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2008-09-11 Daniel Morgan <>

	* sqlsharp.1: added commands
	\bcs, \cs, \listproviders, \p

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@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2008-09-11 Daniel Morgan <>
+ * sqlsharp.1: added commands
+ \bcs, \cs, \listproviders, \p
2008-08-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono-config.5: Fix a typo.
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-.TH sqlsharp 1 "25 December 2005"
+.TH sqlsharp 1 "9 September 2008"
sqlsharp \- Mono SQL Query command-line tool
@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ Sets the Connection String
SQL# \\ConnectionString Database=testdb
+ or
+ SQL# \\cs Database=testdb
For more examples, see section CONNECTION STRING EXAMPLES.
@@ -80,12 +82,60 @@ Sets the Provider of the Data Source. For list of Providers, see section PROVID
Example: to set the provider for MySQL:
SQL# \\provider mysql
+ or
+ SQL# \\p mysql
Note: if you need to load an external provider in SQL#,
see the SQL# command \\loadextprovider
+.I "ListProviders"
+List ADO.NET 2.0 Providers available
+ SQL# \\ListProviders
+ or
+ SQL# \\listp
+.I "BCS"
+Prompts you for building each connection parameter and builds the connection string
+and also allows you to enter a password wich does not echo.
+ SQL# \\bcs
+ ConnectionString Option: Data Source [] SQL# blazer
+ ConnectionString Option: Persist Security Info [False] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Integrated Security [False] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: User ID [] SQL# scott
+ Password: *****
+ ConnectionString Option: Enlist [False] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Pooling [True] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Min Pool Size [0] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Max Pool Size [100] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Unicode [False] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Load Balance Timeout [0] SQL#
+ ConnectionString Option: Omit Oracle Connection Name [False] SQL#
+ ConnectionString is set.
.I "LoadExtProvider"
ASSEMBLY CLASS to load an external provider. Use the complete name
of its assembly and its Connection class.
@@ -344,32 +394,30 @@ ption defaulting to true.
-oracle Oracle 8i System.Data.OracleClient System.Data.OracleClient
+oracle Oracle 8i-11g System.Data.OracleClient System.Data.OracleClient
postgresql NetPostgreSQL Npgsql Npgsql
bytefx ByteFX MySQL ByteFX.Data.MySqlClient ByteFX.Data
-sqlclient MS SQL 7/2000 System.Data.SqlClient System.Data
+sqlclient MS SQL 7-2008 System.Data.SqlClient System.Data
odbc ODBC System.Data.Odbc System.Data
sqlite SQL Lite Mono.Data.SqliteClient Mono.Data.SqliteClient
sybase Sybase Mono.Data.SybaseClient Mono.Data.SybaseClient
-olebb OLE DB System.Data.OleDb System.Data
-tds TDS Generic Mono.Data.TdsClient Mono.Data.TdsClient
-msodbc MS ODBC Microsoft.Data.Odbc Microsoft.Data.Odbc
firebird Firebird SQL FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdSql FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird
mysql MySQL AB MySql.Data.MySqlClient MySql.Data
-npgsql maps to postgresql above.
-mysqlnet maps to mysql above.
-odbc is treated as an external provider for .NET 1.1 and above.
-msodbc is an external provider for compatibility with .NET 1.0
+Ngsql is the .Net Data Provider for PosgreSQL. The
+latest verison can be downloaded from
-MySql.Data has replaced the mysql provider. If you still need to use ByteFX.Data, then
-use bytefx.
+MySql.Data is the MySQL Connector/Net for connecting to MySql databases.
+For MySQL, it is strongly recommend to use MySql.Data instead of the old
+ByteFX.Data provider. Unfortunately, MySql.Data is not included with Mono.
+You can download the latest MySQL Connector/Net from MySQL AB at
-MySql.Data is not included with Mono. You need to
-download the MySQL Connector/Net from MySQL AB at
+FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird can be downloaded from here:
@@ -385,10 +433,17 @@ Connection String examples:
Microsoft SQL Server via System.Data.SqlClient
-or Mono.Data.TdsClient provider:
- Server=DANPC;Database=pubs;User ID=saPassword=
+ Server=DANPC;Database=pubs;User ID=saPassword=;
+ For Integrated Security, bear in mind that Mono is not
+ integrated with Windows, SQL Server client nor server, nor
+ Windows Server. Therefore, you must provide the Windows Domain
+ name and domain user name and password for this user.
+ Server=DANPC;Database=pubs;User ID=DOMAIN\user;Password=pass;Integrated Security=SSPI
+ For a server locally, you can use localhost.
ODBC via System.Data.Odbc provider using
a DSN named "MSSQLDSN" I set up
@@ -397,6 +452,8 @@ which connects to Microsoft SQL Server 2000:
+To use ODBC ON Unix, consider unixODBC from
+or use iODBC from
SQL Lite via Mono.Data.SqliteClient
provider which connects to the
@@ -405,17 +462,21 @@ the file is created:
-OLE DB via System.Data.OleDb provider
-which connects to a PostgreSQL database:
- Provider=PostgreSQL;Addr=;Database=rodrigo
Oracle via System.Data.OracleClient
Data Source=testdb;User ID=scott;Password=tiger
+ If you prefer to not use a tnsnames.ora file, you can
+ use a connection string which allows a
+ TNS network description that is parentheses delimited
+ like the following which has the host, port, and
+ service name. For host, you can specify an IP address
+ instead of a hostname.
Npgsql (.NET PostgreSQL) from
@@ -425,15 +486,17 @@
ByteFX (ByteFX MySQL) from
+ Please use MySql.Data instead.
Server=localhost;Database=test;User ID=mysql;Password=
-FirebirdSql via FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird (not included with Mono)
+FirebirdSql via FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird (download latest form
-MySQL (MySQL AB) from
+MySQL via (MySql.Data) MySQL Connector/Net from
Server=localhost;Database=test;User ID=mysql;Password=mypass;Pooling=false
@@ -444,7 +507,7 @@ No support for tracing right now.
The Mono SQL Query Tool was written
-by Daniel Morgan <>
+by Daniel Morgan <>
@@ -470,5 +533,5 @@
-mono(1), mint(1)

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