *image,
MonoGenericContainer *container,
MonoParseTypeMode mode,
short opt_attrs,
const char *ptr,
const char **rptr);
MONO_API MonoMethodSignature *
mono_metadata_parse_method_signature_full (MonoImage *image,
MonoGenericContainer *generic_container,
int def,
const char *ptr,
const char **rptr,
MonoError *error);
MONO_API MonoMethodHeader *
mono_metadata_parse_mh_full (MonoImage *image,
MonoGenericContainer *container,
const char *ptr);
mono_method_get_header_summary (MonoMethod *method, MonoMethodHeaderSummary *summary);
int* mono_metadata_get_param_attrs (MonoImage *m, int def, int param_count);
gboolean mono_metadata_method_has_param_attrs (MonoImage *m, int def);
mono_metadata_generic_context_hash (const MonoGenericContext *context);
mono_metadata_generic_context_equal (const MonoGenericContext *g1,
const MonoGenericContext *g2);
MonoGenericInst *
mono_metadata_parse_generic_inst (MonoImage *image,
MonoGenericContainer *container,
int count,
const char *ptr,
const char **rptr);
MonoGenericInst *
mono_metadata_get_generic_inst (int type_argc,
MonoType **type_argv);
MonoGenericClass *
mono_metadata_lookup_generic_class (MonoClass *gclass,
MonoGenericInst *inst,
gboolean is_dynamic);
MonoGenericInst * mono_metadata_inflate_generic_inst (MonoGenericInst *ginst, MonoGenericContext *context, MonoError *error);
mono_metadata_generic_param_hash (MonoGenericParam *p);
mono_metadata_generic_param_equal (MonoGenericParam *p1, MonoGenericParam *p2);
void mono_dynamic_stream_reset (MonoDynamicStream* stream);
void mono_assembly_addref (MonoAssembly *assembly);
void mono_assembly_load_friends (MonoAssembly* ass);
gboolean mono_assembly_has_skip_verification (MonoAssembly* ass);
void mono_assembly_release_gc_roots (MonoAssembly *assembly);
gboolean mono_assembly_close_except_image_pools (MonoAssembly *assembly);
void mono_assembly_close_finish (MonoAssembly *assembly);
gboolean mono_public_tokens_are_equal (const unsigned char *pubt1, const unsigned char *pubt2);
void mono_config_parse_publisher_policy (const char *filename, MonoAssemblyBindingInfo *binding_info);
void mono_config_parse_assembly_bindings (const char *filename, int major, int minor, void *user_data,
void (*infocb)(MonoAssemblyBindingInfo *info, void *user_data));
mono_assembly_name_parse_full (const char *name,
MonoAssemblyName *aname,
gboolean save_public_key,
gboolean *is_version_defined,
gboolean *is_token_defined);
MONO_API guint32 mono_metadata_get_generic_param_row (MonoImage *image, guint32 token, guint32 *owner);
void mono_unload_interface_ids (MonoBitSet *bitset);
MonoType *mono_metadata_type_dup (MonoImage *image, const MonoType *original);
MonoMethodSignature *mono_metadata_signature_dup_full (MonoImage *image,MonoMethodSignature *sig);
MonoMethodSignature *mono_metadata_signature_dup_mempool (MonoMemPool *mp, MonoMethodSignature *sig);
MonoGenericInst *
mono_get_shared_generic_inst (MonoGenericContainer *container);
mono_type_stack_size_internal (MonoType *t, int *align, gboolean allow_open);
MONO_API void mono_type_get_desc (GString *res, MonoType *type, mono_bool include_namespace);
mono_metadata_type_equal_full (MonoType *t1, MonoType *t2, gboolean signature_only);
MonoMarshalSpec *
mono_metadata_parse_marshal_spec_full (MonoImage *image, MonoImage *parent_image, const char *ptr);
guint mono_metadata_generic_inst_hash (gconstpointer data);
gboolean mono_metadata_generic_inst_equal (gconstpointer ka, gconstpointer kb);
mono_metadata_field_info_with_mempool (
MonoImage *meta,
guint32 table_index,
guint32 *offset,
guint32 *rva,
MonoMarshalSpec **marshal_spec);
mono_metadata_get_corresponding_field_from_generic_type_definition (MonoClassField *field);
mono_metadata_get_corresponding_event_from_generic_type_definition (MonoEvent *event);
mono_metadata_get_corresponding_property_from_generic_type_definition (MonoProperty *property);
mono_metadata_signature_size (MonoMethodSignature *sig);
guint mono_metadata_str_hash (gconstpointer v1);
gboolean mono_image_load_pe_data (MonoImage *image);
gboolean mono_image_load_cli_data (MonoImage *image);
void mono_image_load_names (MonoImage *image);
MonoImage *mono_image_open_raw (const char *fname, MonoImageOpenStatus *status);
MonoImage *mono_image_open_metadata_only (const char *fname, MonoImageOpenStatus *status);
MonoException *mono_get_exception_field_access_msg (const char *msg);
MonoException *mono_get_exception_method_access_msg (const char *msg);
MonoMethod* method_from_method_def_or_ref (MonoImage *m, guint32 tok, MonoGenericContext *context, MonoError *error);
MonoMethod *mono_get_method_constrained_with_method (MonoImage *image, MonoMethod *method, MonoClass *constrained_class, MonoGenericContext *context, MonoError *error);
MonoMethod *mono_get_method_constrained_checked (MonoImage *image, guint32 token, MonoClass *constrained_class, MonoGenericContext *context, MonoMethod **cil_method, MonoError *error);
void mono_type_set_alignment (MonoTypeEnum type, int align);
MonoAotCacheConfig *mono_get_aot_cache_config (void);
MonoType *
mono_type_create_from_typespec_checked (MonoImage *image, guint32 type_spec, MonoError *error);
mono_method_get_signature_checked (MonoMethod *method, MonoImage *image, guint32 token, MonoGenericContext *context, MonoError *error);
MonoMethod *
mono_get_method_checked (MonoImage *image, guint32 token, MonoClass *klass, MonoGenericContext *context, MonoError *error);
mono_metadata_localscope_from_methoddef (MonoImage *meta, guint32 index);
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