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2005-12-21 Wade Berrier <>
* use $prefix/lib instead of $libdir,
otherwise the cairo.dll can't be found on 64 bit architectures
(Merged from trunk)
2005-12-14 Wade Berrier <>
2005-12-12 Mike Kestner <>
* pkgconfig support for Mono.Cairo. Mono.Cairo.dll
and this file can be extracted post-build to be packaged separately
on win32.
* expand mono-cairo.pc
* dist and install mono-cairo.pc
2005-12-01 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Check for setkey(3) in -lcrypt and define CRYPT_LIBS
2005-12-01 Mike Kestner <>
* scripts/ support policy assemblies.
2005-11-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
2005-11-24 Dick Porter <>
* Test for GetProcessId() on windows
2005-11-21 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): Move 'gmcs' to ...
(scripts_2_0): ... here.
(gmcs): Remove special-case rule.
2005-11-09 Michael Hutchinson <>
* data/net_1_1/machine.config, data/net_2_0/machine.config: Set
default values for http proxy
2005-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/jit-regalloc: Merge forgotten documentation updates from
the mini-xp-local-regalloc branch.
2005-10-28 Wade Berrier <>
*,, Make these relocatable.
* scripts:
Make all the wrappers relocatable.
2005-10-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add test for execinfo.h.
2005-10-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* (DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS): New. Make 'distcheck'
compile with the 'monolite' in the distribution tarball.
(compiler-tests-net_2_0): Avoid deleting
2005-10-20 Robert Jordan <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Added IPC channel templates.
2005-10-11 John Luke <>
* man/monop.1: update for new monop options
2005-10-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix up problems with the latest libtool on win32.
2005-10-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove 'Globalization:' entry from final message.
2005-09-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* (BUILD_MCS): New automake conditional. Used to
disable building the mcs/ tree if cross-compiling.
(CROSS_COMPILING): New automake conditional.
($mcsdir/build/config.make): Don't clobber when cross-compiling.
Define even when cross-compiling.
* runtime/ (all-local, install, uninstall, clean-local):
Disable building in the mcs/ tree if !BUILD_MCS.
2005-09-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* (MONO_VERSION): Emit it into config.make. Don't
build Consts.cs.
2005-09-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/exception-handling.txt: Add section about libunwind.
* docs/exception-handling.txt: New file.
2005-09-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (all-local, install-exec, uninstall)
(mcs-do-test-profiles, mcs-do-run-test-profiles, mcs-compileall):
Don't call semdel-wrapper.
2005-09-06 Chris Toshok <>
* data/browscap.ini: Add the ecmascriptversion/w3cdomversion
attributes required for ASP.Net client side validation to the
capabilities for Mozilla 1.[78], IE 5.5 & 6.0, Safari, and Firefox
0.9 & 1.0 browsers.
2005-08-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add ability to cross-compile from linux to win32.
2005-08-26 Kornél Pál <>
* Generating Consts.cs from instead of MonoVersion.cs.
2005-08-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use CC instead of gcc for __thread tests.
2005-08-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* Pass --enable-win32-dllmain to libgc configure. Build the runtime as a dll under windows.
2005-08-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -lunwind to ldflags on IA64.
2005-08-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Patch libtool to get rid of 'cyg' prefixes in library names.
2005-08-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* libmono.vcproj: Fix VC build.
Thu Aug 4 19:55:33 BST 2005 Paolo Molaro <>
* enable the ARM jit port.
2005-08-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h Applied patch from Julien Puydt ( Add check for IPV6_PKTINFO.
2005-07-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix definition of LIBC for ia64.
2005-07-12 Daniel Drake <>
* Add check for libattr's <attr/attr.h>
2005-07-11 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ Add @framework_version@ blank.
* scripts/ Remove.
* scripts/ Update. Use wsdl.exe for wsdl2 and
monop.exe for monop2.
2005-07-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute
(noinst_DATA): Build mono-uninstalled.pc.
* (Libs): Avoid ${pc_top_builddir}.
(Cflags): Likewise. Let $(srcdir) to be absolute.
2005-07-03 Ben Maurer <>
* scripts/ (bin2_SCRIPTS): Add monop2
2005-07-01 Daniel Drake <>
* Add check for FreeBSD's sys/extattr.h
2005-07-01 Raja R Harinath <>
Avoid resource leakage on 'make clean' (see #75424).
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add runtime/semdel-wrapper.
* runtime/ New.
* runtime/ (clean-local): Use the semdel program before
nuking the .wapi directory.
(noinst_SCRIPTS): Add semdel-wrapper.
(MYDISTFILES, distdir): Use automake variable to get the list of
files to distribute.
(all-local, install-exec, uninstall): Call semdel-wrapper.
(mcs-do-test-profiles, mcs-do-run-test-profiles, mcs-compileall):
2005-06-27 Geoff Norton <>
* Add support for X86 darwin.
2005-06-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add support for ia64.
2005-06-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* enabled the use of mmap/munmap for solaris and linux.
It seems to help with memory usage.
2005-06-15 Ben Maurer <>
* Another attempt at the portable "find"
Hopefully, this one has no code paths where we are worse off than
what we had before any of this mess.
* What I hope is a more portable version hack.
2005-06-14 Ben Maurer <>
* echo the version number to
mcs/build/common/MonoVersion.cs. This allows us to not need to
update AssemblyInfo.cs every time we bump the version number.
* pc file that handles mono when it is not
installed. This lets us have mkbundle work inside the tree.
* Create the .pc file above.
2005-06-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mono-shlib-cop.1: Add man page for mono-shlib-cop program.
2005-06-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Fix generated XML.
2005-06-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Add mono-shlib-cop.
2005-06-09 Ben Maurer <>
* Handle more gracefully if objdump or X isn't
there. Warn the user about possible breakage.
2005-06-08 Ben Maurer <>
* read the SONAME from libX11. This is the same
thing as will be used by a shared library, so it will really
This will have us get rather than
2005-06-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* make automake 1.9 happy about LARGE_FILES.
2005-06-06 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for mremap, remap_file_pages.
2005-06-06 Ben Maurer <>
* Remove. This is horribly out of date. A real spec
file is generated in the release module.
* scripts/ Add mono-find-*
* scripts/mono-find-*.in: provides/requires stuff for rpm is now
done with monodis. This makes packaging easier as it doesn't
depend on the gac ind DESTDIR.
* changes for the above
2005-05-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added test for SIOCGIFCONF.
2005-05-26 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* README.vsnet: Instructions about the VS.NET build.
* mono.sln: Mono solution file for VS.NET 2005.
* genmdesc.vcproj: Project file for genmdesc.
* libmono.vcproj: Project file for libmono.
* mono.vcproj: Project file for mono executable.
2005-05-25 Ben Maurer <>
* Do a test for that really works :-).
2005-05-22 Ben Maurer <>
* Add config stuff for libsqlite{,3} and
* data/ Add dllmaps for above mentioned libs. This means
that the devel packages are not needed.
2005-05-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* man/mono.1: Document the new MONO_DEBUG options.
2005-05-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add mono/arch/ia64/Makefile.
2005-05-08 Ben Maurer <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): monoresgen.exe is not
installed, therefore, don't make a script for it.
2005-05-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied patch from Jakub Bogusz <>.
Fix library names on sparc-linux and alpha-linux.
2005-05-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ Pass the prefix to the mcs makefiles.
2005-04-28 James Willcox <>
* man/mkbundle.1: add --config-dir flag
2005-04-27 Raja R Harinath <>
2005-04-25 Ben Maurer <>
* Version bumpage
2005-04-25 Raja R Harinath <>
Fix #74692.
* ($mcsdir/build/config.make): Point RUNTIME and
ILDISASM to the in-tree versions of mono and monodis. Propagate
value of INSTALL to mcs too.
* runtime/ Avoid passing RUNTIME and ILDISASM to each
sub-make, now that 'configure' sets up the 'mcs' tree.
2005-04-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* doc: Remove unused directory.
* Remove --with-icu option to prevent people from using
it by mistake.
2005-04-21 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ Update. Pass 'monodis-wrapper' as ILDISASM
to sub-makes.
(mcs-compileall): Verify the fixed-up dll too.
* runtime/ New file.
* (runtime/monodis-wrapper): Create.
($mcsdir/build/config.make): Don't be over-eager in the definition
and evaluation of '$exec_prefix'.
2005-04-20 Rafael Teixeira <>
* data/net_1_1/machine.config, data/net_2_0/machine.config:
added ' explicit="true" strict="false" ' to system.web/compilation
element as in MS. Part of fix for Bug #74671
2005-04-19 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for <sys/xattr.h>.
Thanks to Daniel Drake <> for the patch.
2005-04-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied another freebsd patch from Bill Middleton (
2005-04-16 Miguel de Icaza <>
* (PTHREAD_POINTER_ID): Patch from Jonathan Pryor to
fix the Mono build on Solaris (bug #72818)
2005-04-16 Bill Middleton <>
* (PREVIEW): Allow --without-preview to work.
From #74615.
2005-04-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied another freebsd patch from Bill Middleton (
2005-04-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* mono/ (DIST_SUBDIRS): Add 'handles' directory.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add back 'mono/handles' directory.
2005-04-13 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Remove 'mono/handles' directory.
2005-04-12 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added checks for epoll().
