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branch: mono-1-1-4
Commits on Oct 5, 2006
  1. * TempFileCollection.cs: Bring in changes from HEAD for serialization

    Wade Berrier authored
           security fix:
           * r51229: Added a call to GC.SuppressFinalize in Dispose.
           * r52181: Changed BasePath property to use Path.
           GetTempPath (Environment check) and added the PathDiscovery check on
           the combined result. Fixed TempDir so it's value never change (i.e.
           imply that it doesn't need any permissions). Fixed SyncRoot to always
           return null.
           * r57836: Implement explicitly some interface methods to get rid of
           the "!" errors on CorCompare.
           * r60253: Make sure generated file names are unique. Fixes bug #76125
           and #78230.
           * r65441: Create files in a temporary subdirectory, for security reasons.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-4/mcs/; revision=66300
Commits on Feb 7, 2005
  1. @migueldeicaza

    Backport from HEAD:

    migueldeicaza authored
    	* Compile with older C compilers.
    	* Remove the linear-scan hack for PPC.
    	* Apply the DllImport patch from Paolo (fixes the PPC problem, makes workaround redundant).
    	* Fixes S390 build from Neale.
    Patches applied:
    	r40214 - S390
    	r40205 - PPC 
    	r40162 - gcc 2.95 fixes
    	r40163 - gcc 2.95 fixes
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-4/mono/; revision=40246
Commits on Feb 5, 2005
  1. @migueldeicaza

    In Branch: Solaris terminal check; PPC workaround in linears from Geoff

    migueldeicaza authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-4/mono/; revision=40189
  2. @migueldeicaza

    Revert the SSL code in the branch

    migueldeicaza authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-4/mcs/; revision=40188
Commits on Feb 2, 2005
  1. 2005-02-02 Ben Maurer <>

    Ben Maurer authored
    	* reflection.c, appdomain.c: Replace a few manual searches that
    	Zoltan missed. (Paolo approved this part of my initial patch).
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=40013
  2. * UnixFile.cs: Cope with changes in UnixStream.

    Jonathan Pryor authored
    	* UnixStream.cs: Change FileDescriptor property to Handle for consistency.
    	* StdioFileStream.cs: Change FileStream property to Handle for consistency.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=40011
  3. * Syscall.cs: Remove public sys_ methods. Some were public by mistak…

    Jonathan Pryor authored
    …e, and
    	  others so that users could manually marshal strings if desired.  Manually
    	  marshaling strings shouldn't be necessary, though, so remove them too.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=40010
  4. @vargaz

    2005-02-02 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* X509CertificateCollectionTest.cs: Disable some tests which fail
    	on 2.0.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=40009
  5. empty region sample

    Jordi Mas i Hernandez authored
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=40006
  6. @vargaz

    2005-02-02 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* GzipStreamTest.cs DeflateStreamTest.cs: Mark failing tests with
    	* ChangeLog: New file.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=40004
  7. @vargaz
  8. * Region.cs: The default region constructor creates and infinite

    Jackson Harper authored
    	region, not an empty one.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=40000
  9. 2005-02-02 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot authored
    	* cutcli.cs: New. SSL/TLS client that cut it's communication after
    	sending and/or receiving 'x' bytes from/to the server.
    	* ControlledNetworkStream.cs: A NetworkStream that can limit it's
    	read/write transfers.
    	* Makefile: Makefile for the new test tool.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39998
  10. 2005-02-02 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot authored
    	* SslClientStream.cs: Throw exception when we receive a null record.
    	* RecordProtocol.cs: Added code to avoid blocking and endless loops
    	if the data is incomplete or missing - even in the case the server
    	side doesn't close the connection (see new cutcli tool).
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39997
  11. @slluis

    2005-02-02 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* System.Web.dll.sources: Added some files to the build:
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39996
  12. @slluis

    2005-02-02 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* ControlPropertyNameConverter.cs: Added file.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39995
  13. @slluis

    2005-02-02 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* Button.cs, MonthChangedEventArgs.cs, FontInfo.cs, Xml.cs, Style.cs,
    	CookieParameter.cs, HyperLinkColumn.cs, Table.cs,
    	RegularExpressionValidator.cs, WizardNavigationEventArgs.cs,
    	ServerValidateEventArgs.cs, Menu.cs, DataControlField.cs,
    	DataGridPagerStyle.cs, Label.cs, CheckBox.cs, ListItem.cs,
    	RadioButton.cs, TableStyle.cs, ListControl.cs, Image.cs,
    	BaseCompareValidator.cs, FontUnit.cs, DataListCommandEventArgs.cs,
    	IButtonControl.cs, BaseDataList.cs, DataList.cs, BulletedList.cs,
    	RangeValidator.cs, DataBoundControl.cs, ControlParameter.cs,
    	RepeaterItemEventArgs.cs, SqlDataSource.cs, BaseValidator.cs,
    	CustomValidator.cs, MenuItem.cs, SessionParameter.cs, TextBox.cs,
    	QueryStringParameter.cs, Content.cs, ContentPlaceHolder.cs,
    	CheckBoxList.cs, RepeaterCommandEventArgs.cs, RadioButtonList.cs,
    	RequiredFieldValidator.cs, AdRotator.cs, DataListItemEventArgs.cs,
    	DataGridSortCommandEventArgs.cs, Repeater.cs,
    	MenuItemTemplateContainer.cs, HyperLink.cs, SqlDataSourceView.cs,
    	XmlDataSource.cs, MultiView.cs, DataGridCommandEventArgs.cs,
    	Panel.cs, CompositeControl.cs, DataGrid.cs, ButtonColumn.cs,
    	CompareValidator.cs, HierarchicalDataBoundControl.cs,
    	EditCommandColumn.cs, Calendar.cs, SiteMapDataSource.cs, 
    	ListBox.cs, TableCell.cs, ObjectDataSourceSelectingEventArgs.cs,
    	WebControl.cs, BaseDataBoundControl.cs, FormParameter.cs,
    	ValidationSummary.cs, View.cs, ImageButton.cs, TableRow.cs,
    	LinkButton.cs, DataGridColumn.cs, Parameter.cs, TableItemStyle.cs,
    	General 2.0 API fixes: missing attributes, incorrect inheritance,
    	missing sealed keywords, wrong signatures, etc.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39994
  14. @slluis

