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This is a modified version of Boehm GC 6.1 for Mono.
* There are two main changes to the upstream version:
- Makefile changes:
libgc has a lot of configurable options which are AC_DEFINE()d in its To make it easier to build and bundle it with Mono, I
replaced most of the orignal and the makefiles with custom
versions which just define what we actually need for Mono.
This means that you can just run configure in this directory and it'll
do the right thing. Later on, we'll just include this package in Mono
- Threading changes
The original libgc has several *_threads.c files for each possible threading
For Mono, we're using a vtable
typedef struct
void (* initialize) (void);
void (* lock) (void);
void (* unlock) (void);
void (* stop_world) (void);
void (* push_thread_structures) (void);
void (* push_all_stacks) (void);
void (* start_world) (void);
} GCThreadFunctions;
extern GCThreadFunctions *gc_thread_vtable;
and a mono_threads.c file.
- Deleted files
Some files from the original distribution have been deleted in this version.
These are files which weren't actually linked into the library so they were not
needed. When importing a new upstream version, you can either keep them removed
or just replace them with their new upstream versions.
- include/private/gc_locks.h
This file has been replaced with a custom version.
When importing a new upstream version, keep this custom version, ie. don't import the
new upstream gc_locks.h.
* Importing a new upstream version
This is really simple. Just import the new version to the vendor branch (LIBGC) in CVS
and then merge it into the main trunk.
To get a diff to the original version:
cvs diff -u -r LIBGC
When importing new upstream versions, don't import the new or any of the's; they've been replaced by custom versions. Just import all the new source
files and it should be fine.
April 4th, 2003
Martin Baulig <>
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