2005-04-12 Geoff Norton <>
* Disable -O2 on PPC until #74562 is fixed.
2005-04-11 James Willcox <>
* man/mkbundle.1: add --static option
2005-04-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied some freebsd patch from Bill Middleton <>.
2005-04-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add --with-large-heap option to enable support for
GC heaps larger than 3GB. Hopefully fixes #73882.
2005-04-08 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* define FD_SETSIZE=1024 on windows (the default is only
64). Re-add aio_* stuff. Shouldn't have removed it.
2005-04-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* no more checks for aio_*.
2005-04-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix isinf detection on solaris.
2005-04-02 Raja R Harinath <>
* (pkg_config_path): Rename from PKG_PATH. Fix build
with pkgconfig 0.16.0.
2005-04-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix sigaltstack detection on solaris.
2005-03-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* Define mono_libdir using $(exec_prefix), seeing
that it uses .../lib.
2005-03-26 Ben Maurer <>
* Use mono_libdir rather than libdir in
config.make. This fixes confusion for amd builds in buildbuddy.
*, */ fix up lib/lib64 type stuff
2005-03-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* (libgdiplus): Make more intuitive.
* runtime/ (wrapper-config): Remove temporary file.
Update to change.
2005-03-23 Raja R Harinath <>
Allow testing of System.Drawing with a libgdiplus snapshot.
* (libgdiplus): New --with-libgdiplus option. Allow
the location of libgdiplus to be overridden.
* runtime/ (wrapper-config): Override location of
libgdiplus if requested.
2005-03-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (clean_profiles): Remove.
(clean-local): Use $(build_profiles).
(install-local, uninstall-local): Don't override $(prefix).
(SUPPORT_FILES): New. List of dependencies from ...
(all-local): ... here. Use it.
(install-local): Depend on $(SUPPORT_FILES).
2005-03-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/aot-compiler.txt: Add some more documentation.
2005-02-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): Remove. The
functionality has been moved to mcs/Makefile.
(test_select): Set ONLY_CENTUM_TESTS.
Thu Feb 24 15:16:18 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>
* add a check for compiler support of the
tls_model sttribute.
Mon Feb 21 17:14:34 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>
* don't imply that enabling ICU support is a good
thing to do.
2005-02-21 Michal Moskal <>
Raja R Harinath <>
* Emit exec_prefix and libdir into mcs/build/config.make.
2005-02-17 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (cur_dir_cmd): New. Use cygpath to get the
current directory in non-Cygwin form.
value on cygwin.
(mcs-compileall): Use them.
2005-02-15 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ ($(bin_SCRIPTS)): Depend on Makefile, so
that it picks up any changes in $prefix.
($(bin2_SCRIPTS)): Likewise.
2005-02-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/dtd2xsd: Remove generated file from SVN.
2005-02-12 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): added mjs
2005-02-12 Ben Maurer <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): Add corlib! Thanks to
nickd, miguel, et al.
2005-02-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement option to CFLAGS if
gcc supports it to weed out pre ISO C99 code.
2005-02-07 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* data/net_1_1/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx:
* data/net_2_0/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: Don't use databinding where
not needed.
2005-02-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check for curses.h.
2005-02-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* define SOLARIS_CURSES when compiling for *solaris.
* mono/metadata/console-io.c: <curses.h> is needed by term.h on solaris.
2005-02-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (wrapper-config): Elevated from being a test
support file called $(tmpinst)/config.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): Simplify.
(mcs-do-compiler-tests,mcs-compileall): Update.
* runtime/ Use wrapper-config.
* (DIST_SUBDIRS): Sync with $(SUBDIRS).
* runtime/ (verify_profiles): Remove.
(mcs-compileall): Use $(build_profiles) directly. It now works on
the net_2_0 profile too.
2005-02-01 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (test-support-files): New target.
(mcs-do-compiler-tests): Use it.
(mcs-compileall): Likewise. Set MONO_PATH. Remove
reference to #71963, since it's fixed, and it's breaking elsewhere.
Don't exit out on the first failing DLL.
($(tmpinst)/config): Update to changes in data/
2005-01-31 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Add libraries msvcrt and MonoPosixHelper for use by
2005-01-31 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for term.h and termios.h
2005-01-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Disable this for the 2.0
profile because of bug #71963.
2005-01-28 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): New test to compile all methods
in our assemblies.
2005-01-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(tmpinst)/config): New test support file.
Map 'MonoPosixHelper' to in-tree version.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): Use it.
(mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Use $(tmpinst)/bin/mono as the RUNTIME.
2005-01-20 Jonathan Pryor <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): Add class/Mono.Posix and
class/System, both of which pass all their unit tests.
2005-01-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): New. List of NUnit
tests that are currently passing 100%.
(test_select): Run those on 'make check'.
2005-01-20 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* : removed which has been 404 for a while.
2005-01-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* (DIST_SUBDIRS): Distribute ikvm-native.
2005-01-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): Remove whitespace after \.
2005-01-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* Resurrect ikvm-jni.
* ikvm-native: New directory which contains a copy of the 'native'
module in IKVM cvs.
2005-01-05 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for <checklist.h>.
2005-01-04 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for vsnprintf.
2005-01-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (TEST_SUPPORT_FILES): Add $(tmpinst)/bin/mono.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): New.
2005-01-03 Ben Maurer <>
* Add mono-nunit to output
2005-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Change build order so that support is built before runtime.
This is primarily so that I don't have to wait N hours for mcs to finish
building to find out if I broke the sparc build (again).
2005-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for getdomainname and setdomainname.
2005-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for <fstab.h> and <sys/vfstab.h>.
2005-01-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* ikvm-jni Remove ikvm-jni, since IKVM CVS
now includes its own version.
2004-12-29 Duncan Mak <>
* man/monop.1: Add docs on the new "--search" flag.
2004-12-28 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add header & function checks for MonoPosixHelper.
2004-12-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* Change from 'pax' format to 'ustar' format for the
tarfile, so that we can create packages on SuSE 9.0.
2004-12-15 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* isinf can be a macro and the test from AC_CHECK_FUNCTION
#undefines it before testing...
2004-12-15 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for ieeefp.h and isinf.
2004-12-15 Raja R Harinath <>
* ($mcsdir/build/config.make): Use $mcsdir relative
to the $srcdir. Fix definition of 'prefix'.
2004-12-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (MONO_SHARED_DIR): Set. Ensures that
state isn't shared between an installed runtime and the in-tree
runtime, and also ensure that both 'make check' and 'make
distcheck' can run in parallel.
* runtime/ (clean-local): Remove the .wapi directory.
2004-12-09 Raja R Harinath <>
* README: Update with details about the new build setup.
2004-12-08 Raja R Harinath <>
* (get-monolite-latest): Update to new location of
bootstrap files in the mcs/ tree.
2004-12-07 Raja R Harinath <>
* Set 'tar-pax' option for automake-1.9.
2004-12-07 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (uninstall): New.
2004-12-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable -Wcast-align on sparc.
Mon Dec 6 15:00:53 CET 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* add option to disable some features of
the runtime to create a smaller binary.
2004-12-03 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (check-local): Use it to disable nunit
tests. Ensure that the test dlls are always built, however.
2004-12-03 Raja R Harinath <>
* (dist-hook): Ensure we use the 'default' profile.
* mono/ (HANDLES): New. Disable 'handles' dir on Win32.
(SUBDIRS): Use it. Move 'cil' before 'metadata'.
* runtime/ (install-exec): Pass
2004-12-01 Neale Ferguson <>
* : Add a flag for systems which pass parameters in
registers as well as the stack.
2004-11-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Move runtime/Makefile to the end to
workaround a bug in automake 1.7.x.
* runtime/ ($(symlinks)): Don't depend on config.status.
2004-11-27 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Removed support for configured-based bundles.
2004-11-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(symlinks)): Depend on config.status too.
* (runtime/etc/mono/1.0/machine.config): Use custom
command to create.
(runtime/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config): Likewise.
* (get-monolite-latest): Update to new style of
handling the "basic" profile.
2004-11-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (all-local): Make mcs/ tree writeable if
(distdir): New. Using 'cygnus' option disables the automake rule.
2004-11-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (check-local): Use $(mkinstalldirs).
2004-11-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Set to 'cygnus'.
Prevent a redundant 'make all' pass during 'make check'.
(build_profiles): Rename from install_profiles.
(check_profiles): New.
(TEST_SUPPORT_FILES): Don't include 'gmcs' if we're not building
the .NET2.0 profile.
(all-local,check-local): Use them.
(install,install-exec,install-data): Override automake rules to
prevent a redundant 'make all' pass.
2004-11-23 Chris Toshok <>
* (bootstrap): echo -> @echo.
2004-11-23 Raja R Harinath <>
Simplify 'make all' build.
* (mono_build_root, mono_runtime, mono_cfg_dir):
New AC_SUBSTed variables.
(runtime/mono-wrapper): New generated file.
(runtime/etc/mono/1.0/machine.config, runtime/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config):
New symlinks.
(AC_OUTPUT): Don't mention runtime/net_1_1 and runtime/net_2_0.
* (SUBDIRS): Remove '.'.
(tmpinst): Remove.
(get-monolite-latest): Update.
(populate-runtime-subdirs): Remove.
(all-local, check-local): Move rules related to building in the mcs/ tree ...