    2005-02-02 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* ParseChildrenAttribute.cs: Set the correct default value for the
    	childType property.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39993
  15. @slluis

    2005-02-02 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

    slluis authored
    	* ProcessModelInfo.cs: Fixed warning.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39992
  16. @illupus

    Wed Feb 2 16:53:59 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus authored
    	* mini.c: fix typo.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=39991
  17. 2005-02-02 Sureshkumar T <>

    Sureshkumar T authored
    	    Ankit Jain     <>
    	* DataColumn.cs: throw exception if the column is part of a
    	relationship, when chaning the data type. Added methods
    	"GetParentRelation ()" and "GetChildRelation ()" get the relation
    	which contains the current column
    	* DataRelation.cs: Added method "Contains (DataColumn)" to check
    	whether the relation contains the given column.
    	fixes nunit failure: DataRelationTest.InvalidConstraintException2.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39990
  18. @illupus

    Wed Feb 2 16:37:13 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus authored
    	* mini.c: setup the statistical profiler in the thread attach
    	callback to cope with the new single thread code.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=39989
  19. @illupus

    Wed Feb 2 16:32:08 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus authored
    	* profiler.c: disable recording statistical events at report time.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=39988
  20. @illupus

    Wed Feb 2 15:43:58 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus authored
    	* mini-ppc.c: ensure we have enough room for the profiler
    	calls (fixed bug#72084).
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=39987
  21. In Test/System.Data:

    Sureshkumar T authored
    2005-02-02  Sureshkumar T  <>
    	* DataTableTest.cs: ClearReset (): added valid error messages.
    In System.Data:
    	* DataColumnCollection.cs: implemented todo item "check for
    	constraints" when removing columns from table.
    	* DataRowCollection.cs: Clear (): don't have to throw child key
    	constraint exception when the child table does not have any
    	rows. safe to remove parent rows.
    	* UniqueConstraint.cs: added method "Contains (DataColumn)" to
    	check whether a column is part of UniqueConstraint.
    	* ForeignKeyConstraint.cs: added method "Contains (DataColumn,
    	lookInParent)" to check whether a column is part of foreignkey.
    	fixes nunit failure: DataTableTest.ClearTest ()
    2005-02-02  Sureshkumar T  <>
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39986
  22. * StdioFileStream.cs: Fix Length property to actually return the siz…

    Jonathan Pryor authored
    …e of the
        file, not the # of bytes from the current position to EOF.  Oops.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39985
  23. more ComboBox and ListBox enhanments

    Jordi Mas i Hernandez authored
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39984
  24. @illupus

    Wed Feb 2 14:14:00 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus authored
    	* icall.c: patch from Geoff Norton <>
    	to byteswap arrays of enum values, too (bug #72080).
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=39983
  25. Ooooops.

    Martin Baulig authored
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39982
  26. @vargaz

    2005-02-02 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* appdomain.c (set_domain_search_path): Allow this to be called if
    	domain->setup is not yet set.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=39981
  27. 2005-02-02 Martin Baulig <>

    Martin Baulig authored
    	* delegate.cs (Delegate.DefineType): Report an internal error if
    	TypeManager.multicast_delegate_type is null.  See bug #72015 for
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39980
  28. 2005-02-02 Martin Baulig <>

    Martin Baulig authored
    	* delegate.cs (Delegate.DefineType): Report an internal error if
    	TypeManager.multicast_delegate_type is null.  See bug #72015 for
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39979
  29. 2005-02-02 Sureshkumar T <>

    Sureshkumar T authored
    	* ForeignKeyConstraint.cs: validating columns: move checking
    	"tables are of same dataset" before "checking column types".
    	fixes nunit failure: ForeignKeyConstraint.CtorExceptions.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39978
  30. 2005-02-02 Sureshkumar T <>

    Sureshkumar T authored
    	* TdsConnectionParameters.cs: added a method Reset to initialize
    	parameters again.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39977
  31. @atsushieno

    2005-02-02 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    atsushieno authored
    	* DataViewManager.cs : let's just use StringWriter instead of 
    	  XmlTextWriter (to avoid empty tag string mismatch annoyance.)
    	* DataView.cs : implemented BeginInit() and EndInit(). Don't update
    	  rows during init phase until EndInit() is invoked. During init phase,
    	  just hold properties such as Sort that affects on rows.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=39976
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