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#include <glib.h>
#include <mono/metadata/object.h>
#include <mono/utils/mono-compiler.h>
typedef struct _MonoCounterSample MonoCounterSample;
void* mono_perfcounter_get_impl (MonoString* category, MonoString* counter, MonoString* instance,
MonoString* machine, int *type, MonoBoolean *custom);
MonoBoolean mono_perfcounter_get_sample (void *impl, MonoBoolean only_value, MonoCounterSample *sample);
gint64 mono_perfcounter_update_value (void *impl, MonoBoolean do_incr, gint64 value);
void mono_perfcounter_free_data (void *impl);
/* Category icalls */
MonoBoolean mono_perfcounter_category_del (MonoString *name);
MonoString* mono_perfcounter_category_help (MonoString *category, MonoString *machine);
MonoBoolean mono_perfcounter_category_exists (MonoString *counter, MonoString *category, MonoString *machine);
MonoBoolean mono_perfcounter_create (MonoString *category, MonoString *help, int type, MonoArray *items);
int mono_perfcounter_instance_exists (MonoString *instance, MonoString *category, MonoString *machine);
MonoArray* mono_perfcounter_category_names (MonoString *machine);
MonoArray* mono_perfcounter_counter_names (MonoString *category, MonoString *machine);
MonoArray* mono_perfcounter_instance_names (MonoString *category, MonoString *machine);
typedef gboolean (*PerfCounterEnumCallback) (char *category_name, char *name, unsigned char type, gint64 value, gpointer user_data);
MONO_API void mono_perfcounter_foreach (PerfCounterEnumCallback cb, gpointer user_data);
#endif /* __MONO_PERFCOUNTERS_H__ */
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