* runtime/ ... here. Completely re-write file.
(install-exec-local): Transfer ownership of installing .exes and
.dlls to the Makefiles in the mcs/ tree.
(_tmpinst): Use tmpinst tree only during testing.
(SUBDIRS): Remove.
* runtime/ New. Template for generated file.
* runtime/net_1_1/, runtime/net_2_0/ Remove.
2004-11-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap): Add a transitional target.
2004-11-19 Raja R Harinath <>
Integrate bootstrap build into 'make all'. Most of the bootstrap
targets are gone.
* (SUBDIRS): Build current directory before 'runtime'.
(tmpinst): Change location.
(all-local): New. Just invokes the build in mcs.
(check-local): New. Invokes 'run-test-profiles' in mcs.
(get-monolite-latest): Update. Move the unpacking code here,
since 'monolite-bootstrap' is no more.
(mcs-do-full-build): Don't set PATH.
(tmpinst-dir-contents): Remove mcs.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mcs): Now used only during 'make check'.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): Don't set MONO_PATH.
* README: Update to changes.
2004-11-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable static linking of mono if --disable-static is
given. Fixes #69466.
2004-11-15 Martin Baulig <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Added Mono.C5.
Fri Nov 12 17:56:26 CET 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
*, mono/mini/ control static
linking of the mono binary with a configure option.
2004-11-12 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Check for `struct dirent' members which don't
exist across all Unix platforms.
2004-11-08 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add new function/header/type checks for use by
MonoPosixHelper (the support directory).
2004-11-08 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs_topdir, mcs_topdir_from_srcdir): New 'subst'ed
variables. Used to support both an in-tree mcs/ and a sibling
mcs/ directory.
* (mcs_topdir): Remove.
(dist-hook): Distribute mcs/ as a subdirectory.
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) $(monobins_DATA)):
Use mcs_topdir and mcs_topdir_from_srcdir.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mscorlib.dll $(gac_assemblies) $(mdb_files)):
(all-local): Depend on $(mdb_files) too.
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
2004-11-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (install-data-local):
* runtime/net_1_1/ (install-data-local): Applied patch
from Götz Waschk ( Make this work
2004-10-31 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix up --with-jit=no so it actually works. Fixes
2004-10-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* man/mono.1: documented MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU.
2004-10-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add INCLUDED_LIBGC automake conditional.
2004-10-24 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mono.1: Add documentation for the MONO_TRACE environment variable.
2004-10-14 Joe Shaw <>
* man/mono.1: Fix the syntax of the M: trace syntax
2004-10-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add some checks for cygwin weirdness.
2004-10-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* support/ (libMonoPosixHelper_la_SOURCES): Do not build
zlib_macros if zlib.h is not found.
* Add check for zlib.h.
2004-09-28 Neale Ferguson <>
* mini-s390.c: Fix AND_IMM/OR_IMM/DIV_IMM/REM_IMM
2004-09-28 Raja R Harinath <>
* ($(tmpinst)/bin/pedump): New.
(mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Depend on it.
2004-09-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mono-do-testjit): New target, unused for now. Runs
the mono testsuite in tests/.
(tmpinst-dir): Create etc/mono/2.0.
($(tmpinst)/bin/ilasm, $(tmpinst)/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config): New.
2004-09-21 Neale Ferguson <>
* Cater for S/390 on Linux
2004-09-21 <>
* Link with ole32 on windows.
2004-09-20 Jackson Harper <>
* support/map.c/h: Add poll events map functions. Use values
instead of names for defines.
2004-09-17 Martin Baulig <>
* (mcs-do-compiler-tests): Reverted Raja's latest
change in this target.
2004-09-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-full-build): Pass NO_SIGN_ASSEMBLIES=yes to
reduce the number of passes. We will get the assemblies signed in
the 'populate-runtime-subdir' phase.
(mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Rename from mcs-do-run-tests. Use
'test-profiles' to test all profiles.
(mcs-do-compiler-tests): Use 'compiler-tests' target in mcs/.
(bootstrap-check): Update.
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) $(monobins_DATA)):
2004-09-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* (populate-runtime-subdir): Avoid -path argument to find
since it is not supported on solaris.
2004-09-03 Martin Baulig <>
* (bootstrap-world): New target.
2004-09-02 Martin Baulig <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (install-data-local): Install
mscorlib.dll.mdb into $(corlibdir).
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
2004-08-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Remove obsolete comment.
2004-08-27 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* data/net_1_1/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: Little fix.
* data/net_2_0/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: Added information about
basic profile compliance.
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Use 2.0 assembly versions.
2004-08-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-run-test): Depend on '$(tmpinst)/bin/mbas'.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mbas): Create temporary wrapper file, so that the
testcases pick the built 'mbas.exe'.
2004-08-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/os/gc_wrapper.h: Only use thread local alloc if using the included libgc, since the
stock one has broken headers.
* (PLATFORM_WIN32): Make the included libgc the default on windows.
2004-08-17 Dick Porter <>
* Correct intl library for FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
Fixes bug 62884, patch by Tom McLaughlin (
2004-08-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Set new automake variable LIBGC_STATIC_LIBS.
2004-08-14 Zoltan Varga <>
__thread works.
2004-08-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix __thread test.
2004-08-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add proper checks for the 'undefined reference to '__tls_get_addr' problem.
2004-08-06 Geoff Norton <>
* Add a kqueue check
2004-08-03 Neale Ferguson <>
* Enable S/390 64-bit JIT.
2004-07-31 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable AMD64 JIT.
2004-07-30 Martin Baulig <>
* The symbol writer is now called
2004-07-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (monoone_DATA): Add mcs.exe.config.
(gmcs_exe): Add gmcs.exe.config.
($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) ...): Add location of the .config
files too.
2004-07-29 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* Copy machine.config in the correct _tmpinst subdirectory.
2004-07-28 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* Added data/net_1_1 and data/net_2_0 to the build.
* data/ Removed installation of machine.config and
DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx. Those now are in a version-specific
* data/net_1_1/, data/net_2_0/ new makefiles for
installing 1.1 and 2.0 makefiles.
* runtime/net_1_1/, runtime/net_2_0/ Install mscorlib
at the correct version specific directory.
2004-07-27 John Merryweather Cooper <>
* Disable __thread test (TLS) for FreeBSD as
it succeeds on FreeBSD 5.x when it should fail. Fix pthread
library detection for FreeBSD 4.x since pthread is embedded
in libc_r on this platform. Fix some typos in my host
regexes for freebsd.
2004-07-23 Dick Porter <>
* Changes for FreeBSD thread support by John
Merryweather Cooper <>.
2004-07-15 Jackson Harper <>
* man/gacutil.1: MONO_GAC_PREFIX not MONO_GAC_PATH
2004-07-12 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* docs/abc-removal.txt: Updated documentation for ABC removal.
2004-07-12 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* mono/mini/abcremoval.c: Rewritten most of ABC removal.
* mono/mini/abcremoval.h: Rewritten most of ABC removal.
* mono/mini/ Deleted (unneeded after the rewrite).
* mono/mini/propagated_relations_table.def: Deleted (unneeded after the rewrite).
2004-07-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add --with-tls option to replace the misnamed
--with-nptl option.
2004-07-02 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-basic-build, mcs-do-short-build):
Pass NO_SIGN_ASSEMBLY=yes to sub-make.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Make it work.
2004-07-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* man/mono.1: Added 'aot' to trace options.
2004-06-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix trunc check + add SPARC64 defines.
2004-06-29 Jackson Harper <>
* man/gacutil.1: Update man with new command line options.
2004-06-29 Raja R Harinath <>
Atsushi Enomoto <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (GAC_ROOT_DIR): Renamed from GAC_DIR.
(GAC_DIR): New define that doesn't include $(DESTDIR).
(install-data-local,uninstall-local): Use them. Use in-tree mono
runtime, not the installed one.
2004-06-29 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (gmcs_exe): New. Set only if not W32.
(monotwo_DATA): Use it.
From Atsushi Enomoto.
2004-06-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Put back
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, not that it has a different version.
2004-06-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* (MCS_DIRS, MCS_FILES): Add back Mono.CSharp.Debugger.
(tmpinst-dir-contents, $(tmpinst)/bin/mono.bat): Remove mono.bat
in W32. Use 'mono' and 'mcs' in W32 too.
(bootstrap) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Back to single stage bootstrap.
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Don't mention
nunit.*, IBM.Data.DB2, ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.
Fix for #60443, the GAC .DLL-Hell.
2004-06-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Make two-stage.
2004-06-18 Jackson Harper <>
* man/mono.1: Add MONO_LOG_LEVEL and MONO_LOG_MASK. Add
instructions on setting multiple mask values.
Fri Jun 18 19:39:09 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* process data before runtime, so the config file is
installed and gacutil has a chance to work (finding symlink).
2004-06-18 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) $(monobins_DATA)):
Test if files exist in the mcs/ tree before creating symlinks.
Remove symlinks before creating them again.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mscorlib.dll $(gac_assemblies)): Likewise.
* runtime/net_2_0/ (mscorlib.dll $(gac_assemblies)): Likewise.
2004-06-18 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ (REWRITE): New. Common rewriting 'sed' command.
(bin_SCRIPTS): Unify all the script generating rules into one.
2004-06-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Open code. Don't
build and populate net_2_0 profile.
