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[MonoPosixHelper] Allow MmapFlags.MAP_ANON use on OS X.


The problem is that OS X defines MAP_ANON but not MAP_ANONYMOUS, AND
MAP_ANON and MAP_ANONYMOUS have the same value. Furthermore,
create-native-map doesn't have any special support for constants with
the same value, so it emits the validation independently.

The result is that the following fails on OS X:

	$ csharp -r:Mono.Posix.dll
	csharp> int r;
	csharp> using Mono.Unix.Native;
	csharp> NativeConvert.TryFromMmapFlags(MmapFlags.MAP_ANONYMOUS, out r);
	csharp> r;

The (hackish) fix is to provide MAP_ANONYMOUS on OS X, thus allowing
the existing validation logic to work as expected.
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1 parent 1fd5f9a commit 163f9061e1d322417eac3bdb66568ce6f9151b09 @jonpryor jonpryor committed Feb 27, 2012
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  1. +10 −0 support/mph.h
@@ -75,6 +75,16 @@
#endif /* ndef L_XTND */
+ * OS X doesn't define MAP_ANONYMOUS, but it does define MAP_ANON.
+ * Alias them to fix:
+ */
+#endif /* ndef MAP_ANONYMOUS */
+#endif /* ndef PLATFORM_MACOSX */
* XATTR_AUTO is a synonym for 0 within XattrFlags, but most systems don't
* define it. map.c doesn't know that, though, so we ensure that it's defined
* so that the value 0 round-trips through MonoPosixHelper.

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