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Update 2012 changes to sgen license

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commit 758246c2aa9f40f2859e78def0c4d7118b767366 1 parent e586b79
@migueldeicaza migueldeicaza authored
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@@ -64,13 +64,6 @@ For comments, corrections and updates, please contact
the terms of the MIT X11, this means that this code can be
used for any purposes by anyone.
-** mono/metadata/sgen*: Mono's Copying Collector
- This new garbage collector is licensed under the terms of
- the MIT X11 license, in hopes that the GC could be reused
- by third party projects, follows the same spirit than the
- Boehm GC.
** mono/arch/*/XXX-codegen.h
This are C macros that are useful when generating native
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