Commits on Oct 11, 2006
  1. 2006-10-11 Chris Toshok <>

    	* XplatUIX11.cs (SetWMStyles): make sure we include the MAXIMIZED
    	atoms in _NET_WM_STATE here if the window is maximized.  We need
    	to do this because we're *replacing* the existing _NET_WM_STATE
    	property, so those atoms will be lost otherwise, and any further
    	call to GetWindowState will return Normal for a window which is
    	actually maximized.  Fixes #79338.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66568
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  2. * RTF.cs: When reading in chars use an int so that we can

            correctly detect EOF.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66567
    Jackson Harper committed Oct 11, 2006
  3. @dickp

    2006-10-11 Dick Porter <>

            * FileStream.cs: Cope with 2.0 FileShare.Delete values.  Patch by
            Peter Dettman <> fixing bug 79250.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66563
    dickp committed Oct 11, 2006
  4. * TextControl.cs: Special case for setting selection end to

            selection start, we basically kill the anchor.
            - some todo comments.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66560
    Jackson Harper committed Oct 11, 2006
  5. @illupus

    Wed Oct 11 17:27:05 CEST 2006 Paolo Molaro <>

    	* console-io.h, filewatcher.h, locales.h, marshal.h, monitor.h,
    	process.h, rand.h, rawbuffer.h, security-manager.h, security.h,
    	socket-io.h, string-icalls.h, sysmath.h, threadpool-internals.h,
    	threadpool.h, threads-types.h: mark more internal functions.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=66559
    illupus committed Oct 11, 2006
  6. i suck, part two

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66558
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  7. curse you, svn, curse youuuuuuuuu

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66557
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  8. @illupus

    Add osx specific entry for iODBC lib.

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=66556
    illupus committed Oct 11, 2006
  9. * Control.cs: switch to using an "invalid_region" to track which

    	parts of the image buffer need updating.  This is more code than
    	the simple fix from r66532.  That version just attempted to always
    	fill the entire buffer on redraw, which turns out to be
    	inefficient when invalidating small rectangles.  This version
    	simply adds the invalid rectangle to the invalid region.  When we
    	get any WM_PAINT message we see if it can be filled using the
    	image buffer, and if it can't (if the paint event's clip rectangle
    	is visible in the invalid region) we first fill the image buffer.
    	So, the image buffer is still a cache, we just fill it lazily.
    	* PaintEventArgs.cs: remove the SetClipRectangle method, we don't
    	need it any longer.
    2006-10-11  Chris Toshok  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66554
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  10. 2006-10-11 Igor Zelmanovich <>

    	* GridView.cs: fixed: 
    	CreateDataSourceSelectArguments works according to MSDN.
    	(corresponding test does not work because bug in ObjectDataSourceView)
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66553
    Igor Zelmanovich committed Oct 11, 2006
  11. 2006-10-11 Igor Zelmanovich <>

    	* DataSourceSelectArguments.cs: fixed: 
    	SortExpression not returns null,
    	Empty property returns new instance each time
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66552
    Igor Zelmanovich committed Oct 11, 2006
  12. @migueldeicaza

    2006-10-11 Miguel de Icaza <>

    	* convert.cs: Remove broken code: I was doing the "Existance"
    	tests for Implicit conversions.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66550
    migueldeicaza committed Oct 11, 2006
  13. @migueldeicaza

    Revert, the Tcl/Tk implementation has a loss of precision

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=66549
    migueldeicaza committed Oct 11, 2006
  14. 2006-10-11 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    	* CryptoConfigTest.cs: Added test cases to ensure lower/mixed-case of 
    	algorithm names are supported by CreateFromName and MapNameToOID (fix 
    	bug #79641). Updated some OID that were changed (well nulled) in the 
    	final 2.0 release of MS framework.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66548
    Sebastien Pouliot committed Oct 11, 2006
  15. 2006-10-11 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    	* CryptoConfig.cs: Accept lower/mixed-case algorithm names in 
    	CreateFromName and MapNameToOID methods (fix bug #79641). Removed OID
    	mappings in 2.0 for DSA and 3DES (they were part of the betas but not
    	in the final 2.0 release of the framework).
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66547
    Sebastien Pouliot committed Oct 11, 2006
  16. @dickp

    2006-10-11 Dick Porter <>

            * socket-io.c (ves_icall_System_Net_Sockets_Socket_Poll_internal):
            Fix typo spotted by Robert Jordan in bug 79352 (though I can't
            reproduce the bug even before applying the fix.)
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=66546
    dickp committed Oct 11, 2006
  17. 2006-10-11 Igor Zelmanovich <>

    	* ObjectDataSourceView.cs: fixed: 
    	CanRetrieveTotalRowCount returns true if EnablePaging = false
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66544
    Igor Zelmanovich committed Oct 11, 2006
  18. svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66543

