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Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #1696 from esdrubal/tzrefactor

    esdrubal authored
    TimeZone Refactoring.
  2. @tritao

    [runtime] Move `mono_error_assert_ok` to mono-error-internals.h.

    tritao authored
    I originally introduced it as a public API but after some discussion we decided it's best as a private API.
  3. @marek-safar
  4. @alexrp

    Merge pull request #1734 from anikilatorbeta/patch-1

    alexrp authored
    Upadate socket and add OSSupportsIPv4 in net 4.0
  5. @schani

    [sgen] Fix a card table bug on 64 bits.

    schani authored
    When copying value types (like via Array.Copy) it was possible to
    encounter a memory region going over the end of the card table array.
    In that case we would overwrite data after the card table and fail
    to mark cards at the start of the array.
    It's hard to do a test case for this because we allocate the shadow card
    table directly after the regular one, so the overwrite is benign.  It would
    also require allocating very large arrays (>2Gb) and run very slowly.
  6. @alexrp

    Merge pull request #1745 from alexrp/warning-police

    alexrp authored
    Warning police
Commits on Apr 27, 2015
  1. @kumpera

    Merge pull request #1743 from alexrp/profiler-versioning

    kumpera authored
    Introduce versioning of the profiler API
  2. @marek-safar
  3. @marek-safar
  4. @marek-safar
  5. @tritao

    Introduce mono_error_assert_ok for checking and asserting that a Mono…

    tritao authored
    …Error is OK.
    We're adding this new API call to replace the `g_assert (mono_error_ok (&error));` code pattern so that when there's an error we can print the error message from the MonoError.
  6. @marek-safar
  7. @marek-safar
  8. @alexrp
  9. @alexrp
  10. @alexrp
  11. @alexrp
  12. @alexrp
  13. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #1738 from rolfbjarne/dublin-1916-dst

    esdrubal authored
    [corlib] Cope with the reference sources' inability to support sub-minute DST offsets
  14. @rolfbjarne

    [corlib] Cope with the reference sources' inability to support sub-mi…

    rolfbjarne authored
    …nute DST offsets.
    The reference sources do not support sub-minute DST offsets as the exception below
    shows, while Europe/Dublin has a DST offset of 34:39 in 1916.
    There is no equivalent TimeZoneInfo for Europe/Dublin in .NET, so the problem
    doesn't show up there.
    System.ArgumentException: The TimeSpan parameter cannot be specified more precisely than whole minutes.
    	Parameter name: daylightDelta
      at System.TimeZoneInfo/AdjustmentRule.ValidateAdjustmentRule (System.DateTime,System.DateTime,System.TimeSpan,System.TimeZoneInfo/TransitionTime,System.TimeZoneInfo/TransitionTime) [0x0012c] in /work/mono/master/external/referencesource/mscorlib/system/timezoneinfo.cs:3907
      at System.TimeZoneInfo/AdjustmentRule.CreateAdjustmentRule (System.DateTime,System.DateTime,System.TimeSpan,System.TimeZoneInfo/TransitionTime,System.TimeZoneInfo/TransitionTime) [0x00000] in /work/mono/master/external/referencesource/mscorlib/system/timezoneinfo.cs:3836
      at System.TimeZoneInfo.ParseTZBuffer (string,byte[],int) [0x002ca] in /work/mono/master/mcs/class/corlib/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs:1230
      at System.TimeZoneInfo.BuildFromStream (string,System.IO.Stream) [0x00030] in /work/mono/master/mcs/class/corlib/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs:479
      at System.TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneByFileName (string,string) [0x00018] in /work/mono/master/mcs/class/corlib/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs:463
      at System.TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById (string) [0x00075] in /work/mono/master/mcs/class/corlib/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs:450
      at MonoTests.System.TimeZoneInfoTest/FindSystemTimeZoneByIdTests.Dublin () [0x00015] in /work/mono/master/mcs/class/corlib/Test/System/TimeZoneInfoTest.cs:812
  15. @alexrp

    [runtime] Introduce versioning of the profiler API.

    alexrp authored
    The profiler API needs to evolve with the runtime. By versioning the API we can
    at least to some degree let developers know when their modules are out of date
    and how to update them.
Commits on Apr 25, 2015
  1. @vargaz
  2. @vargaz

    Fix a warning.

    vargaz authored
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @kumpera
  2. @alexrp
  3. @alexrp
  4. @schani
  5. @atsushieno

    Merge pull request #1736 from atsushieno/import-wcf

    atsushieno authored
    Import System.Runtime.Serialization from referencesource.
  6. @rolfbjarne

    Include the problematic time zone in the exception message when throw…

    rolfbjarne authored
    …ing a TimeZoneNotFoundException.
  7. @atsushieno

    [Sys.Data] fix SqlParameter SystemType lookup after referencesource m…

    atsushieno authored
    This should fix bug #29078, patch by Neale Ferguson.
  8. @atsushieno
  9. @atsushieno
  10. @atsushieno
  11. @atsushieno
  12. @atsushieno

    [WCF] disable not working announcement client test.

    atsushieno authored
    WS-Discovery never got working, skip cosmetic test to not block porting.
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