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HOWTO bundle assemblies inside the mono runtime.
Paolo Molaro (
* Intent
Bundling assemblies inside the mono runtime may be useful for a number
of reasons:
* creating a standalone complete runtime that can be more easily
* having an application run against a known set of assemblies
that has been tested
Of course, there are drawbacks, too: if there has been fixes
to the assemblies, replacing them means recompiling the
runtime as well and if there are other mono apps, unless they
use the same mono binary, there will be less opportunities for
the operating system to optimize memory usage. So use this
feature only when really needed.
* Creating the Bundle
To bundle a set of assemblies, you need to create a file that
lists the assembly names and the relative files. Empty lines
and lines starting with # are ignored:
== cut cut ==
# Sample bundle template
mscorlib: /path/to/mscorlib/assembly.dll
myapp: /path/to/myapp.exe
== cut cut ==
Next you need to build the mono runtime using a special configure option:
./configure --with-bundle=/path/to/bundle/template
The path to the template should be an absolute path.
The script metadata/ will take the specifie
assemblies and embed them inside the runtime where the loading
routines can find them before searching for them on disk.
* Open Issues
There are still two issues to solve:
* config files: sometimes they are needed but they are
not yet bundled inside the library ()
* building with the included libgc makes it not
possible to build a mono binary statically linked to
libmono: this needs to be fixed to make bundles
really useful.
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