(populate-runtime-subdir): Make into subroutine that takes list of
profiles to populate.
(faststrap): Update.
Avoid automake conditional/+= problems.
(populate-runtime-subdir): Rewrite sanity check.
2004-06-16 Raja R Harinath <>
Include prototype completely-untested 'make bootstrap' support for W32.
* (bootstrap): Define to fasterstrap for W32.
(MCS_DIRS, MCS_FILES): Don't refer to Mono.CSharp.Debugger in W32.
(tmpinst-dir): Change sub-make invoke to ...
(tmpinst-dir-contents): ... this. Build 'mono.bat' in W32 instead
of 'mono' and 'mcs'.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono.bat): New.
2004-06-15 Dick Porter <>
* Check for struct ip_mreqn and struct ip_mreq on
windows too. Fixes bug 55040.
Mon Jun 14 18:38:34 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* better explain that --with-nptl is not related to
NPTL, but to __thread support. Set sigaltstack support to off by
2004-06-12 Raja R Harinath <>
* (populate-runtime-subdir): Add _tmpinst directory
to the PATH.
2004-06-11 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_2_0/
* runtime/net_1_1/ Remove signing patches
2004-06-11 Jackson Harper <>
* man/mono.1: Add documentation for MONO_GAC_PREFIX.
* runtime/net_2_0/
* runtime/net_1_1/ Sign assemblies before
installing. Do not sign ziplib, npgsql, or nunit assemblies. Sign mscorlib.
2004-06-11 Raja R Harinath <>
* (populate-runtime-subdir): New target. Does a
controlled "make install" in the 'mcs/' directory to populate the
'runtime' directory.
(fasterstrap): Use it.
2004-06-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA),$(monotwo_DATA),$(monobins_DATA)):
Don't copy from prefix. Use $(LN_S) to point to the mcs/ tree.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mscorlib.dll,$(gac_assemblies)):
Use $(LN_S) to point to the mcs/ tree, rather than copying.
* runtime/net_2_0/ (mscorlib.dll,$(gac_assemblies)): Likewise.
2004-06-10 Raja R Harinath <>
Support the new assembly signing setup in mcs/.
* (mcs-do-basic-build): Pass 'USE_BOOT_COMPILE' to sub-makes.
($(tmpinst)/etc/mono/machine.config): New target.
(tmpinst-dir.stamp): Remove and rewrite into ...
($(tmpinst)/bin/mcs): ... this and ...
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): ... this. Update to use the in-tree machine.config.
(tmpinst-dir): Rewrite to invoke above $(tmpinst)/... targets directly.
* (AC_PROG_LN_S): New check to define $(LN_S).
Thu Jun 3 14:39:17 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* libc setting for NetBSD (patch from
2004-06-01 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap,faststrap,fasterstrap): Refactor.
Fix 'faststrap' to be corlib-version-change-safe.
(one-stage-strap,two-stage-strap,three-stage-strap): Remove.
(monolite-bootstrap): Update.
2004-05-31 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* fixlets for windows.
2004-05-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* export CC instead of passing it to libgc/configure.
2004-05-28 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/
* scripts/ Include mono-find-provides and
* scripts/
* scripts/ New wrapper scripts.
2004-05-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Pass CC to libgc configure.
2004-05-27 Gert Driesen (
* monowiz.win32.nsi: normalized line-endings to unix (LF)
2004-05-27 Gert Driesen (
* monowiz.win32.nsi: do not include mono subdirectory in
MonoConfigDir registry key, to match batch files
2004-05-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: fixed querystring attribute
values. Now they are URlEncoded.
* data/browscap.ini.gz: updated.
2004-05-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-basic-build): No need to set MCS here.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (gac_assemblies_list): Update to
reflect new names for nunit.util and nunit.framework. Add
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Likewise.
2004-05-25 Ben Maurer <>
* remove
2004-05-25 18:30 CET Patrik Torstensson <>
* Check for trunc instead of truncl (HAVE_TRUNC)
2004-05-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* monowiz.win32.nsi: improved windows installer script.
2004-05-21 Raja R Harinath <>
* README: Update to include instructions for the various new
bootstrap-like targets.
2004-05-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* (get-monolite-latest, monolite-bootstrap):
New bootstrap targets to build from monolite.
Based on idea from Jaroslaw Kowalski <>.
2004-05-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add tools/Makefile and
* (SUBDIRS): Remove tools.
(DIST_SUBDIRS): Add 'tools'.
(bootstrap): Rewrite so that we get two new targets.
(faststrap): New two-stage build.
(fasterstrap): New one-stage build.
2004-05-19 Jackson Harper <>
* tools/
* tools/ Add tools directory
* tools/locale-builder: Add the locale-builder tool, this tool is
not built by default as it is only needed by people that wish to
moidify culture data.
* Add tools to build
Wed May 19 13:22:19 EDT 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* make MacOSX default to use the included libgc.
2004-05-18 Zoltan Varga <>
2004-05-19 Raja R Harinath <>
* Use proper autoconf idiom to pass additional
arguments to libgc/configure.
* acconfig.h: Update to reflect changes.
2004-05-17 Raja R Harinath <>
* (tmpinst-dir): Creates _tmpinst tree if
necessary. Move body ...
(tmpinst-dir.stamp): ... here.
(stage3): Don't remove _tmpinst tree.
(bootstrap-clean, bootstrap-check): New rules. They run the
corresponding rules in the mcs/ tree.
2004-05-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* Revert unlogged unexplained changes.
(stage3): Make 'all-profiles' since the mono source tarball
carries all the net_2_0 preview dlls.
2004-05-11 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_1_1/
* runtime/net_2_0/ cscompmgd.dll is lowercase now.
2004-05-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* (tmpinst-dir): Always add $tmpinst/lib to MONO_PATH.
Fix quoting of commands.
2004-05-08 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* monowiz.win32.nsi: some changes i made to build the 0.91 win32 setup
2004-05-07 Bernie Solomon <>
* man/mono.1: mention MONO_EGD_SOCKET
2004-05-07 Raja R Harinath <>
Goodbye 'fullbuild', hello 'bootstrap'.
* (bootstrap): New target for building from CVS. New
improved version of 'fullbuild' -- does not install any files.
(fullbuild): Obsolete target. Bootstraps and installs tree.
(tmpinst-dir,tmpinst-runtime): New targets used to implement a
two-stage bootstrap.
2004-05-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* scandir check is no longer needed.
2004-05-05 Bernie Solomon <>
* set LIBC on HPUX
2004-05-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Detect JNI headers in GNU classpath sources as well.
2004-05-05 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (install-data-local, uninstall-local):
Only disable this if INSTALL_2_0 is disabled.
2004-05-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: add any cookie in the request to
the request we do for the actual web service.
2004-05-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for SIGEV_THREAD being defined before checking
for AIO support. Fixes compilation under FreeBSD.
2004-05-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mono_runtime): Use USE_JIT, not
(install-data-local, uninstall-data-local): Run runtime with
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
Report from Urs C Muff <>.
2004-05-03 Jackson Harper <>
* man/gacutil.1: Basic man page for gacutil. This doesn't include
the new non-standard options yet.
2004-05-03 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/machine.config: added version and publickeytoken.
2004-05-01 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/net_1_1/
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Add NUnit
dlls here.
(non_gac_assemblies): Removed, every thing is migrated over to gac_assemblies.
(EXTRA_DIST): Include only gac_assemblies.
(dist_assemblies_DATA): It's referring to $(non_gac_assemblies)
and that is no gone now. So remove as well.
($(non_gac_assemblies)): Bye bye.
2004-05-01 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (gac_assemblies_list): Add
System.Web.Services. Someone accidentally took the line out.
2004-04-30 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_1_1/
* runtime/net_2_0/ These assemblies are signed now.
2004-04-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (gac_assemblies_list): Remove .dll
(gac_assemblies, non_gac_assemblies, corlibdir, dist_corlib_DATA):
New variables. Use Automake idioms.
(dist-hook): Remove.
(install-local, uninstall-local): Use mscorlib.dll from current
tree when running gacutil.
(mono_runtime): New variable. Points to either JIT compiler or
Report from Bernie Solomon <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
* runtime/ (dist_monobins_DATA): Rename from
(EXTRA_DIST): Remove.
* (fullbuild): Update to changes.
2004-04-30 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_2_0/
* runtime/net_1_1/ /lib/mono/gac. Dont forget the mono.
2004-04-30 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/ ($(monobins_DATA)): Add sn.exe and sn.
2004-04-29 Duncan Mak <>
* scripts/ New file.
gmcs script.
2004-04-29 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ install 2.0 corlib to its own
special little place.
2004-04-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h Add check for scandir.
2004-04-29 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (monobins_DATA): Add gacutil.exe.
(SUBDIRS): Build here before building subdirs.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (all-local): Copy
$(gac_assemblies_list) here.
(install-data-local): Install dll from $(srcdir).
(gacutil): Pick from current tree.
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
* (fullbuild): Update to changes in tree layout.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (install-data-local): Allow empty
($(gac_assemblies_list)): Pick libraries from 'class/lib/default',
not 'class/lib/net_1_1'.
2004-04-28 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ Grab libs from proper directory, do
not assume gacutil is installed.
* runtime/net_2_0/ Do not assume gacutil is installed.
