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* threads.h: Threading API
* Author:
* Dick Porter (
* Patrik Torstensson (
* (C) 2001 Ximian, Inc
#include <mono/utils/mono-publib.h>
#include <mono/metadata/object.h>
#include <mono/metadata/appdomain.h>
/* This callback should return TRUE if the runtime must wait for the thread, FALSE otherwise */
typedef mono_bool (*MonoThreadManageCallback) (MonoThread* thread);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_init (MonoThreadStartCB start_cb,
MonoThreadAttachCB attach_cb);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_cleanup (void);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_manage(void);
extern MONO_API MonoThread *mono_thread_current (void);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_set_main (MonoThread *thread);
extern MONO_API MonoThread *mono_thread_get_main (void);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_stop (MonoThread *thread);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_new_init (intptr_t tid, void* stack_start,
void* func);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_create (MonoDomain *domain, void* func, void* arg);
extern MONO_API MonoThread *mono_thread_attach (MonoDomain *domain);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_detach (MonoThread *thread);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_exit (void);
MONO_API void mono_thread_set_manage_callback (MonoThread *thread, MonoThreadManageCallback func);
extern MONO_API void mono_threads_set_default_stacksize (uint32_t stacksize);
extern MONO_API uint32_t mono_threads_get_default_stacksize (void);
MONO_API void mono_threads_request_thread_dump (void);
MONO_API mono_bool mono_thread_is_foreign (MonoThread *thread);
extern MONO_API void mono_thread_detach_if_exiting (void);
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