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get-monolite-latest now pulls a versioned archive

In order to ensure that monolite actually works you need to ensure that
the corlib in it has the same version as your runtime.  Monolite
archives are now versioned monolite-MONO_CORLIB_VERSION-DATE.
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Andrew Jorgensen
Andrew Jorgensen committed Apr 18, 2011
1 parent e2ba528 commit 9199b779ad3deffcd92edf3757b2ef6fcbaa428d
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@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ DISTCLEANFILES= mono-uninstalled.pc
# building with monolite
mcslib = $(mcs_topdir)/class/lib
monolite = $(mcslib)/monolite
-monolite_url =
+mono_corlib_version = $(shell sed -n "s/\#define MONO_CORLIB_VERSION //p" $(srcdir)/mono/metadata/appdomain.c)
+monolite_url =$(mono_corlib_version)-latest.tar.gz
-rm -fr $(mcslib)/monolite-*
-mkdir -p $(mcslib)

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