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Commits on Sep 5, 2015
  1. @vargaz

    Fix a warning.

    vargaz authored
  2. @vargaz

    Merge pull request #2033 from tritao/zip-empty

    vargaz authored
    [System.IO.Compression] Fixed handling of empty Zip archives in Update mode
  3. @migueldeicaza

    Merge pull request #2035 from joelmartinez/mdoc-memberremoval-fix2

    migueldeicaza authored
    [mdoc] Follow up fix for member and type removal.
  4. @joelmartinez

    [mdoc] Follow up fix for member and type removal.

    joelmartinez authored
    In supplement of the changes submitted in 09b97cb, there were
    some additional edge cases that were not originally considered, and so this patch resolves these
    additional issues. In particular, there was a bug in the `RemoveApiStyle` method that wasn't
    checking the value of the `apistyle` attribute before removing it. This caused members to be
    stripped of apistyle inadvertently.
    There was an issue in the type removal code that caused
    too many files to be removed. This patch adds additional checks to make sure that a file isn't
    going to be removed if it contains members in the other style that shoulnd't be removed
    Finally, there was an issue that arose after the aforementioned changes in the `OrderTypeAttributes`
    method. It was somewhat counterintuitive, but it wasn't allowing the reordering of attributes
    with the `.Remove` method (throwing an exception). Not entirely sure why this was happening,
    but using the `.RemoveNamedItem` method worked around the issue.
Commits on Sep 4, 2015
  1. @vargaz

    [aot] Avoid an assert in mono_aot_jit_info_table_find () when the add…

    vargaz authored
    …ress is right after the end of the method. Fixes #32955.
  2. @vargaz

    [jit] Fix crashes in the dwarf writer if the backing field of an enum…

    vargaz authored
    … is not named 'value__'. Fixes #33591.
  3. @kumpera
  4. @kumpera
  5. @tritao
  6. @kumpera

    Fix the DefaultThreadCurrentCulture for real.

    kumpera authored
    This test is very fragile as it depends on appdomain global state.
    In this case the current thread culture.
    The problem with CurrentCulture is it's behavior that once set, it can't
    be unset, IOW, revert to follow DefaultThreadCurrentCulture.
    This meant that test ordering played a huge deal here and it took a few
    tries to learn what was going on.
    The way to fix this is to run the test itself from a thread that we
    can ensure that won't have CurrentCulture set. This includes TP threads
    or new threads.
    I opted to use a TP thread as there probably is one available already
    when the test runs.
  7. @kumpera
  8. @tritao
  9. @marek-safar

    Merge pull request #2030 from esdrubal/urispaces

    marek-safar authored
    Fixes Uri.UserInfo with spaces.
  10. @esdrubal

    Fixes Uri.UserInfo with spaces.

    esdrubal authored
    Fixes #31172.
  11. @esdrubal

    Tests Uri.UserInfo with spaces.

    esdrubal authored
    Covers #31172.
  12. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2022 from esdrubal/fixes-GetDaylightChanges

    esdrubal authored
    Fixes TimeZoneInfo.GetDaylightChanges #32722.
  13. @vargaz
Commits on Sep 3, 2015
  1. @grendello

    Fix NREX in Linux network change notification code

    grendello authored
    Linux code uses a netlink socket to be notified about network interface
    changes. The code is a bit racy and for that reson it can happen that
    the LinuxNetworkChange.OnDataAvailable handler is called after the
    socket is destroyed (from a timer event) and socket stored in an
    instance variable is already null. This is a race most probably
    introduced by the new threadpool or TPL code as it started to happen in
    several places (mostly BCL tests on Android, but it's *not* specific to
    The workaround here serves as a quick band-aid to be able to move on,
    but a more thorough review of the socket code will be required.
  2. @kumpera
  3. @kumpera

    [corlib] Fix a test. It was broken in so many ways, but hidden behind…

    kumpera authored
    … a check that disabled it everywhere. :(
  4. @kumpera
  5. @marek-safar
  6. @tritao
  7. @tritao

    [windows] Fixed some warnings when calling mono_cond_init.

    tritao authored
  8. @tritao
  9. @directhex
  10. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2024 from BogdanovKirill/webrequesttest

    esdrubal authored
    [HttpWebRequestTest] New test to check that after reading 2 GB of data from web server HttpWebRequest still works
  11. @tritao

    Merge pull request #2026 from directhex/fix-missing-tarball-facades

    tritao authored
    [Facades] fix exclusion from "make dist"
  12. @directhex

    [Facades] fix exclusion from "make dist"

    directhex authored
    If SUBDIRS is not set, then no files which aren't explicit Makefile targets will get included - which in this case means the only file in Facades/ in tarballs is the Makefile itself.
  13. @marek-safar
  14. @BogdanovKirill

    [HttpWebRequestTest] New test to check that after reading 2 GB of dat…

    BogdanovKirill authored
    …a from web server HttpWebRequest still works
    When HttpWebRequest is used to download infinite (ContentLength is not set) response from web server, we must be sure that after reading 2 GB (Int32.MaxValue) of data our internal classes are still working correctly
    This change is released under the MIT license.
  15. @esdrubal

    [corlib] Fixes TimeZoneInfo.GetDaylightChanges.

    esdrubal authored
    Fixes #32722.
  16. @esdrubal
  17. @marek-safar

    [mcs] Implements null operator used from both outer and inner express…

    marek-safar authored
    …ion of the statement. Fixes #33341
  18. @esdrubal

    Merge pull request #2017 from ludovic-henry/master

    esdrubal authored
    [math] Fix Math.Pow (1, Double.MaxValue) != 1 on Linux 32bits
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