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* man/mdoc-assemble.1: Document //node use within .source files.

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Jonathan Pryor authored
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@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+2008-10-30 Jonathan Pryor <>
+ * man/mdoc-assemble.1: Document //node use within .source files.
2008-10-27 Jb Evain <>
* data/ update version.
22 man/mdoc-assemble.1
@@ -31,10 +31,29 @@ The \fI.source\fR file has the following format:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
+ <node label="LABEL" name="PATH" parent="PARENT">
+ <node label="LABEL2" name="PATH2" />
+ <!-- ... -->
+ </node>
<source provider="PROVIDER" basefile="BASEFILE" path="PATH" />
+ <!-- other <source/> elements -->
+The \fI/monodoc/node\fR node is an optional node that specifies where in the
+monodoc tree the documentation should be displayed, and \fI//node\fR elements
+may be nested to any depth to create trees. \fI//node/@label\fR is the label
+that will be displayed within the monodoc tree.
+\fI//node/@name\fR is the name of the monodoc tree node, and may be used as
+the value of the \fI/monodoc/source/@path\fR value.
+\fI//node/@parent\fR is the node name to use as the parent node.
+\fI$MONO_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/monodoc/monodoc.xml\fR contains a list of such
+names, and this can be any \fI//node/@name\fR value. If the
+\fI//node/@parent\fR value isn't found, then it's inserted under the
+"Various" tree node.
The \fI/monodoc/source/@provider\fR attribute specifies which format provider
should be used when reading the \fI.tree\fR and \\fR files; this
\fImust\fR correspond to one of the \fI--format\fR values.
@@ -47,7 +66,8 @@ value.
The \fI/monodoc/source/@path\fR attribute specifies the parent node in
\fBmonodoc\fR(1)'s tree view where the documentation will be inserted.
See the \fI$MONO_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/monodoc/monodoc.xml\fR
-file for a list of \fIPATH\fR values (the \fI//node/@name\fR values).
+file for a list of \fIPATH\fR values (the \fI//node/@name\fR values), or it
+may be a \fI//node/@name\fR value in the same \fI.source\fR file.
Once the \fIBASEFILE.source\fR has been written, the documentation can be
installed so that \fBmonodoc\fR(1) will display the documentation with the
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