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Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. @marek-safar

    Revert "Merge pull request #2008 from dlech/CustomAttributeData"

    marek-safar authored
    This reverts commit 2775839, reversing
    changes made to 9cf3500.
  2. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #1936 from esdrubal/DotNetRelativeOrAbsolute

    esdrubal authored
    [System] UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute workaround.
  3. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2008 from dlech/CustomAttributeData

    esdrubal authored
    Make CustomAttributeData.AttributeType virtual
  4. @esdrubal
  5. @dlech

    Make CustomAttributeData.AttributeType virtual

    dlech authored
    According to, System.Reflection.CustomAttributeData.AttributeType is a virtual property.
  6. @BrzVlad

    Merge pull request #2005 from BrzVlad/feature-concurrent-work

    BrzVlad authored
    Concurrent sgen improvements
  7. @BrzVlad
  8. @BrzVlad
  9. @BrzVlad
  10. @BrzVlad
  11. @BrzVlad
  12. @BrzVlad
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @vargaz

    Merge pull request #2007 from madewokherd/imagelock

    vargaz authored
    Fix an unlock without a corresponding lock.
  2. Fix an unlock without a corresponding lock.

    Vincent Povirk authored
    8eeb2ce moved the lock into an if statement.
    This commit is licensed as MIT/X11.
  3. @vargaz
  4. @BrzVlad
  5. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2004 from esdrubal/singlestacktrace

    esdrubal authored
    [corlib] Changes StackTrace.ToString to use Exception format.
  6. @esdrubal

    [corlib] Changes StackTrace.ToString to use Exception format.

    esdrubal authored
    StackTrace.ToString format was different from Exception.ToString.
    StackTrace.ToString had an identation of 3 spaces instead of 2, outputed
    "line " before the line number which Exception.ToString does not, and it
    did not print offsets.
    This change allows StackTrace.ToString output to be used by the mono-symbolicate tool.
  7. @esdrubal

    Test mono-symbolicate with StackTrace.ToString.

    esdrubal authored
    We were testing mono-symbolicate tool with Exception.Tostring stack
    traces but now we also test that the tool works with StackTrace.ToString.
  8. @baulig

    Merge pull request #2000 from BogdanovKirill/master

    baulig authored
    Bug fix: reading of infinite web response can lead to connection loss
  9. @grendello

    Remove stray ifdef

    grendello authored
  10. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2003 from esdrubal/seq_test_fix2

    esdrubal authored
    [runtime] Fix test_op_il_seq_point in amd64.
  11. @esdrubal

    Target test-local in mono-symbolicate Makefile.

    esdrubal authored
    mono-symbolicate tests were not called by recursive test due to not having the
    target test-local in its Makefile.
  12. @esdrubal

    [runtime] Fix test_op_il_seq_point in amd64.

    esdrubal authored
    In amd64 when possible 32bit instructions and registers are usedi
    instead of 64bit ones.
    Using MONO_DEBUG=single-imm-size avoids 32bit optimizations thus
    maintaining the native code size between compilations.
  13. @esdrubal

    [runtime] Added MONO_DEBUG=single-imm-size.

    esdrubal authored
    In amd64 when i8const are use with values within the first 32 bits
    instructions and registers used can be optimized to their 32 bit
    Setting MONO_DEBUG=single-imm-size variable disables such optimizations
    and guarantee that the the generated native code size is independent
    of the i8const values.
  14. @marek-safar
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @vargaz
  2. @jonpryor

    [MonoPosixHelper] Fix compilation for Android.

    jonpryor authored
    The Android NDK decalres the `struct timeval` struct in <sys/time.h>.
    Update sys-socket.c to #include <sys/time.h> to fix compilation
    with the Android NDK.
  3. @vargaz

    Fix the build.

    vargaz authored
  4. @vargaz

    [x86] Fix fullaot support.

    vargaz authored
  5. @kumpera
  6. @kumpera

    [coop] Blacklist two more wrappers when generating safepoints.

    kumpera authored
    A GC Safepoint require the thread to be in GC unsafe mode to run properly.
    Both mono_threads_finish_blocking and mono_threads_reset_blocking_start are called
    in GC Safe mode, which would cause them to assert in checked-build.
    mono_threads_finish_blocking is called after a pinvoke finished, which means the thread will
    still be in blocking mode.
    mono_threads_reset_blocking_start is called by reverse pinvoke wrappers before calling managed
    code, so it will be in blocking mode too.
    This looks like something checked-build should catch by setting the polling variable more frequently.
  7. @kumpera
  8. @jonpryor

    Merge pull request #1993 from steffen-kiess/posix-sockets-1

    jonpryor authored
    Add socket-related functions and data structures to Mono.Posix
  9. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2002 from mono/revert-1991-seq_test_fix

    esdrubal authored
    Revert "[runtime] Fix test_op_il_seq_point in amd64."
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