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When encoding a memberref to a field of a generic instance we must us…

…e the type of the GTD. Fixes #10122

	* reflection.c (mono_image_get_fieldref_token): We must encode the memberref using the GTD type so
	we can distinguish between the following two:

		class Foo<T> {
			T t;
			int t;

	The above two fields for the instance Foo<int> must be encoded as "!0 Foo<int>:t" and "int Foo<int>:t"
	respectively. The CLR does both structural and nominal matching on memberref resolution, so we must be

	The previous fix removed tried to work-around a crash in the generic instance case due to the field
	type been null. This now happens because field types are lazily loaded and must always be looked up
	using mono_field_get_type. The original code code was not and so broken.
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1 parent 7831877 commit fc3c31dcc33e38ca48d546982c74be90aa608821 @kumpera kumpera committed Feb 7, 2013
Showing with 9 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +9 −4 mono/metadata/reflection.c
@@ -2750,10 +2750,15 @@ mono_image_get_fieldref_token (MonoDynamicImage *assembly, MonoObject *f, MonoCl
if (token)
return token;
- if (is_field_on_inst (field))
- type = get_field_on_inst_generic_type (field);
- else
- type = mono_field_get_type (field);
+ if (field->parent->generic_class && field->parent->generic_class->container_class && field->parent->generic_class->container_class->fields) {
+ int index = field - field->parent->fields;
+ type = mono_field_get_type (&field->parent->generic_class->container_class->fields [index]);
+ } else {
+ if (is_field_on_inst (field))
+ type = get_field_on_inst_generic_type (field);
+ else
+ type = mono_field_get_type (field);
+ }
token = mono_image_get_memberref_token (assembly, &field->parent->byval_arg,
mono_field_get_name (field),
fieldref_encode_signature (assembly, field->parent->image, type));

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