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  • sdk/out/wasm-bcl/wasm directory: Core libraries to be used with the runtime.
  • driver.c, libmonosgen-2.0.a, library_mono.js, binding_support.js: Source / Binaries for custom building the runtime. See compilation instructions down.
  • debug, release directories: Pre-compiled runtimes using the above driver in release and debug configurations.
  • sample.html, sample.cs: Sample code, see sample details below.


Mono requires the latest emscripten installed and built. Emscripten is not required if simply using the sample.

The pre-built binaries are compiled using the following command line for the debug build:

emcc -s WASM=1 -s ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH=1 -s BINARYEN=1 -s "BINARYEN_TRAP_MODE='clamp'" -s ALIASING_FUNCTION_POINTERS=0 -s NO_EXIT_RUNTIME=1 -s "EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS=['ccall', 'FS_createPath', 'FS_createDataFile', 'cwrap', 'setValue', 'getValue', 'UTF8ToString']" -s EMULATED_FUNCTION_POINTERS=1 -g4 -Os -s ASSERTIONS=1 --js-library library_mono.js --js-library binding_support.js --js-library dotnet_support.js driver.o mono/sdks/out/wasm-runtime-release/lib/{libmono-ee-interp.a,libmono-native.a,libmonosgen-2.0.a,libmono-ilgen.a,libmono-icall-table.a} -o debug/mono.js

Compiling mono

Commands for compiling mono

make -C sdks/builds provision-wasm
make -C sdks/builds archive-wasm  NINJA=
make -C sdks/builds package-wasm-runtime package-wasm-cross package-wasm-bcl


See Getting Started Guides

Testing instructions


First, ensure the runtime, AOT and bcl have been built and packaged in the sdks/out directory:

make -C sdks/builds package-wasm-runtime package-wasm-cross package-wasm-bcl

Build the test runner and test suites

make -C sdks/wasm build

Right now the following targets are available:

  • mono: Executes the previous package-wasm-* step above.
  • build: Build the test runner and test suites
  • run-all-mini: Run mini test suite
  • run-all-corlib: Run corlib test suite
  • run-all-system: Run System test suite
  • run-all-system-core: Run System.Core test suite
  • run-all-binding: Run bindings test suite
  • run-browser-tests: Run tests that require a browser environment
  • build-aot-all: Build all AOT samples and tests
  • run-aot-all: Run all AOT samples and tests
  • build-aot-sample: Build hello world AOT sample
  • run-aot-sample: Run hello world AOT sample
  • build-interp-sample: Build hello world AOT interpreter sample
  • run-interp-sample: Run hello world AOT interpreter sample
  • build-aot-bindings-sample: Build sample using bindings
  • build-aot-bindings-interp-sample: Build sample using bindings
  • clean: cleans the wasm directory

For bcl or runtime changes, you must manually run the corresponding build/package steps in builds. For test suite changes, it's enough to just rerun the local target.


The debugger requires dotnet core version 2.1.301 or greater installed.

To experiment with the debugger, do the following steps:

  • When calling packager.exe pass the -debug argument to it.
  • Start Chrome with remote debugging enabled (IE /Applications/Google\\ Chrome\ Canary --remote-debugging-port=9222)
  • Run the proxy: dotnet run -p ProxyDriver/ProxyDriver.csproj
  • Connect to the remote debugged Chrome and pick the page which is running the wasm code
  • Rewrite the request URL (just the ws argument) to use the proxy port (9300 by default for ProxyDriver) instead of the browser port
  • Refresh the debugged page and you should be set

Beware that the debugger is in active development so bugs and missing features will be present.

WebAssembly packager.exe

Read usage information about the utility see WebAssembly packager.exe

AOT support

AOT support is enabled by passing --aot to the packager.

This depends on building the cross compiler which can be done using:

make -C sdks/wasm cross

If you don't have jsvu installed, run make toolchain from sdks/wasm. It requires a recent version of node installed in your system.

Run make run-aot-sample to run an aot-ed hello world sample.

To build and run AOT test suites:

make -C sdks/wasm build-aot-<suite name>
make -C sdks/wasm check-aot-<suite name>

AOT Bindings sample

To build the sample that uses bindings and http.

make -C sdks/wasm build-aot-bindings-sample

This will build the sample in the wasm/bin/aot-bindings-sample ready to be served for browser consumption.


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