2004-04-28 Jackson Harper <>
* Add new Makefile.amS
* runtime/ libs are now in profile dependant
* runtime/net_1_1/ Install and Uninstall the .net 1.1
libs to the GAC.
* runtime/net_2_0/ Install and Uninstall the .net 2.0
libs to the GAC.
* data/ cleanup browscap.ini
2004-04-28 Bernie Solomon <>
* reword message re EGD support
now it is there
2004-04-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added check for sys/aio.h. Also check the field name
in 'union sigval'.
2004-04-28 Jackson Harper <>
* scripts/
* scripts/ Add a gacutil script
2004-04-26 Jackson Harper <>
* Grab libraries from lib/default now.
* runtime/ Grab libraries from lib/default now.
2004-04-26 Bernie Solomon <>
* move setting of NO_VERSION_SCRIPT
until after checking for GNU ld
2004-04-22 Urs C Muff <>
move .net assemblies from $prefix/bin/*.exe to $prefix/lib/*.exe on
windows/cygwin refactor .nsi to simply maintenance on script/batch
* runtime/
* script/
* monowiz.win32.nsi
2004-04-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(assemblies_DATA)): Copy file into
$(srcdir). Clean up output.
($(monobins_DATA)): Likewise.
* (mcs-tree-safe-build): Fix typo.
2004-04-13 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* Added rules to check for getgrgid_r, getgrnam_r,
getpwnam_r, getpwuid_r, getresuid and setresuid.
2004-04-13 Raja R Harinath <>
Allow 'make fullbuild' to work on non-srcdir build.
* (mcs_topdir): New variable.
(mcs-tree-safe-build,mcs-rest,remove-binaries): Work in non-srcdir
(xinstall-runtime): Likewise. Use $(libgc_dir) directly, don't
grep for 'libgc'.
(fullbuild): Make ordering dependencies explicit.
2004-04-12 Sachin Kumar <>
* Added 'web' in SUBDIRS
2004-04-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* don't try-run the tests for nptl and/or sigaltstack
if they are disabled in the command line.
2004-04-05 Jackson Harper <>
* man/ilasm.1: Show /output instead of /out as the switch for
specifying output file names.
2004-04-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check for pthread_getattr_np and pthread_attr_get_np.
2004-04-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for getpwuid_r.
2004-03-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix GNU ld check.
2004-03-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use amd64 instead of x86-64 as directory name. Fixes
* Disable -version-script if not using GNU ld. Fixes
* Speedup successful sigaltstack test.
* don't try-run the tests for nptl and/or sigaltstack
if they are disabled in the command line.
2004-04-05 Jackson Harper <>
* man/ilasm.1: Show /output instead of /out as the switch for
specifying output file names.
2004-04-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check for pthread_getattr_np and pthread_attr_get_np.
2004-04-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for getpwuid_r.
2004-03-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix GNU ld check.
2004-03-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use amd64 instead of x86-64 as directory name. Fixes
* Disable -version-script if not using GNU ld. Fixes
* Speedup successful sigaltstack test.
2004-03-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* this test for sigaltstack works.
2004-03-20 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable sigaltstack test for now since it can hang.
* Add test for working sigaltstack.
2004-03-16 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/
(MakeCert.exe, cert2spc.exe, certmgr.exe, setreg.exe):
Remember to install them to mono/runtime.
2004-03-14 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable JIT on sparc.
2004-03-13 Martin Willemoes Hansen <>
* data/ Changed to to fix
breakage with gtkhtml-3.0.10
2004-03-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h: Add a --with-sigaltstack option for platforms
where the sigaltstack based exception handling does not work.
2004-03-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h: Add check for aintl function, which is the
solaris equivalent of truncl.
2004-02-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add check for GC_enable.
* Remove amd64/Makefile from AC_OUTPUT to fix build.
2004-02-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add proper support for --with-nptl for people who
have linking problems when it is enabled.
2004-02-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add test for __thread keyword and shared libs.
2004-02-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable --with-nptl by default.
2004-02-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied patch from Adrian Bunk ( Fix
message for failed gethostbyname2_r check.
Fri Jan 23 16:07:05 EST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
*, acconfig.h: check for truncl. Disable
version script on MacOSX (see bug #51590 if a check becomes
Fri Jan 23 21:26:01 CET 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
*, acconfig.h: added check for socklen_t.
2004-01-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Do not install mono.pc on platforms without a JIT.
2004-01-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* (remove-binaries): Get rid of non-portable >& construct.
2003-12-29 Miguel de Icaza <>
* scripts/ Add sn script.
2004-01-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Add al.exe.
* scripts/ New file.
* runtime/ Add al.exe.
2004-01-10 Jackson Harper <>
* data/machine.config: Add trace handler (Trace.axd) add trace
configuration handlers.
2004-01-06 Martin Willemoes Hansen <>
* doc/books: Added books on Web Services and ASP.NET
2004-01-04 Daniel Morgan <>
* monowiz.win32.nsi: update the NSIS installer script for windows
to support NSIS 2.0 rc1 and Mono 0.29
2003-12-22 Bernie Solomon <>
* missed in my last change
* samples/embed/testi.c: interpreter embedding example
* docs/embedded-api: add info on interpreter embedding
Mon Dec 22 18:27:14 CET 2003 Paolo Molaro <>
*, acconfig.h: use mach semaphores on darwin.
2003-12-22 Bernie Solomon <>
* Create mint.pc Added for embedding the interpreter
2003-12-16 Martin Baulig <>
* In a, comments are started with `#' and
not with `dnl' - I must have been an idiot ...
2003-12-10 Todd Berman <>
* adding libicu url to the ICU: no message.
2003-12-05 John Luke <>
* data/ new dll mapping entry for libgstreamer
2003-12-02 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* README: tiny fix ;-)
2003-11-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS.
* Applied patch from Avoid linking in
librt if not neccesary.
2003-11-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix signbit check. Fixes #51315.
2003-11-20 Jackson Harper <>
* data/machine.config: Add OutputCacheModule
2003-11-19 Jackson Harper <>
* doc/web/team.xml: New email address and job description
* doc/web/team/jackson.png: Picture of me debugging...seems appropriate
2003-11-14 Jackson Harper <>
* delete mscorlib.dll
2003-11-12 Jackson Harper <>
* corlib is now named mscorlib.dll
2003-11-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h: Add check for signbit, which is missing in
FreeBSD 4.x.
2003-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove debugging junk accidently checked in.
* Add new --with-nptl option to enable NPTL only
features since auto-detection is not reliable.
* Fix previous patch and silence noisy GNU which.
2003-11-07 Bernie Solomon <>
* tweak glibtool check so it works
if which doesn't set return code properly
2003-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Silence noisy GNU which.
* Applied patch from Peter Teichman (
Use 'glibtool' instead of 'libtool' on OSX.
2003-11-06 Zoltan Varga <zovarga@ws-zovarga2>
* mono/benchmark/pinvoke.cs: New benchmark for testing the performance
of the managed/unmanaged boundary.
2003-11-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h: Add check for __thread keyword in gcc.
2003-10-29 Dick Porter <>
* man/mono.1: Document MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS variable
2003-10-16 Miguel de Icaza <>
* man/mono.1: Document new --trace options
2003-10-13 Bernie Solomon <>
* add hppa support (64bit only)
make solaris build work with Forte compiler
2003-10-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* Added check for pthread_attr_setstacksize.
* mono/tests/ChangeLog: New file.
2003-10-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/ Link the tests with the test driver program
used for the mini tests.
2003-10-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/libtest.c (mono_test_marshal_delegate): Added test for
stdcall calling convention.
2003-10-09 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Check for ICU availability
2003-10-09 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/tests/libtest.c: fix after merge of pinvoke2.cs
2003-10-07 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/tests/ mono/tests/libtest.c
mono/tests/pinvoke18.cs: new test for bool marshalling.
2003-10-07 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/scripts/ mono/scripts/*.in: fix
managed .exe paths so they are found under cygwin.
2003-10-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke2.cs mono/tests/libtest.c: Fix array of structs
2003-10-06 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke2.cs mono/tests/pinvoke11.cs
mono/tests/libtest.c: Add more pass by value struct
tests for platforms with more complex calling conventions
(Sparc V9, HPPA 64 bit).
2003-10-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke2.cs mono/tests/libtest.c: Add array of structs
marshalling test.
2003-10-04 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/tests/libtest.c: remove warnings except
"no previous prototype"
2003-10-03 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/tests/libtest.c: (test_lpwstr_marshal) remove undefined
behaviour of increment, (mono_test_marshal_char) = should be ==
2003-09-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/remoting1.cs: Added test for interface casts on
2003-09-24 Bernie Solomon <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke*.cs, delegate4.cs, marshal10.cs, marshal4.cs
marshal5.cs: remove .so from DllImport of libtest to aid portability.
2003-09-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* Added check for valgrind headers.
2003-09-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use $(MAKE) in even more places. Patch by Bernie Solomon
2003-08-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use $(MAKE) instead of make. Patch by Bernie Solomon
2003-08-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* Added gthread-2.0.
2003-08-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Added gthread-2.0 to GLIB_CFLAGS and GLIB_LIBS, so we
can call g_thread_init ().
2003-08-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/threadpool.cs mono/tests/threadpool1.cs: Make increments
of static variables atomic. Fixes bug #47683.
