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@@ -2,6 +2,6 @@ man_MANS = mcs.1 mono.1 monostyle.1 mono-config.5 sqlsharp.1 oldmono.1 ilasm.1 \
cert2spc.1 cilc.1 genxs.1 wsdl.1 disco.1 soapsuds.1 makecert.1 \
chktrust.1 setreg.1 sn.1 secutil.1 signcode.1 certmgr.1 monop.1 xsd.1 gacutil.1 \
macpack.1 mkbundle.1 dtd2xsd.1 permview.1 prj2make.1 mono-service.1 mono-shlib-cop.1 \
- al.1 mozroots.1 mono-xmltool.1 sgen.1 httpcfg.1 vbnc.1
+ al.1 mozroots.1 mono-xmltool.1 sgen.1 httpcfg.1 vbnc.1 resgent.1
@@ -1,13 +1,19 @@
.TH "ilasm" 1
-ilasm \- Mono IL assembler
+ilasm, ilasm2 \- Mono IL assembler
.B ilasm
[option] [source-files]
+.B ilasm2
+[option] [source-files]
ilasm is the Mono ILAsm assembler. You can pass one or more options to
drive the compiler, and a set of source files.
+Use \fIilasm\fR to generate 1.0 assemblies and use \fIilasm2\fR to
+assemble programs that use the 2.0 features (generics).
The Mono ILAsm assembler accepts options starting with / or - for mosted
@@ -51,8 +57,10 @@ Display information about ilasm
.B \--version
Display ilasm version
+.BR mono(1), mcs(1)
-Copyright (C) 2004 Novell, Inc (
+Copyright (C) 2004, 2007 Novell, Inc (
Visit for details.
@@ -0,0 +1,109 @@
+.\" resgen manual page.
+.\" (C) 2007 Novell, Inc.
+.\" Author:
+.\" Miguel de Icaza (
+.\" Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP)
+.if t .sp .5v
+.if n .sp
+.TH resgen "resgen 1.0"
+resgen, resgen2 \- Mono/CLI Resource Generator
+.B resgen source.ext [dest.ext]
+.B resgen /compile source.ext[,dest.resources] [...]
+.B resgen2
+Convert a resource file from one format to another.
+The currently supported formats are text, resources, resx and po.
+.I .txt, .text
+Used to process text files, the format of the text file is of the
+ key=value
+The value argument can contain special characters as long as they are
+escaped. The escape sequences currently supported are \\n, \\r, \\t,
+\\\\ (to get the escape sequence itself) and with resgen2 unicode
+escape sequences are supported with the \\uXXXX escape sequence, where
+XXXX is a four digit number.
+Lines that start with the # or ; character are considered comments and
+.I '.resources'
+This is the binary file format implemented by the
+\fISystem.Resources.ResourceReader\fR class, part of mscorlib.dll
+.I '.resx'
+This is the binary file format implemented by the
+\fISystem.Resources.ResXResourceReader\fR class. This class is not
+part of mscorlib.dll, this class is part of System.Windows.Forms.
+.I '.po'.
+PO files are the source files used by the Unix gettext infrastructure
+that is typically used to internationalize applications.
+Lines starting with the '#' character are comment lines.
+The file contains many instance of strings like this:
+ msgid KEY
+ msgstr VALUE
+The KEY is typically the string to translate and the VALUE is the
+translation. On PO files instead of using codes as the KEY (as it is
+customary with resource files) the KEY is typically a complete english
+message that applications embed in their source code and will be used
+as a fallback if no translation resources are used.
+Since resources are key value pairs, the extended features in PO files
+are not supported (plurals and support for N-cases).
+To learn more about the po file format, use your info browser and
+point it to the "(gettext)PO Files" node.
+If the destination file is not specified, source.resources will be
+The /compile option takes a list of .resX or .txt files to convert to
+.resources files in one bulk operation, replacing .ext with .resources for
+the output file name.
+.I "-compile"
+This switch instructs \fIresgen\fR to compile multiple files. It must
+appear before any resources are specified on the command line.
+.I "-usesourcepath"
+This option is only available for \fIresgen2\fR, and it instructs resgen to
+resolve relative paths using the directory of the resx file as current
+This program will load referenced assemblies from the Mono assembly
+Visit for details.
+Visit: for details
+.BR mcs(1), mono(1), mono-config(5).

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