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* mdoc-update.1: Document -L, -r options.

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+2009-04-09 Jonathan Pryor <>
+ * mdoc-update.1: Document -L, -r options.
2009-04-06 Jonathan Pryor <>
* mdoc.5: Document //code/@src attribute.
@@ -29,11 +29,9 @@ as added types and members, while preserving existing documentation.
In some limited circumstances, renames will be tracked, minimizing the
documentation burden when e.g. a parameter is renamed.
-creates stubs and updates documentation in the \fBmdoc\fR(5)
-documentation format from \fIASSEMBLIES\fR.
-\fBmdoc update\fR does not rely on documentation found within source code.
+\fBmdoc update\fR does not rely on documentation found within source code,
+though it can import XML Documentation Comments via the \fB\-i\fR option.
See \fBmdoc\fR(1) and \fBmdoc\fR(5) for more information.
@@ -177,11 +175,22 @@ Import documentation found within \fIFILE\fR.
\fIFILE\fR may contain either \fIcsc /doc\fR XML or \fIECMA-335\fR XML.
+\fB\-L\fR, \fB\-\-lib\fR=\fIDIRECTORY\fR
+Add \fIDIRECTORY\fR to the assembly search path, so that dependencies of
+\fIASSEMBLIES\fR can be found without documenting those assemblies.
\fB\-o\fR, \fB\-\-out\fR=\fIDIRECTORY\fR
Place the generated stubs into \fIDIRECTORY\fR.
When updating documentation, \fIDIRECTORY\fR is also the source directory.
+\fIASSEMBLY\fR is a dependency for one of \fIASSEMBLIES\fR which should
+\fInot\fR be documented but is required to process one of \fIASSEMBLIES\fR.
+Add the directory containing \fIASSEMBLY\fR to the assembly search path.
+This option is equivalent to specifying \fB\-L\fR `\fIdirname\fR ASSEMBLY`.
When \fIupdating\fR documentation for an assembly, if a type or member is
encountered which didn't exist in the previous version of the assembly a

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