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[sgen] Don't call sgen_scan_togglerefs() twice.

In the case where they are called twice, the first call must already have
processed the whole heap.
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commit 0d3d43f1dd11e605d08a6888b715a535ffd9cc45 1 parent 792f319
Mark Probst schani authored
Showing with 0 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +0 −2  mono/metadata/sgen-gc.c
2  mono/metadata/sgen-gc.c
@@ -1921,8 +1921,6 @@ finish_gray_stack (int generation, GrayQueue *queue)
} while (!done_with_ephemerons);
sgen_scan_togglerefs (start_addr, end_addr, ctx);
- if (generation == GENERATION_OLD)
- sgen_scan_togglerefs (sgen_get_nursery_start (), sgen_get_nursery_end (), ctx);
if (sgen_need_bridge_processing ()) {
sgen_collect_bridge_objects (generation, ctx);
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