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Commits on Jul 23, 2009
  1. @grendello

    Backport of r137914

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138592
  2. @gonzalop

    2009-07-23 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    gonzalop committed
    	* BuildManager.cs: precompilation setup failed if the precompiled
    	virtual directory was / and it was deployed somewhere else.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138578
  3. @grendello

    Backport of r137744

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138562
  4. @grendello

    Backport of r137811

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138560
  5. @grendello

    backport of r138521

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138523
  6. @grendello

    Backport of r138474

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138512
  7. @grendello

    Backport of r138280

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138511
  8. @grendello

    Backport of r137137

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138510
Commits on Jul 21, 2009
  1. version bump

    Andrew Jorgensen committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=138332
  2. Security fix for CVE-2009-0217

    Andrew Jorgensen committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138331
  3. Backport r138247

    Andrew Jorgensen committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138330
Commits on Jul 16, 2009
  1. @grendello

    2009-07-17 Marek Habersack <>

    grendello committed
    	* System.Web.Mvc/DefaultModelBinder.cs: applied workaround for gmcs
    	bug which is fixed in trunk but not in the 2.4 branch(es)
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=138088
Commits on Jul 2, 2009
  1. bump version to

    Andrew Jorgensen committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=137308
  2. @grendello

    Backport of a small fix for System.Web.Routing/PatternParser.cs (part…

    grendello committed
    …ial backport of r136875)
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=137299
  3. @grendello

    Due to my mistake, MVC hasn't made it to 2.4.2 - this commit fixes it…

    grendello committed
    …. Very sorry about the confusion!
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=137224
Commits on Jun 25, 2009
  1. @gonzalop

    2009-06-25 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    gonzalop committed
    	* BuildManager.cs: backport r131138.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136882
Commits on Jun 19, 2009
  1. @grendello

    Backport of r136398

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136457
  2. @grendello

    Backport of r136396

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=136456
  3. @grendello

    Backport of r136395

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=136455
Commits on Jun 17, 2009
  1. @gonzalop

    2009-06-17 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    gonzalop committed
    	* EndPointListener.cs: call CheckIfRemove() after removing a regular
    	prefix. Fixes bug #513849.
    	* EndPointManager.cs: make sure we use the right lock when one prefix
    	of a collection fails to be added and we need to remove all of the
    	Clear the ip_to_endpoints hashtable if there are no more prefixes
    	listening on that address.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136322
  2. @gonzalop

    updated browscap.ini

    gonzalop committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=136319
Commits on Jun 15, 2009
  1. @shana

    2009-06-15 Andreia Gaita <>

    shana committed
    	* data/ add libcups dllmap entry
    	[Fixes #511414, backported from r136039]
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=136156
  2. @migueldeicaza


    migueldeicaza committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136154
  3. @migueldeicaza

    Backport 136112 to 2.4.2 as well

    migueldeicaza committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136153
  4. @vargaz

    2009-06-09 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz committed
    	* metadata.c (free_inflated_method): Call
    	mono_marshal_free_inflated_wrappers (), which was missed earlier.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=136150
  5. @grendello

    Backport of r136096

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136098
  6. @grendello

    Backport of r136089

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136090
Commits on Jun 14, 2009
  1. @gonzalop

    This was commited in March but never backported to 2.4: implement Wai…

    gonzalop committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136076
  2. @gonzalop

    2009-06-12 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    gonzalop committed
    	* WebConfigurationHost.cs: workaround to avoid definition errors when
    	a null config path is passed.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136071
Commits on Jun 12, 2009
  1. @radical

    Update xbuild and Microsoft.Build.* from trunk.

    radical committed
    In tools/xbuild:
    	* xbuild/Microsoft.Common.targets (ProjectDir): Fix typo.
    	* xbuild/Microsoft.Common.targets (IntermediateAssembly): Change to
    	an Item list to match msbuild.
    	* xbuild/Microsoft.CSharp.targets (IntermediateAssembly): Update for
    	above changes.
    	* Parameters.cs (.ctor): Use assembly's location to build
    	path for the default response file.
    In tools/xbuild/tests:
    	* standalone/Project01: Add missing Lib2.deploy.txt in the correct
    	* standalone/Project01: Fix location for lib2.deploy.txt
    In class/Microsoft.Build.Tasks/Microsoft.Build.Tasks:
    	* Utilities.cs: New.
    	* AL.cs, AspNetCompiler.cs, Csc.cs,
    	SGen.cs, Vbc.cs (ToolName): Append ".bat" when running
    	on windows.
    	* MSBuild.cs (Execute): Copy metadata from the @Projects items
    	to the target outputs.
    	* ResolvedReference.cs: Add missing file.
    In class/Microsoft.Build.Engine/Test/Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine:
    	* EngineTest.cs (TestMSBuildOutputs): New.
    In class/Microsoft.Build.Engine/Test/various:
    	* Items.cs (TestItemsInTarget3a): Add another case for valid whitespace
    	around an item ref.
    In class/Microsoft.Build.Engine/Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine:
    	Fix bug #512535.
    	* ExpressionCollection.cs (ConvertToITaskItemArray): Whitespace around a
    	itemref is allowed if the prev/next element is ";".
    	* Utilities.cs (FromMSBuildPath): Return null if the path contains
    	"drive:" only on windows.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=136028
Commits on Jun 11, 2009
  1. @grendello

    Backport of r135918

    grendello committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=135920
Commits on Jun 10, 2009
  1. @gonzalop

    2009-06-09 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    gonzalop committed
    	* XPathExpression.cs: Backport to Mono 2.4 the bug fix
    	for multithreaded applications that use XPath.
    	This was the fix for #477049 which also fixes #505678
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mcs/; revision=135816
Commits on Jun 9, 2009
  1. @kumpera

    2009-06-09 Rodrigo Kumpera <>

    kumpera committed
    	Revert previous commit to threads.c until the race condition
    	is fixed.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=135757
Commits on Jun 8, 2009
  1. Bump version numbers

    Andrew Jorgensen committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4-2/mono/; revision=135675
  2. @kumpera

    2009-06-08 Rodrigo Kumpera <>

    kumpera committed
    	Backport of 135171.
    	* threads.c (ves_icall_System_Threading_Thread_Sleep_internal):
    	Check if the thread was interrupted and proccess it straight away.
    	Makes abortion much more responsive.
    	Backport of 135170.
    	* threads.c (mono_thread_execute_interruption): Use atomic cas with
    	MonoThread::interruption_requested to match it's counterpart.
    	Fixes a hang in abort-stress-1 on a 2 core x86.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-4/mono/; revision=135666
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