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<person email="" name="Miguel de Icaza"/>
<person email="" name="Jeffrey Stedfast"/>
<person email="" name="John Barnette"/>
<person email="" name="Iain"/>
<person email="" name="Bob Smith"/>
<person email="" name="Joe Shaw"/>
<person email="" name="Marcin Szczepanski"/>
<person email="" name="Garrett Rooney"/>
<person email="" name="John R. Hicks"/>
<person email="" name="Jens Backman"/>
<person email="" name="Jason Diamon"/>
<person email="" name="Sean MacIsaac"/>
<person email="" name="Vladimir Vukicevic"/>
<person name="Michael Lambert" email=""/>
<person email="" name="Sergey Chaban"/>
<person email="" name="Scott Sanders"/>
<person name="Garrett Rooney" email=""/>
<person name="David Menestrina" email=""/>
<person name="Duco Fijma" email=""/>
<person name="Patrik Torstensson" email=""/>
<person name="Tomas Restrepo" email=""/>
<person name="Derek Holden" email=""/>
<person name="Derek Holden" email=""/>
<person name="Gleb Novodran" email=""/>
<person name="Matthew S. Ford" email=""/>
<person name="Marcel Narings" email=""/>
<person name="Joe Hildebrand" email=""/>
<person name="Nick Drochak" email=""/>
<person name="Mike Kestner" email=""/>
<person name="Jim Richardson" email=""/>
<person name="Leen Toelen" email=""/>
<person name="Chris Podurgiel" email=""/>
<person name="Stefan Maierhofer" email=""/>
<person email="" name="Dick Porter"/>
<person email="" name="Paolo Molaro"/>
<person email="" name="Dietmar Maurer"/>
<person name="Gaurav Vaish" email=""/>
<person name="Mads Pultz" email=""/>
<person name="Wictor Wilen" email=""/>
<person name="Thomas Neidhart" email=""/>
<person name="Martin Weindel" email=""/>
<person name="Shawn Wildermuth" email=""/>
<person name="Daniel Weber" email=""/>
<person name="John Griffin" email=""/>
<person name="Duncan Mak" email=""/>
<person name="Keith Bottner" email=""/>
<person name="Mark Crichton" email=""/>
<person name="Daniel Morgan" email=""/>
<person name="Rodrigo Moya" email=""/>
<person name="Jonathan Pryor" email=""/>
<person name="Gonzalo Paniagua" email=""/>
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