    Merav Sudri committed Oct 11, 2006
  19. 2006-10-11 Chris Toshok <>

    	* XplatUIX11.cs (SetWindowPos): we need to update both position as
    	well as size after calling XMoveResizeWindow.  This keeps us from
    	ignoring future SetWindowPos calls.  Fixes the disappearing
    	DateTimePicker in the ToolBarDockExample from bug #72499.
    2006-10-11  Chris Toshok  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66541
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  20. 2006-10-10 Chris Toshok <>

    	* TextBoxBase.cs: reorder things a bit when it comes to
    	resizing-causing-recalculation.  we were recalculating the
    	document when our position was changed, which shouldn't happen.
    	We only care about size changes.  Clear up some more redundant
    	recalculation calls while I'm at it.  This makes the toolbar dock
    	example snappy when you're just dragging toolbars around (since it
    	causes a relayout whenever you move one.)
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66540
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  21. 2006-10-11 Chris Toshok <>

    	* ToolBarButton.cs (get_Rectangle): this only returns
    	Rectangle.Empty if Visible == false, or Parent == null.
    	Parent.Visible doesn't matter.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66539
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  22. 2006-10-11 Chris Toshok <>

    	* ToolBarTest.cs: add test for ToolBarButton rectangles.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66538
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 11, 2006
  23. @migueldeicaza

    2006-10-10 Miguel de Icaza <>

            * convert.cs: Added one missing case in
            ImplicitStandardConversionExists uint64 to intptr.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66537
    migueldeicaza committed Oct 11, 2006
Commits on Oct 10, 2006
  1. @atsushieno

    2006-10-11 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* SignedXml.cs : when SigningMethod does not match the algorithm that
    	  the key actually supports, it raises an error.
    	* SignedXmlTest.cs : added a test for signature method mismatch.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66535
    atsushieno committed Oct 10, 2006
  2. @migueldeicaza

    2006-10-10 Miguel de Icaza <>

    	Fixes #59800
    	* typemanager.cs (uintptr_type): another core known type.   
    	* ecore.cs (OperatorCast): routine used to do cast operations that
    	depend on op_Explicit.  We could change some of the Decimal
    	conversions to use this.
    	This one has a probe mechanism that checks both types for an op_
    	which it coudl be used to eliminate two classes: CastToDecimal
    	and CastFromDecimal.
    	* convert.cs: Implement the conversions documented in #59800
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66534
    migueldeicaza committed Oct 10, 2006
  3. * Control.cs, PaintEventArgs.cs: "internal set { .. }" isn't loved

    	by .net 1.1, so switch to an internal method instead.
    2006-10-10  Chris Toshok  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66533
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 10, 2006
  4. 2006-10-10 Chris Toshok <>

    	* Control.cs (WM_PAINT): when a control is double buffered we draw
    	initially to the ImageBuffer and then copy from there.  But when a
    	parent control which has child controls is double buffered, the
    	initial drawing doesn't encompass the entire ClientRectangle of
    	the parent control, so we end up with uninitialized bits (this is
    	easily seen by dragging the top toolbar in
    	wf-apps/ToolBarDockExample to the right, quickly).  The fix is to
    	manually set the ClipRectangle of the paint_event (only the one we
    	use to populate the ImageBuffer) to ClientRectangle.  Fixes more
    	of the nastiness in bug #72499.
    	* PaintEventArgs.cs: Add an internal setter for ClipRectangle,
    	which we use in Control.cs's WM_PAINT handling.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66532
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 10, 2006
  5. * TextBoxBase.cs: Finish off the autoscrolling stuff.

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66531
    Jackson Harper committed Oct 10, 2006
  6. * XmlSerializerTests.cs: Added a few tests. Fixed coding style.

    * XmlSerializer.cs: Output namespace declarations in same order as MS.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66530
    Gert Driesen committed Oct 10, 2006
  7. 2006-10-10 Chris Toshok <>

    	* Cursor.cs: Apply a slightly different patch to the one suggested
    	in #79609.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66529
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 10, 2006
  8. * TextControl.cs: use difference in old line count vs new count

            * to
            calculate how many lines were added, this takes into account
            line breaks properly.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66528
    Jackson Harper committed Oct 10, 2006
  9. remove warning

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66527
    Chris Toshok committed Oct 10, 2006
  10. Undo eol-style change.

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66526
    Gert Driesen committed Oct 10, 2006
  11. Set eol-style to native.

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66525
    Gert Driesen committed Oct 10, 2006
  12. * DeserializeTest.cs: Added several tests.

    * XmlSerializerTestClasses.cs: Added test classes for encoded SOAP.
    * XmlSerializerTests.cs: Added new tests and fixed existing test.
    * XmlReflectionImporterTests.cs: Added test for invalid default
    * SoapReflectionImporterTests.cs: Fixed numbering of tests.
    * XmlSerializer.cs: Corrected exception message when deserialization
    * SerializationCodeGenerator.cs: Added support for flag enums.
    * XmlReflectionImporter.cs: Use InvalidOperationException wrapper for
    all exceptions that occur while reflecting member. Validate default
    values to match MS.
    * SoapReflectionImporter.cs: Revert small part of previous patch as
    XmlSerializer expects enum value.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=66524
    Gert Driesen committed Oct 10, 2006