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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
my $outfile = shift || usage ();
my @symbols = ();
my %excludes = ();
my $cmd = "nm -D ../mono/mini/.libs/";
@excludes {qw(
mono_class_setup_vtable_general_new mono_debugger_init mono_debugger_main
mono_once mono_pthread_key_for_tls
mono_gc_pthread_create mono_gc_pthread_detach mono_gc_pthread_join
)} = ();
open (SYMS, "$cmd |") || die "Cannot run \$cmd': $!\n";
while (<SYMS>) {
next unless / T (mono_.*)/;
next if exists $excludes {$1};
push @symbols, $1;
close (SYMS);
push @symbols, "MonoFixupCorEE";
@symbols = sort @symbols;
open (OUT, ">$outfile") || die "Cannot open '$outfile': $!\n";
print OUT "; file generated by\n";
print OUT "LIBRARY mono-2.0.dll\nEXPORTS\n";
print OUT join ("\n", @symbols);
print OUT "\n";
close (OUT);
sub usage {
print "Usage: output_file\n";
exit (1);
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