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Apr 01, 2006

  1. version bump

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58876
    Wade Berrier authored
  2. 2006-03-31 Peter Dennis Bartok <>

    	* XplatUIX11.cs: Enable clipping again now that the libgdiplus
    	  bug is fixed
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58875
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored
  3. fix type of last commit

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58872
    Wade Berrier authored
  4. Miguel de Icaza

    2006-03-31 Miguel de Icaza <>

    	* icall.c
    	(ves_icall_System_Environment_InternalSetEnvironmentVariable): Fix
    	build on pre glib 2.4 systems.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58871
    migueldeicaza authored

Mar 31, 2006

  1. 2006-03-31 Peter Dennis Bartok <>

    	* ControlTest.cs: Ignore Invoke test, it hangs
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58870
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored
  2. * UpDownBase.cs: Don't CreateGraphics manually, use a

            Refresh. Ideally we would invalidate the correct areas here.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58869
    Jackson Harper authored
  3. 2006-03-31 Chris Toshok <>

    	* driver.c (DEFAULT_OPTIMIZATIONS): back out the new set of
    	default optimizations :(
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58868
    Chris Toshok authored
  4. * XplatUIX11.cs: Somehow we get SETCURSORS for bad windows

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58867
    Jackson Harper authored
  5. 2006-03-31 Peter Dennis Bartok <>

    	* XplatUIX11.cs: 
    	  - We now track the mapping state of windows. If a window (or 
    	    one of it's parents) is not mapped we no longer permit
    	    WM_PAINT messages to be generated since we'd otherwise get 
    	    lots of BadMatch X errors. Jackson did all the work figuring
    	    out the problem.
    	  - Destroying the caret if the window it's contained in is 
    	    destroyed. Can't use regular DestroyCaret method since it
    	    might fall into a drawing function (trying to remove the
    	    caret) and with that generate new BadMatch errors. Again,
    	    Jackson tracked this down.
    	  - Changed DestroyChildWindows to SendWMDestroyMessages, we now
    	    make sure we send the messages to all windows. (The old code
    	    would send the WM_DESTROY to the window, and then all child
    	    windows would be 'gone' because the WM_DESTROY handle lookup
    	    would no longer find the destroyed window)
    	* Hwnd.cs: Added Mapping property to track mapping state of hwnd
    	* X11Structs.cs: Added WindowType enum for MapWindow/UnmapWindow
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58866
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored
  6. * ScrollableControl.cs: Dont recalc if we are not visible.

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58865
    Jackson Harper authored
  7. Mike Kestner

    2006-03-31 Mike Kestner <>

    	* Control.cs (SetVisibleCore): move the CreateControl call up ahead of
    	the visibility branch.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58864
    mkestner authored
  8. * ScrollBar.cs: Cap values when incrementing/decrementing.

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58863
    Jackson Harper authored
  9. Zoltan Varga

    2006-03-31 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* EnvironmentTest.cs: Add tests for SetEnvironmentVariable.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58861
    vargaz authored
  10. Zoltan Varga

    2006-03-31 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* Environment.cs (SetEnvironmentVariable): Implement.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58858
    vargaz authored
  11. Zoltan Varga

    2006-03-31 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* icall.c (ves_icall_System_Environment_InternalSetEnvironmentVariable): New icall.
    	* icall.c: Fix some warnings.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58857
    vargaz authored
  12. Mike Kestner

    2006-03-31 Mike Kestner <>

    	* MenuAPI.cs: setup menu.tracker for popup/context menus.
    	* ToolTip.cs: guard against timer expirations with no active control.
    	Not sure why it happened.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58856
    mkestner authored
  13. Mike Kestner

    2006-03-31 Mike Kestner <>

    	* ThemeWin32Classic.cs: add some horizontal padding space for the tip
    	* ToolTip.cs: Position the tooltip based on where the cursor is at
    	popup time, not at MouseEnter time.  Add a Down state so that we don't
    	redisplay tips without a Leave. Use faked XplatUI.GetCursorInfo for
    	positioning offset. Lookup DisplaySize at positioning time, since it
    	can theoretically change during invocation.
    	* XplatUIWin32.cs: fake GetCursorInfo until pdb can do it properly.
    	* XplatUIX11.cs: fake GetCursorInfo until pdb can do it properly.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58855
    mkestner authored
  14. Marek Safar

