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Commits on Oct 13, 2015
  1. @migueldeicaza

    Add tests for #34598

    migueldeicaza authored
  2. @sandyarmstrong

    Merge pull request #2130 from sandyarmstrong/mt-runtime-updates

    sandyarmstrong authored
    [corlib] Use same Console and Environment logic in monotouch_runtime
  3. @sandyarmstrong

    [corlib] Use same Console and Environment logic in monotouch_runtime

    sandyarmstrong authored
    The `monotouch_runtime` profile is exclusively used for the monotouch
    REPL assemblies used by Xamarin Sketches and Inspector. In those cases,
    Console and Environment should behave just the same as in the
    `monotouch` profile.
    The only real difference between the two profiles should be the presence
    of SRE in `monotouch_runtime`.
  4. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2121 from esdrubal/socketreuse

    esdrubal authored
    [System] Added icall SupportsPortReuse.
Commits on Oct 12, 2015
  1. @baulig

    Revert "[Mono.Security.Providers]: Add to the top-level build."

    baulig authored
    This currently does not build for monodroid, so let's fix that first.
    This reverts commit 8a47d50.
  2. @baulig

    [System]: Add HttpWebRequest.ServerCertificateValidationCallback.

    baulig authored
    Add a new HttpWebRequest.ServerCertificateValidationCallback property
    (new .NET 4.5 / 4.6 API, not enabled yet) and read-only internal
    ServerCertValidationCallback accessor (defined in the referencesource's
    (cherry picked from commit ea9ed03)
  3. @baulig

    [System]: Add new internal HttpWebRequest APIs for MonoTlsProvider / …

    baulig authored
    The new internal constructor allows a per-request MonoTlsProvider and
    related MonoTlsSettings; also expose these as new internal properties.
    (cherry picked from commit 31988df)
  4. @baulig

    [System]: Add internal ServicePoint.SetClientCertificate() and SetSer…

    baulig authored
    The old SetCertificates() will be removed when merging the rest of
    the work-newtls changes.
    (cherry picked from commit 815731f)
  5. @baulig

    [Mono.Security.Providers]: Add to the top-level build.

    baulig authored
    (cherry picked from commit 76db142)
  6. @baulig

    [System] Add internal 'ServicePointManager.DisableStrongCrypto'.

    baulig authored
    It's an internal API that's used by the referencesource.
    (cherry picked from commit 7fbd50a)
    (cherry picked from commit eb2f282)
  7. @baulig

    [corlib] Add new .NET 4.5 System.Diagnostics.EventSource and EventAtt…

    baulig authored
    …ribute APIs.
    (cherry picked from commit 7f098fb)
    (cherry picked from commit 6c80418)
  8. @baulig

    [System]: Make internals visible to Mono.Security.Providers.NewSystem…

    baulig authored
    (cherry picked from commit 6414856)
  9. @vargaz
  10. @vargaz
  11. @baulig

    [System/TLS]: Add the new Mono.Security.Interface and Mono.Net.Securi…

    baulig authored
    …ty APIs to the build.
    These should be considered internal APIs for the moment, even where the
    classes are public (to avoid making internals visible).
    (cherry picked from commit bec0257)
  12. @baulig

    Add MARTIN_FIXME conditionals to some of the newly added files in pre…

    baulig authored
    …paration to get them build.
    (cherry picked from commit 73a79ac)
    (cherry picked from commit 0d90e72)
    (cherry picked from commit d60284a)
  13. @baulig

    [System]: Add the referencesource's ServicePointManager.cs.

    baulig authored
    This picks up the internal 'ServerCertValidationCallback' class,
    not the actual ServicePointManager implementation (we can't switch
    to that yet).
    (cherry picked from commit f5eeb55)
  14. @baulig

    [System]: Add internal RemoteCertValidationCallback and LocalCertSele…

    baulig authored
    These two internal delegates are defined and used by the referencesource's SslStream
    implementation; add them to our SslStream.cs version for compatibility.
    (cherry picked from commit 0fbda4c)
  15. @baulig
  16. @baulig

    [System/TLS]: Internal additions to some referencesource files.

    baulig authored
    These won't be build in System.dll until we can switch to the new
    TLS implementation.
    (cherry picked from commit 39cd3ee)
  17. @baulig

    [System/TLS]: Add the new Mono.Security.Interface and Mono.Net.Securi…

    baulig authored
    …ty code.
    This is not enabled in the build yet; doing so still requires a few more tweaks.
    (cherry picked from commit 8fbc5ba)
  18. @baulig

    [System/build]: Wrap ReferenceSources/Logging.cs with '!MONO_FEATURE_…

    baulig authored
    (cherry picked from commit 0eb5184)
  19. @baulig
  20. @baulig

    [System/build]: Add two MONO_SECURITY_ALIAS and MONO_X509_ALIAS condi…

    baulig authored
    These should be used instead of MOBILE / MONOTOUCH / MONODROID to select
    extern alias directives to make them work independently from the mobile profile.
    * MONO_SECURITY_ALIAS: whether or not to use 'extern alias MonoSecurity'.
    * MONO_X509_ALIAS: whether or not to use
        extern alias PrebuiltSystem;
        using X509CertificateCollection = PrebuiltSystem::System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509CertificateCollection;
    * MONO_FEATURE_NEW_TLS: ignore, this is not enabled in the default build.
    (cherry picked from commit 48b95ec)
  21. @baulig

    [System/build] Use the MOBILE_PROFILE conditional to define INSIDE_SY…

    baulig authored
    (cherry picked from commit a3500da)
    (cherry picked from commit 5348243)
  22. @tritao

    [runtime] Fixed build error related to undeclared object offsets.

    tritao authored
    In file included from /Users/joao/Dev/droid/mono/mono/metadata/marshal.c:26:0:
    /Users/joao/Dev/droid/mono/mono/metadata/marshal.c: In function 'mono_marshal_get_delegate_invoke_internal':
    /Users/joao/Dev/droid/mono/mono/metadata/abi-details.h:29:43: error: 'MONO_OFFSET_MonoDelegate_rgctx' undeclared (first use in this function)
     #define MONO_STRUCT_OFFSET(struct,field) (MONO_OFFSET_ ## struct ## _ ## field == -1, G_STRUCT_OFFSET (struct,field))
  23. @baulig

    [System]: Add ReferenceSources/Socket.cs to the mobile build.

    baulig authored
    This fixes commit c74c647; these
    new internal APIs are required by the referencesource's version of
    (cherry picked from commit 2905ed9)
  24. @baulig
  25. @vargaz

    Revert "[runtime] Don't allocate domain-level static slots for specia…

    vargaz authored
    …l static fields."
    This reverts commit d2efa78.
    Revert this as it breaks on monodroid.
  26. @vargaz

    Revert "[runtime] Optimize mono_class_field_is_special_static () a bit."

    vargaz authored
    This reverts commit 0686c21.
    Revert this as it breaks on monodroid.
  27. @vargaz

    [ppdb] Update the image checking code, the guid in the ppdb file need…

    vargaz authored
    …s to be checked against the guid in the debug directory in the pe file. Not finished yet.
  28. @marek-safar

    [mcs] New test

    marek-safar authored
  29. @marek-safar

    Merge pull request #2119 from lambdageek/dev/bug-17571

    marek-safar authored
    parser improvements for Type.GetType() and Assembly.GetType()
  30. @marek-safar
  31. @vargaz
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