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Mar 21, 2011

  1. Jérémie Laval

    Revert fcbb571 and implement it differently.

    The commit had the good idea but since some values of the enumeration overlap it broke the correct behavior. Instead we now turn off the extra options and use the previous way to check.
    garuma authored
  2. Geoff Norton

    Add some missing types to the mobile profile

    kangaroo authored

Mar 20, 2011

  1. Jb Evain

    [linker] always preserve System.MonoCQItem

    jbevain authored

Mar 19, 2011

  1. Miguel de Icaza

    Merged compile fix from master

    migueldeicaza authored

Mar 18, 2011

  1. Rafael Munitić

    Must pass null to overloaded constructor instead of wrapper lambda (T…

    …askCompletionSource can use overloaded constructors and it will pass null in function argument)
    rubber-duck authored migueldeicaza committed
  2. Rafael Munitić

    Continuation options should be checked as flags

    rubber-duck authored migueldeicaza committed
  3. Rafael Munitić

    If the function is null Wait will not get called and will not check i…

    …f Future is in faulted state/raise the exception
    rubber-duck authored migueldeicaza committed
  4. Koushik Dutta

    Fix bug where if a task is Start-ed with a specific scheduler,

    that scheduler is ignored if it is in a thread owned by another
    scheduler. Tasks should not be locked to the scheduler that
    owns the calling thread.
    Fix bug where TryExecuteTask does not actually try to execute
    the task. Instead, TryExecuteTaskInline is called, which is
    abstract. The TpScheduler implementation, the default, then
    calls the internal method Task.Execute which then actually
    executes the task. The problem with this is that only 3rd
    party schedulers, can't actually execute a task, thus making
    extending TaskScheduler impossible. (Unless they use some
    serious Mono specific reflection hacks as I am now.)
    koush authored migueldeicaza committed
  5. Fix exception handling on windows x64.

    Mark Sciabica authored vargaz committed
  6. XamlType lookup from xml name failed when [XmlnsDefinition] is involved.

    Atsushi Eno authored
  7. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    Fix the host name returned in GetHostEntry.

    	GetHostEntry() was setting the HostName to the last IP address returned
    	for the requested host name.
    gonzalop authored

Mar 17, 2011

  1. Zoltan Varga

    Switch to the domain of the assembly in question while executing CMD_…

    …ASSEMBLY_GET_TYPE, so referenced assemblies are found. Fixes #679586.
    vargaz authored
  2. Rodrigo Kumpera

    Revert "[io-layer] Handle process waits when SHM is disabled."

    This reverts commit 2bb6909.
    kumpera authored
  3. Rodrigo Kumpera

    Revert "[io-layer] Make my previous patch signal safe."

    This reverts commit c183437.
    kumpera authored
  4. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    [] Return the correct Mime type for 304.

    gonzalop authored
  5. Marek Habersack

    [] Test for bug #655474

    grendello authored
  6. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #655474. Don't assume an Uri being serialized i…

    …s an absolute one
    grendello authored
  7. Marek Habersack

    [] Test compilation fix for System.Web.Extensions

    grendello authored
  8. Marek Habersack

    Removed debug noise

    grendello authored
  9. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #678473. Do not map paths of absolute file path…

    …s when passed to HttpRequest.WriteFile
    grendello authored
  10. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #670714. Menu is rendered correctly in 4.0 now …

    …(highlighting works)
    grendello authored
  11. Fix build; remove extra !NET_2_1.

    Atsushi Eno authored
  12. net.tcp Sized message with non-binarysession encoding should work now.

    (Untested checkin.)
    Atsushi Eno authored
  13. Support encoding record other than binary session in TCP channel fram…

    …e reader.
    Atsushi Eno authored
  14. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    [Threadpool] Handle multiple calls to cleanup

    	Don't fail if mono_thread_pool_cleanup() is called more than once.
    	Fixes bug #678662.
    gonzalop authored
  15. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #670874. Match request URLs against precompiled…

    … dictionary using absolute paths.
    grendello authored
  16. Zoltan Varga

    Fix the title of the Mono.Debugger.Soft assembly monodoc.

    vargaz authored

Mar 16, 2011

  1. Marek Habersack

    [] Fixes bug #676008. HtmlForm 'name' attribute rendering fixes.

    The 'name' attribute is rendered using the static ID of 'aspnetForm' if
    the form is in a naming container other than the Page control. Inside Page,
    the form's ID is rendered. The attribute is output in .NET 4.0 only if control
    rendering compatibility is less than 4.0
    grendello authored
  2. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    [io-layer] Don't use Get/SetLastError after wapi shutdown.

    	handle_cleanup() is called at exit and might try to clean things up
    	twice, causes a WSANOTUNITIALISED and then a segmentation fault trying
    	to use a pthread key that has already been freed.
    gonzalop authored
  3. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    [io-layer] Make my previous patch signal safe.

    gonzalop authored
  4. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #668696. Handle recursive locks gracefully.

    grendello authored
  5. Zoltan Varga

    Fix support for generic virtual thunks in full-aot.

    vargaz authored
  6. Zoltan Varga

    Add a cache for virtual generic thunks to avoid freeing those created…

    … by AOT.
    vargaz authored
  7. Enable behaviors in mobile profiles for WebHttpBinding.

    Atsushi Eno authored
  8. Enable more behavior interface member in NET_2_1.

    Atsushi Eno authored
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