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Commits on Mar 5, 2015
  1. Marek Safar

    Merge pull request #1615 from akoeplinger/fix-consolelogger-race

    marek-safar authored
    [Microsoft.Build.Enginge] Fix race in ConsoleLogger
  2. Marek Safar

    Merge pull request #1614 from akoeplinger/fix-memorycache-tests

    marek-safar authored
    [System.Runtime.Caching] Make some MemoryCache tests more reliable
  3. Alexander Köplinger

    [Microsoft.Build.Enginge] Fix race in ConsoleLogger

    akoeplinger authored
    This occasionally made the BasicManualParallelBuilds test fail on Jenkins.
  4. Zoltan Varga
  5. Zoltan Varga

    [jit] Add a new mini_get_underlying_type () function which handles by…

    vargaz authored
    …ref, enums, native types, and generic sharing. Use it in places where possible.
Commits on Mar 4, 2015
  1. Alexander Köplinger

    [System.Runtime.Caching] Make some MemoryCache tests more reliable

    akoeplinger authored
    After MemoryCache was imported from referencesources, some tests started
    failing occasionally. Cross-testing on MS.NET showed that you need to
    access the cached item to make MemoryCache.GetCount() reliably return the
    correct number after an item was expired from the cache.
    Also removed __MonoTimerPeriod and __MonoEmulateOneCPU configuration variables,
    they were used in Mono code before and don't make sense with the new code.
  2. Atsushi Eno
  3. Marek Safar
  4. Atsushi Eno
  5. Atsushi Eno

    Merge pull request #1613 from atsushieno/import-system-xml-linq

    atsushieno authored
    Import System.Xml.Linq from referencesource.
  6. Atsushi Eno
  7. Atsushi Eno

    bump referencesource.

    atsushieno authored
  8. Atsushi Eno
  9. Atsushi Eno
  10. Miguel de Icaza
  11. Zoltan Varga
Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Zoltan Varga

    Fix make dist.

    vargaz authored
  2. Miguel de Icaza
  3. Zoltan Varga
  4. Zoltan Varga
  5. Alexander Köplinger

    appveyor.yml: switch away from unstable image and simplify script

    akoeplinger authored
    The unstable image seemed to cause problems recently.
    We should just use the default image and fetch Cygwin ourselves.
    Also added caching of the Cygwin files and simplified the script a bit.
  6. Miguel de Icaza

    [UnixRegistry] Fix leak (#25559), remove races.

    migueldeicaza authored
    There was a memory leak caused by not having a lookup mechanism for
    the RegistryKey.  In addition, the entire code to dispose code was
    never used (due to the leak), and it was wrong.
    In addition, added locking to the "values" field, which currently was
    No test cases, the repro is to run the above code for about 5 minutes.
  7. Zoltan Varga
  8. Zoltan Varga
  9. Atsushi Eno
  10. Atsushi Eno
  11. Marek Safar
  12. Marek Safar
  13. João Matos
  14. Atsushi Eno
  15. João Matos

    Merge pull request #1611 from mono/akoeplinger-patch-1

    tritao authored
    Readme: add badges for armel/armhf and split off community supported archs
  16. Alexander Köplinger
  17. Marek Safar
  18. Atsushi Eno

    Merge pull request #1608 from atsushieno/import-system-xml-4

    atsushieno authored
    Import large chunk of System.Xml sources from referencesource.
  19. Zoltan Varga
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