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* Resources
There are a number of resources available for those of you who
want to contribute to the Mono project. Here are a few links.
If you want to send suggestions for links, address them to <a
** Routine Tests
Various test results that are run continously on Mono are available
at <a
** Microsoft .NET
The <a href="">Microsoft.NET site.</a>
The Microsoft .NET Framework can be downloaded <a
New methods that are not documented in 1.0, are documented <a
The changes between .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1 are available <a href="">here</a>
** IRC
Various Mono contributors get together on channel #mono on
** International Sites
See our <a href="other.html">page</a> with information on Mono International Sites.
** Mono related sites.
The Mono Tutorial:
<a href="">GNOME.NET Tutorial</a>
and other useful tutorials (Gtk#, Glade#, Embeded, etc) (in Spanish) at
<a href="">The Mono Hispano site</a>.
Community site for Mono at <a href="">Got Mono</a>
Wikis: <a href="">Gtk# Wiki</a>
and <a href="">Mono Wiki</a>.
Sergey's web page on Mono resources:
<a href=""></a>
Got Dot Net:
<a href="">Got Dot Net</a>
Got Mono:
<a href="">Got Mono</a>
Zip classes:
Mike's port to .NET: <a
.NET Security:
A nice overview paper on the <a
security architecture</a>.
** Development Tools
A tool to compare two assemblies:
<li><a href=""></a>
** ECMA Documentation.
You can get the documentation for the ECMA specs from:
* <a href="">C# Language Specification</a>
* <a href="">Common Language Infrastructure</a>
Older copies of the standard are available here:
* <a href="">At MSDN</a>
* <a href="">Dot Net Experts</a>
* <a href="">Monash University</a>
These contain specifications for the assembler, the metadata,
byte codes supported by the CLI virtual machine, the C#
language and the core class libraries.
For details on the .NET class libraries, you can
visit the Microsoft's Developer Network:
* <a href="">.NET Framework Class Library</a>
You can also get this information if you install the Beta2
release of the .NET Framework.
** Discussion Groups.
* <a href="">O'Reilly
Network</a> has a <a
href="">section devoted to
* <a
href="">MSDN</a> also
lists various newsgroups related to .NET</ul>
** Other .NET related projects
There are a number of related projects to Mono:
<li><b>Development tools</b></li>
* <a
Develop:</a> an IDE for the C# language written in C#.
* <a href="">NUnit:</a> A
testing framework for .NET classes.
* <a
href="">XMarks DOC.NET:</a> For
creating online documentation you can browse for your own classes.
* <a
href="">GCC .NET backend</a>.
Jeremy Singer has developed a .NET backend for GCC. This is research work.
<li><b>Class Libraries</b></li>
* <a href="">SDL for
.NET:</a> Bindings for the popular SDL graphics library.
* C# bindings for OpenGL and SDL are available here: <a
* <a
C# bindings for the Qt toolkit.
* <a
href="">Project MonoQLE:</a> a C# Message Queue Server.
Sorry only in portuguese, for now.
<li><b>Programming languages:</b></li>
* <a
an implemention of ECMAScript (the standarized
version of JavaScript) in C#
<li><b>Other projects</b></li>
* <a
Plugin for C#</a>
* <a href="">Kaffe:</a> A popular
Free Software JIT engine for Java.
* <a href="">ORP:</a> A research
JIT/VM/GC system from Intel.
* <a
Another implementation of the CLI and C# compiler.
** GNOME Documentation
Documentation on GNOME, and the GNOME APIs is available from
the <a href="">developer</a> site at
* <a href="">GNOME
API documentation</a>
* <a href="">GNOME
Online books</a>
* <A
href="">Architecture Overview</a>
** Assembly Language Manuals online
* <a href="">
Pentium optimization tutorial</a> by Agner Fog
* <a href="">
Art of Assembly</a> (x86 only)
* Documentation for various CPUs
(<a href="">
x86, IA64, MIPS, ARM, Alpha</a>)
* <a href="">
ARM Assembler</a> tutorial
* PowerPC
<a href="">
Compiler Writer's Guide</a>
* <a href="">
Beginners Guide to PowerPC Assembler</a>
** Win32
* Win32 <a href="">
Structured Exception Handling (SEH)</a> internals (x86 specific)
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