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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<manpage name="Mono" page="mono.1" />
<manpage name="Mint" page="mono.1" />
<manpage name="Mcs" page="mcs.1" />
<manpage name="Ilasm" page="ilasm.1" />
<manpage name="Monodis" page="mono.1" />
<manpage name="Cilc" page="cilc.1" />
<manpage name="Sql#" page="sqlsharp.1" />
<manpage name="SecUtil" page="secutil.1" />
<manpage name="MonoStyle" page="monostyle.1" />
<manpage name="genxs" page="genxs.1" />
<manpage name="cert2spc" page="cert2spc.1" />
<manpage name="makecert" page="makecert.1" />
<manpage name="chktrust" page="chktrust.1" />
<manpage name="signcode" page="signcode.1" />
<manpage name="sn" page="sn.1" />
<manpage name="wsdl" page="wsdl.1" />
<manpage name="disco" page="disco.1" />
<manpage name="soapsuds" page="soapsuds.1" />
<manpage name="setreg" page="setreg.1" />
<manpage name="certmgr" page="certmgr.1" />
<manpage name="xsd" page="xsd.1" />
<manpage name="caspol" page="caspol.1" />
<manpage name="al" page="al.1" />
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