2003-08-21 Johannes Roith <>
* mono/ small update. make sure, glib makes it in the build, add optional target for dependencies
2003-08-18 Johannes Roith <>
* mono/ add windows build option
* mono/monowiz.win32.nsi: add windows build script
* mono/mono-win32-light.bmp: add bitmap
2003-08-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/checked.cs: Added mul.ovf tests.
2003-08-15 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/mysql: Change references to ByteFX.Data.MySQLClient to the
correct ByteFX.Data.MySqlClient (note the change in
capitalization). Thanks to Tom Wagner <> for
spotting the error.
2003-08-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/bug-47295.cs: Regression test for bug #47295.
2003-08-11 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/ (assemblies_DATA): Add Mono.Cairo.dll.
Sun Aug 3 21:12:13 BST 2003 Malte Hildingson <>
* added FPU test for ARM.
Thu Jul 31 16:19:07 CEST 2003 Paolo Molaro <>
*, etc.: portability fixes and support for
buidling outside the srcdir from Laurent Morichetti <>.
2003-07-22 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/ Remove sqlsharp as we no longer distribute it.
2003-07-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/ Add missing test. Make tests interruptable
by Ctrl-C. Add testinterp target to run the tests with the interpreter.
Do not try to build vararg.cs under mcs.
* Fix detection of GC_gcj_malloc.
2003-07-14 Jerome Laban <>
* acconfig.h:
* Check for gethostbyname2_r availability.
* data/machine.config: Added section Added
option for IPv6 availability.
2003-07-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/cattr-object.cs: Make it run under both mono and MS.NET.
* mono/tests/struct.cs: Add test for unboxing trampolines.
* mono/tests/bug-27420.cs: new regression test.
* mono/tests/ skip vararg test since it does not compile
under mono. Add testinterp target. Add new tests.
2003-07-10 Martin Willemoes Hansen
* doc/web/team.xml : Modified my tasks a bit.
2003-07-01 Paolo Molaro <>
* acconfig.h, added bundle support.
2003-06-10 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Check for struct ip_mreq if struct ip_mreqn isn't
2003-06-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* Define HAVE_GC_GCJ_MALLOC for included libgc.
2003-06-10 Martin Baulig <>
* Fall back to boehm if we don't have a libgc
2003-06-10 Martin Baulig <>
* Make the libgc stuff actually work; we now create
a shared when using the included libgc.
2003-06-09 Martin Baulig <>
* Only check for gc if --with-gc=boehm.
2003-06-08 Martin Baulig <>
* Tell libgc's configure about our threads library.
2003-06-08 Martin Baulig <>
* libgc/: Integrate the libgc module here.
[Note: A simple `cvs update' won't work this time; you either need
to re-checkout the `mono' module or manually move the `libgc'
module here.]
* (--with-gc): Added `included' option to use the
included libgc. This is now also the default.
(LIBGC_CFLAGS, LIBGC_LIBS): Put the libgc stuff here and AC_SUBST it.
(INCLUDED_LIBGC): New automake conditional.
(USE_INCLUDED_LIBGC): #define this if appropriate.
* Run libgc/
* (SUBDIRS): Added libgc.
2003-06-05 Duncan Mak <>
* (Requires): Add libxml2 and libxslt dependency on
the package.
2003-05-19 Dick Porter <>
* Netbsd build fix by
2003-05-10 Martin Willemoes Hansen <>
* scripts/ Added monoresgen secutil sqlsharp
shell wrapper scripts.
2003-05-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/tests/
- Compile with mcs.
- Disable some warnings.
- Added executables to clean target.
- Make testjit the default target.
- Print list of failed tests at the end of a test run.
- Abort tests when Ctrl-C is pressed.
* mono/tests/test-driver: Return with a special exit code when
SIGINT is detected.
* mono/tests/checked.cs: Make it compile.
2003-05-02 Miguel de Icaza <>
* runtime/ ($(monobins_DATA)): Use explicit file names
for the target exe binaries.
Copy cilc.exe and secutil.exe from the right paths to the right
Add missing assemblies.
2003-05-02 Alp Toker <>
* data/ new dll mapping entry for libglade
2003-05-01 Duncan Mak <>
* scripts/
* runtime/ Install cilc and ilasm.
2003-04-29 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/ (JITTEST_PROG): use mini/mono
2003-04-16 Charles Iliya Krempeaux <>
* doc/web/team.xml : Added myself to it.
2003-04-10 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/web/render-team-page.cs: Make the names of the element be
lowercase instead. BenM says this makes it XHTML compliant; heck,
I'm generating this from an XmlDocument already, why not make it
XHTML compliant?
2003-04-10 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/web/render-team-page.cs (Compare): Correctly fix
(RenderHtml): Add some SetAttribute loving to make it render prettier.
* doc/web/team.xml: Revert excessive indenting.
2003-04-07 Martin Baulig <>
* mono/mini/: Added this directory to the build; install `mini'
and `'.
2003-04-07 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/web/render-team-page.cs: Fix ContributorComparer.
2003-04-04 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/web/render-team-page.cs: Make it use 'none.png' if no image
are specified in the XML.
* doc/web/team.xml: Remove the comment.
* doc/web/render-team-page.cs: Make it not output a full HTML file.
2003-04-04 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/web/commands:
* doc/web/makefile: Add team page information.
* doc/web/team.xml:
* doc/web/render-team-page.cs: Code for rendering a team page.
2003-04-02 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/web/makefile: Add a new make target for generating a team
page on
2003-04-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Added check for GC_gcj_malloc.
2003-04-04 Martin Willemoes Hansen <>
* man/sqlsharp.1: changed pass= to password= for the
PostgreSql provider.
2003-03-31 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/machine.config: added SessionStateModule to httpModules section.
2003-02-13 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/machine.config: added default sessionState section and handler.
2003-02-17 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/provider-factory: add new web page
about Mono.Data's ProviderFactory
* doc/web/commands
* doc/web/makefile: add provider-factory web page to build
* doc/ado-net
* doc/ibmdb2
* doc/postgresql
* doc/sqlclient
* doc/tdsclient
* doc/sybase
* doc/mysql
* doc/firebird
* doc/oracle
* doc/oledb
* doc/odbc
* doc/sqlite: updated web pages
2003-02-16 Martin Baulig <>
* doc/jit-debug-sample
* doc/jit-debug-sample2: Removed.
* doc/jit-debug: Updated.
2003-02-13 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/screenshots
* doc/ado-net
* doc/oracle
* doc/gtk-sharp: update web pages
2003-02-13 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/machine.config: added sample globalization section.
2003-02-12 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/machine.config: added UrlAuthorizationModule and
2003-02-11 Tim Coleman <>
* data/ Add mapping for Oracle call interface
(OCI) native libraries.
2003-02-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added check for sys/un.h.
2003-01-29 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/postgresql
* doc/mysql
* doc/ado-net: updates to web pages
* man/sqlsharp.1: update to man page
2003-01-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added WIN32_THREADS flag when building under windows.
It seems that the header files of the gc do not always define it when
GC_WIN32_THREADS is defined.
2003-01-26 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/index
* doc/ado-net
* doc/firebird
* doc/ibmdb2
* doc/mysql
* doc/odbc
* doc/oledb
* doc/oracle
* doc/postgresql
* doc/sqlclient
* doc/sqlite
* doc/sybase
* doc/tdsclient: corrections
2003-01-26 Duncan Mak <>
* doc/jit-debug: Update the links. Thanks for Andy Oliver for the report.
2003-01-22 Martin Baulig <>
* Set version number to 0.19.1.
Heads up: I'm going to commit some changes to the debugger
which'll require you to use this new runtime, so if you update the
debugger from CVS, you also need this new runtime.
2003-01-20 Duncan Mak <>
* Bump the release number to 0.19.
2003-01-19 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ibmdb2: added file which is new web page
about IBM DB2 data provider at Mono.Data.DB2Client
* makefile
* commands: added ibmdb2 web page to go-mono web site
* doc/ado-net: added a couple more developers email, plus made the
email spam resistant, added Mono's DB2 data provider to list,
added more info about the ProviderFactory and retrieving data using
ADO.NET from ASP.NET, add notes about testing, misc cleanup
* doc/mysql
* doc/postgresql
* doc/sqlclient
* doc/oracle
* doc/tdsclient
* doc/firebird
* doc/oledb
* doc/odbc
* doc/sybase
* doc/sqlite: added testing notes and C# examples
* doc/gtk-sharp: added links for GTK# for Windows
* man/sqlsharp.1: added providers Npgsql and MySQLNet
2003-01-17 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/ Add the new Mono.Data.DB2Client.dll.
2003-01-16 Martin Baulig <>
* (GTHREAD_LIBS, GTHREAD_CFLAGS): Removed the gthread
check again, we're now using the mono/io-layer for this.
Wed Jan 15 16:20:54 CET 2003 Paolo Molaro <>
* allow MacOSX (from various people).
2003-01-14 Martin Baulig <>
* (GTHREAD_LIBS, GTHREAD_CFLAGS): Added check for gthread.
2002-12-27 Jeroen Janssen <>
* fixed url for System.Windows.Forms in the class status
2002-12-18 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* moved struct tm field tm_gmtoff check before the check
for timezone global variable. This makes Timezone work for me (debian
sid, linux, x86, which has both the field and the global variables).