    2006-03-31 Marek Safar <>

    	* assign.cs (LocalTemporary): Don't require ILGenerator in the resolve
    	* anonymous.cs, assign.cs, ecore.cs, expression.cs: Updated after
    	LocalTemporary change.
    	* class.cs (ClassOrStruct.DefineDefaultConstructor): Moved from
    	(ClassOrStruct.DefineFieldInitializers): Implemented static fields
    	initializers optimization.
    	(ClassOrStruct.TypeAttr): Moved from modifiers.
    	(Constructor.CheckBase): Don't crash when static ctor has parameters.
    	(FieldBase.ResolveInitializer): Resolves initializer.
    	(FieldBase.HasDefaultInitializer): New property.
    	* cs-parser.jay: Removed message.
    	* expression.cs (CompilerGeneratedThis): New specialization.
    	* modifiers.cs (TypeAttr): Moved to ClassOrStruct.TypeAttr
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58851
    marek-safar authored
  15. 2006-03-31 Alexander Olk <>

    	* ThemeWin32Classic.cs: Use CPDrawBorder3D to draw a GroupBox.
    	  Fixes behaviour when the Text property of the box is String.Empty
    2006-03-31  Alexander Olk  <>
    2006-03-31  Alexander Olk  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58850
    Alexander Olk authored
  16. - Fix comment

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58849
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored
  17. 2006-03-31 Peter Dennis Bartok <>

    	* XplatUIX11.cs: Only send mouseleave for our client windows, not
    	  for the whole window (otherwise we get WM_MOUSE_LEAVE twice for
    	  a window
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58848
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored
  18. * FileDialog.cs: Visual enhancement for the popup buttons in

    2006-03-30  Alexander Olk  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58847
    Alexander Olk authored
  19. * ColorDialog.cs, FontDialog.cs: Make use of the updated 3D border

    2006-03-30  Alexander Olk  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58846
    Alexander Olk authored
  20. Zoltan Varga

    2006-03-31 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* Debug.cs: Add net 2.0 Print methods.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58844
    vargaz authored
  21. Zoltan Varga

    2006-03-31 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* inssel-x86.brg mini-codegen.c mini.c: Merge some changes/fixes from linear-il
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58843
    vargaz authored
  22. 2006-03-31 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    	* LinearGradientBrush.cs: Added a [MonoTODO] to the GammaCorrection
    	property as this is not used anywhere inside libgdiplus.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58840
    Sebastien Pouliot authored
  23. 2006-03-31 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    	* Makefile: Build all (4) samples and their common assembly (dll);
    	* README: Description of every samples;
    	* binary.cs: Sample to test binary operations on regions.
    	* binary.Designer.cs: VS2k5 generated partial class for controls.
    	* clippy.cs: Sample to test clipping with regions.
    	* clippy.Designer.cs: VS2k5 generated partial class for controls.
    	* flatten.cs: Sample to convert region (curves) into polygons.
    	* flatten.Designer.cs: VS2k5 generated partial class for controls.
    	* scan.cs: Sample to convert regions into rectangles.
    	* scan.Designer.cs: VS2k5 generated partial class for controls.
    	* Matrices.cs: Shared class to created different Matrix.
    	* Shapes.cs: Shared class to create different GraphicsPath.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58839
    Sebastien Pouliot authored
  24. 2006-03-31 Massimiliano Mantione <>

            * local-propagation.c: Added comments to structs and removed
    	"Mono" prefixes from local tree mover types.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58831
    Massimiliano Mantione authored
  25. 2006-03-31 Massimiliano Mantione <>

            * docs/tree-mover.txt: Added tree mover documentation.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58830
    Massimiliano Mantione authored
  26. - Stub these for now

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58829
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored

Mar 30, 2006

  1. 2006-03-30 Alexander Olk <>

    	* ThemeWin32Classic.cs: Updated MainMenu drawing of selected and
    	  highlighted menu items to match ms
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58824
    Alexander Olk authored
  2. 2006-03-30 Peter Dennis Bartok <>

    	* XplatUIX11.cs: Don't set a clip rectangle unless it's not empty
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58823
    Peter Dennis Bartok authored
  3. Zoltan Varga

    2006-03-30 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* (arch_sources): Define this for each architecture so 
    	libmono_la_SOURCES is defined in one place.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=58821
    vargaz authored
  4. Atsushi Eno

    2006-03-30 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* Encoder.cs, Decoder.cs : implemented Convert(). Also added argument
    	  check in some methods.
    	* EncoderTest.cs, DecoderTest.cs : new tests, for Convert().
    	* corlib_test.dll.sources: added EncoderTest.cs and DecoderTest.cs.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58819
    atsushieno authored
  5. Atsushi Eno

    2006-03-30 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* ASCIIEncoding.cs : added overriden methods in NET_2_0 (maybe
    	  there are optimizations, but for now we need something just works).
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=58818
    atsushieno authored
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