2002-12-10 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/oracle: added file which is
a new web page oracle.html
* doc/ado-net: clean up and add link
to oracle.html
* doc/web/commands
* doc/web/makefile: added oracle.html
2002-12-10 Daniel Morgan <>
* man/ changed sqlsharpcli.1 to sqlsharp.1
* man/sqlsharpcli.1: renamed to sqlsharp.1
2002-12-09 Tim Haynes <>
* mono/jit/jit.c
* mono/metadata/icall.c: added mono_install_get_config_dir() to
utilize the MONO_CFG_DIR environment variable for specifying
different machine.configs.
2002-12-06 Duncan Mak <>
* data/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add machine.config
2002-11-30 Daniel Morgan <>
* man/sqlsharpcli.1: added file - a man page
for SQL# CLI
* man/ added sqlsharpcli.1 to man_MANS
2002-11-20 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/firebird: updated web page
2002-11-19 Mike Kestner <>
* data/ : added the gtk# dll mapping entries
2002-11-19 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/firebird: updated web page based on input
from the firebird .net data provider author
Mon Nov 18 16:40:34 CET 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
*, mono/os/gc_wrapper.h: check that the gc headers have
been installed.
2002-11-12 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/oledb
* doc/odbc
* doc/mysql
* doc/sqlite
* doc/sqlclient
* doc/tdsclient
* doc/sybase
* doc/firebird: added web pages
for each specific data provider
* doc/ado-net
* doc/postgresql: updated web page
with current status
* doc/web/commands
* doc/web/makefile: updated to include
new web pages
2002-11-06 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* make it work when MONO_PATH is set and it has more than
one directory or ends in ":". Also check that the directory added to
ACLOCAL_FLAGS and PATH exist (aclocal fails if they don't).
2002-10-22 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Also allow the miss-spelled bohem.
2002-10-18 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net
* doc/postgresql
* doc/tds-providers: cleaned up the web pages
* doc/web/commands: postgresql.html page was mistyped
2002-10-18 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: updated status of
the ADO.NET functionality and providers
and added link to tds-providers.html
* doc/tds-providers: added file to
describe the design and status of
the SqlClient, SybaseClient, and TdsClient
ADO.NET providers.
* doc/web/makefile
* doc/web/command: added new web page
tds-providers.html to build of web site
2002-10-17 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/web/makefile
* doc/web/commands: web page
postgresql needed to be added
2002-10-13 Mark Crichton <>
* doc/index: Even more spelling errors fixed.
2002-10-13 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/adonet: updated status of all providers, added links,
and added information
about the Mono.Data.SqliteClient provider that
Vladimir Vukicevic contributed. Added Brian Ritchie's
and Vladimir Vukicevic's email addresses as
people to contact about ADO.NET in Mono.
Added information about SQL#, configuration tools,
and an ADO.NET Multiplexor, etc...
2002-10-10 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/index: corrected some mistypes
* doc/adonet: updated the status and plans of all the ADO.NET providers
and moved PostgreSQL specific stuff to doc/postgresql
* doc/postgresql: added new file to detail
the status of the PostgreSQL ADO.NET provider
and provide test notes for setting it up
2002-10-09 Daniel Morgan <>
* data/ add entry for MySQL native shared libraries
which are different on Windows and Linux
2002-10-04 Diego Sevilla Ruiz <>
* doc/ccvs: Fixed some ugly formatting.
2002-10-03 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Freebsd pthread_t is a pointer
2002-10-01 Duncan Mak <>
* mono/os/ Add gc_wrapper.h.
* runtime/ Fix the path for monoresgen.exe.
2002-09-27 Dick Porter <>
* Check for semaphore.h. Patch for BSD from (Julio Merino).
2002-09-20 Duncan Mak <>
* data/ Added reference to libxslt.
2002-09-20 Mark Crichton <>
* added NEED_LINK_UNLINK to make io-layer more portable.
Linux has a "virtual fs" for UNIX sockets, Solaris and BSD don't.
For systems that do not have such a virtual FS, define
* acconfig.h: added NEED_LINK_UNLINK
Wed Sep 4 18:09:58 CEST 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* add some needed defines to fix support of
threads in the GC.
2002-09-19 Mark Crichton <>
* Added checks for Solaris to use X/Open functionality.
Really needed for the io-layer code.
2002-09-15 Andrew Birkett <>
* man/mcs.1: --probe is now --expect-error.
2002-09-09 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Simplify thread checks, by using canned rules for
particular systems (based on the sleepycat db
Tested on linux/x86, freebsd and w32. Solaris also added, but I
don't have a solaris machine to try it on.
2002-09-04 Juli Mallett <>
* Include <sys/types.h> when checking <sys/un.h> stuff.
2002-09-02 Diego Sevilla Ruiz <>
* doc/ccvs: Added how to convert SSH keys (from SSH Communications
Security) to the OpenSSH keys required by mono CVS
2002-09-01 Juli Mallett <>
*, mono/interpreter/interp.c,
mono/io-layer/handles.c, mono/io-layer/processes.c,
mono/io-layer/threads.c, mono/io-layer/timed-thread.c,
mono/io-layer/wait.c, mono/jit/helpers.c, mono/jit/jit.c,
mono/metadata/appdomain.c, mono/metadata/class.c,
mono/metadata/domain.c, mono/metadata/gc.c,
mono/metadata/object.c, mono/metadata/reflection.c,
mono/metadata/threads.c, mono/os/gc_wrapper.h,
mono/utils/mono-hash.c: Add a new header, gc_wrapper.h, to
wrap inclusion of gc.h for boehm, since from FreeBSD and
OpenBSD ports, gc.h is <gc.h>, but on GNU it seems to be
in <gc/gc.h>. This will reduce the diffs FreeBSD ports has
to apply, and also makes it possible for me to build with
GC on OpenBSD/macppc built by hand.
2002-09-01 Juli Mallett <>
* On BSD don't try to use -ldl, we simply don't use it.
2002-09-01 Juli Mallett <>
* mono/dis/dis-cil.c:
* Check for <wchar.h> via autoconf, don't use it if
it isn't there, as it seems to work fine without it on OpenBSD.
2002-08-28 Dick Porter <>
* mono/os/win32/util.c:
* mono/os/unix/util.c:
* mono/os/util.h: mono_set_rootdir() doesnt take any args now.
(It doesn't do anything on unix builds, and the w32 version no
longer needs an arg.)
* Add HOST_CC for w32 builds
Tue Aug 27 18:17:43 CEST 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* remove iconv checks.
2002-08-24 Juli Mallett <>
* Recognise OpenBSD/macppc as PowerPC.
Tue Aug 20 15:15:52 CEST 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* patch by (Daniel Resare)
to error out if bison is missing.
2002-08-17 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* don't link against libdl on windoze.
2002-08-12 Dick Porter <>
* Add $includedir to Cflags
Fri Jul 19 18:38:38 CEST 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
*,, add a mono.pc file for use
with pkg-config.
* */ makefile overhaul to create a shared libmono library.
* */*.h: do not include config.h in headers that should be installed.
2002-07-12 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Check the size of sockaddr_un.sun_path
2002-06-23 Miguel de Icaza <>
* man/ (man_MANS): Added new man page
* man/mono-config.5: New manual page describing the mono-config
file format.
2002-06-10 Jaroslaw Kowalski <>
* added checks for MSG_NOSIGNAL
2002-05-30 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: update the ado-net web page on
input parameters support, beginnings of Mono.Data.MySQL
and System.Data.OleDb, updated the sample source code,
and output from a PostgresTest
2002-05-21 Martin Baulig <>
* mono.1: Documented the "--debug-args" debugging arguments.
2002-05-21 Martin Baulig <>
* mono.1: Updated to reflect my latest changes and beautified this a bit.
(FIXME: There are still command line argument which aren't documented here.)
2002-05-19 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: updated page to include C# code snippets using
System.Data. Update status: handle reading NULL values, DataSet/DataAdapter
works, executing/reading multiple results, and stored procedures.
And other tweaks about the providers.
2002-05-19 Martin Baulig <>
* mono/ (SUBDIRS): Added `os', it's referenced by
Wed May 15 12:22:09 CEST 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* search for pthread functions also in libc_r (patch
from Garrett Rooney <>).
2002-05-11 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: added instructions for installing PostgreSQL on Linux
and for using nant to re-compile just the System.Data.dll assembly
on Windows.
2002-05-10 Rodrigo Moya <>
* doc/ado-net: added instructions for compiling System.Data.dll
(a subset of) on Linux.
2002-05-10 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: added links
2002-05-09 Dick Porter <>
* Set CPPFLAGS not CFLAGS (bug 23767)
2002-05-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: correct formatting
* doc/index: added credit i forgot to add
2002-05-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: i did not format it correctly earlier, i
tried added various tags where appropriate.
* doc/index: added news item for May 5, 2002 - able
to retrieve data now
2002-05-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: updated the current status which
I kept forgetting to do.
2002-05-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: updated to includes an example for
running ipc-daemon as a Windows service. Thanks
to gonzalo.
2002-05-05 Daniel Morgan <>
* doc/ado-net: updated to include installation of
PostgreSQL DBMS under cygwin. It is a TODO for Linux though.
Also included notes on running the System.Data/Test/PostgresTest.cs
that should work on a lot of Mono installations that have
PostgreSQL installed. If not please let me, rodrigo, or gonzalo
2002-05-01 Rodrigo Moya <>
* doc/ado-net: updated a little bit.
2002-04-30 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* Added checks for timezone stuff.
2002-04-30 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Added option to disable using shared memory for
2002-04-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* fix for conditional "THREADS_PTHREAD" was never
defined problem under cygwin with latest version of automake and
autoconf. Patch from Jeroen Janssen <>.
2002-04-23 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* removed -Wshadow from CFLAGS.
2002-04-12 Rodrigo Moya <>
* status/maintainers.xml: added danmorg and myself for System.Data.*
* status/class.xml: added System.Data.* classes.
2002-04-08 Dick Porter <>
* Set -mno-cygwin here rather than in the build script
2002-04-05 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/remoting2.cs: new test for async invoke of proxy calls
2002-03-29 Martin Baulig <>
* doc/jit-debug, docs/jit-debug-sample, docs/jit-debug-sample2:
New files, added documentation for the debugging code.
* doc/web/commands: Added the debugging pages.
* docs/jit-debug: Removed, this is now on the web site.
2002-03-24 Martin Baulig <>
* man/mcs.1: Documented the new --debug option and added a section
about debugging support.
* man/mono.1: Documented the new --dwarf and --dwarf-plus options.
2002-03-21 Martin Baulig <>
* Added check for <elf.h>.
2002-03-18 Dick Porter <>
* Only look for libgc on the system. Default to not
using GC at all, because it doesn't work with the jit.
2002-03-17 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Add support for building the included boehm GC.
Thu Mar 7 17:19:44 CET 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* detect Boehm GC libs and add --with-gc switch.
Boehm GC needs to be explicitly enabled since the JIT currently fails
in some cases with it.
2002-02-27 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/fib.cs: it is now possible to pass a repeat count as
command line argument, for example fib.exe 20 runs the test 20
2002-02-25 Sergey Chaban <>
* added support for ARM target arch.
Uncommented and modified arm-*-linux* target,
added mono/arch/arm/Makefile to AC_OUTPUT list.
2002-02-21 Mark Crichton <>
* status/class.xml: Added contact info for RNGCryptoServiceProvider
class and Rijndael classes.
* status/maintainers.xml: Added contact info to maintainers list.
2002-02-21 Mark Crichton <>
* Add checks for a system-provided entropy device
* acconfig.h: Added HAVE_CRYPT_RNG and NAME_DEV_RANDOM
2002-02-20 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
* Always build without cygwin support on windows
2002-02-19 Radek Doulik <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke.cs: use more pinvoke test methods
2002-02-19 Radek Doulik <>
* mono/tests/libtest.c (mono_test_many_short_arguments): new test
(mono_test_many_byte_arguments): ditto
2002-02-18 Radek Doulik <>
* mono/tests/ added small test library for pinvoke
* mono/tests/libtest.c (mono_test_many_int_arguments): new file,
new function to test pinvoke
* mono/tests/pinvoke.cs (Test): added pinvoked method with 10 int
* mono/tests/ display # of passing tests too
added simple shared library libtest with testing function for
2002-02-17 Radek Doulik <>
* mono/tests/ (test): display # of failed tests
2002-02-16 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* Add checks for SOL_IP, SOL_TCP, and
IP_PKTINFO. Also check for struct ip_mreqn.
2002-02-14 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* Add checks to see if we need to link to libsocket,
libnsl, and/or librt. Also check for inet_pton and inet_aton.
2002-02-13 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* acconfig.h: #undef USE_MONO_MUTEX
* If the system pthread implementation is lacking,
default to using mono-mutex.
2002-02-05 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/enum2.cs: new file with more enum tests.
2002-02-01 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/jit-long.cs: added some SHL/SHR tests
Fri Feb 1 15:32:36 CET 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* allow PKG_CONFIG_PATH for the build-platform
pkg-config invocation.
Fri Feb 1 15:13:25 CET 2002 Paolo Molaro <>
* add some support/fixes for cross-compilation.
2002-01-14 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/exception6.cs: new tests for ADD_OVF, MUL_OVF
added tests for SUB_OVF, SUB_OVF_UN
2001-12-21 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/ (TESTSRC): disabled stream-writer test
2001-12-21 Aaron Weber <>
* doc/faq (A): added a linebreak that was missing and was causing
a heading to appear badly.
2001-12-20 Aaron Weber <>
* doc/faq: added <a name=""> nav links, and moved all MSFT-related
questions into a single section.
2001-12-17 Aaron Weber <>
* doc/faq (Q): Question-by-question, line-by-line revision.
2001-12-17 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/time.cs: new test
2001-11-30 Radek Doulik <>
* remove ACCESS_UNALIGNED="no" from ppc
2001-11-29 Radek Doulik <>
* (ACCESS_UNALIGNED): uncommented and modified
generate mono/arch/ppc/Makefile
2001-11-26 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/exception3.cs: modified the test to show a bug in the
current exception handling implementation.
2001-11-13 Dick Porter <>
* Some more tests for pthread features
(specifically, glibc 2.1 doesnt define pthread_mutex_timedlock but
2001-11-09 Dick Porter <>
* Try and get large file support, but it's not fatal
if it's not there (the io-layer just ignores the high word in that
Check for windows builds, and only bother to look for pthreads and
large files if we're not building for cygwin or native win32. Not
having pthread support on Posix systems is now a fatal error.
* Fix ACLOCAL_FLAGS - it wasn't being passed to
2001-10-15 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/ removed JITTESTS, simply run all tests for
target testjit.
2001-10-11 Dietmar Maurer <>
* docs/object-layout: more documentation
Mon Oct 8 20:27:50 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>
* define NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESS for platforms that
can't read on unaligned boundaries
2001-10-04 Dick Porter <>
* Do some deeper checks on pthreads for some of the
more interesting functions
2001-09-24 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/ (testjit): a new target to test the JITer
* mono/tests/jit-*: added some test for the JITer
2001-09-23 Dick Porter <>
* Arrange to compile dummy thread support routines
if pthread isnt available
2001-09-23 Dick Porter <>
* Check for pthread.h, so that we can check for the
HAVE_PTHREAD_H define in config.h
2001-09-21 Dick Porter <>
* Check for libpthread
2001-09-19 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/test-ops.cs: added more tests
Mon Sep 10 20:19:00 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>
* check for sizeof(void*) and for the architecture.
2001-09-05 Dick Porter <>
* Fixed the section that adds $ACLOCAL_FLAGS to the
aclocal invocation, so putting aclocal files in /usr/local works
2001-08-30 Dietmar Maurer <>
* *: removed the libffi dependency, mono now compiles on cygwin
* mono/wrapper/build-dll: new file.
2001-08-28 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/console.cs: impl.
* mono/tests/box.cs: impl.
* mono/tests/stream-writer.cs: impl.
Mon Aug 27 20:24:26 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>
* mono/tests/*: New test cases, mostly for virtual method dispatch.
Use make testb for the slow benchmarking programs,
make test for the usual regression test checks.
2001-08-22 Rodrigo Moya <>
* mono/cil/
* mono/wrapper/ use correct variables for installation
Tue Aug 21 18:54:06 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>
* mono/tests/exceptions*: enhanced and added more tests for
2001-08-20 Miguel de Icaza <>
* mono/ (SUBDIRS): Remove `test' from here to allow us
to pass make distcheck
* mono/wrapper/ (EXTRA_DIST): Include
*,, runtime/ (dist-hook,
install-data-hook): Added mechanism to distribute and install the
dll files.
2001-08-20 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/stream.cs: new tests for the Stream class
* I really need LIBTOOL for, so I
added it again.
2001-08-16 Alex Graveley <>
removes libtool dependency on all of Mono.
2001-08-10 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/array.cs: more array tests
2001-08-09 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/array.cs: more array tests
2001-08-06 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke.cs: we can now print strings ;-)
* mono/tests/array.cs: new test for arrays
2001-08-02 Alex Graveley <>
* libffi/*: Import libffi CVS version, with minor changes to make it
* mono/interpreter/ Link against
* Add libffi
* Replace with adapted gnome
* Add AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(libffi).
2001-08-02 Dietmar Maurer <>
* mono/tests/pinvoke.cs: impl.
Wed Aug 1 22:34:52 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>
*, mono/tests: added some tests for the interpreter.
2001-07-15 Sean MacIsaac <>
* doc/download: added instructions for cygwin
* doc/c-sharp: removed bit about compiling
* status/compare-assembly.cs: basedir should be there if
parameters are provided.
* status/makefile: made targets to dump info.
2001-07-15 Joe Shaw <>
* Don't create doc/Makefile as there's nothing there
to make.
* Don't build the doc directory because there's no there.
* Call aclocal with the $ACLOCAL_FLAGS env var.
2001-07-15 Miguel de Icaza <>
* doc/class-library (A): Updated FAQ with question on error 1595.
2001-07-14 Miguel de Icaza <>
* doc/index:
Wed Jul 11 00:36:36 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>
* status/*: scripts and data to create statistics about the
class library status.
2001-07-09 Alex Graveley <>
* doc/makefile (clean): Add clean target.
* doc/web/makefile (clean): Ditto.
2001-07-09 Alex Graveley <>
* doc/makefile (all-docs): Fix typo.
2001-05-30 Miguel de Icaza <>
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