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Tag: monotouch-1-3
Commits on Nov 10, 2009
  1. @vargaz

    2009-11-10 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* exceptions-arm.c (mono_arch_get_call_filter_full): Update after the
    	LDMIA->LDM macro name change.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145789
  2. @vargaz

    2009-11-10 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* arm/arm-codegen.h: Fix the names of the LDMIA/STMIA macros, they don't actually
    	update the base register.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145788
Commits on Nov 9, 2009
  1. Support building on 10.6

    Geoff Norton authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145785
  2. 2009-11-09 Chris Toshok <>

    Chris Toshok authored
            * Console.cs (OpenStandardError,OpenStandardOut,OpenStandardInput):
            for NET_2_1 && !MONOTOUCH, disable these streams unless a debugger
            is attached, or unless the MOONLIGHT_ENABLE_CONSOLE environment
            variable is defined.
            reviewed: alan
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145773
  3. @marek-safar

    Fixed dlr dist

    marek-safar authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145768
  4. @decriptor

    Added lc to spec file

    decriptor authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145757
  5. @decriptor

    add gcc-c++ dep (ajorg)

    decriptor authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145753
  6. * src/DbLinq.MySql/MysqlDataContext.cs: Delete.

    Jonathan Pryor authored
    	* System.Data.Linq.dll.sources: Use src/DbLinq.MySql/MySqlDataContext.cs; 
    	  fixes the build for case-insensitive filesystems.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145749
  7. @grendello

    Backport of r145740

    grendello authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145741
  8. @grendello

    Backport of r145735

    grendello authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145736
  9. @grendello

    Backport of r145727

    grendello authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145728
  10. @grendello

    Backport r145721

    grendello authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145722
  11. @jbevain

    bring XslCompiledTransform to MonoTouch

    jbevain authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145712
  12. @vargaz

    2009-11-09 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* mini-arm.c (mono_arch_allocate_vars): Fix the previous change by passing
    	&align to mini_type_stack_size_full ().
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145700
Commits on Nov 8, 2009
  1. @vargaz

    2009-11-08 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* mini-arm.c: Compute the stack space used by arguments using
    	mini_type_stack_size_full ().
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145686
Commits on Nov 7, 2009
  1. @vargaz

    2009-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* driver.c (mono_jit_parse_options): New public API function to parse options
    	as done by the runtime executable.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145654
  2. @vargaz

    2009-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* debugger-agent.c (buffer_add_cattrs): Fix reading an uninitialized variable
    	when handling named arguments.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145652
  3. @marek-safar

    2009-11-07 Marek Safar <>

    marek-safar authored
    	A fix for bug #553465
    	* expression.cs: Fixed mixed version of expression tree anonymous
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145646
  4. @vargaz

    Add missing files.

    vargaz authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145642
  5. @vargaz

    2009-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* Makefile (net_2_0_dirs): Add System.Data.Services.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145634
  6. @vargaz

    2009-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	*: Move .cs files to the System.Data.Services subdir to match their namespace,
    	move tests to 'Test' from 'Tests', add Makefile.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145633
  7. @vargaz

    Added System.Data.Services sources

    vargaz authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145632
Commits on Nov 6, 2009
  1. * Makefile: re-enable the tests. They were disabled in r137153

    Jonathan Pryor authored
    	  because they weren't compiling, which was because System.Data.Linq
    	  wasn't listing sqlmetal_net_2_0 as a friend assembly.  (Why this
    	  built before I couldn't tell you...)  Fixed in latest S.D.L.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145617
  2. * src/**/*: Sync with DbLinq r1265. This fixes sqlmetal (it shouldn't

    Jonathan Pryor authored
    	  generate constructors referring to IVendor), enhances query support
    	  so that extension methods can be used within 'select' blocks,
    	  various FirebirdSQL fixes, etc.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145616
  3. backport missing file for monotouch build

    Geoff Norton authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145602
  4. @marek-safar

    2009-11-06 Marek Safar <>

    marek-safar authored
    	A fix for bug #553031
    	* linq.cs, expression.cs, class.cs, cs-parser.jay: Initialize
    	expression tree version of anonymous type with members declaration.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145585
  5. @marek-safar


    marek-safar authored
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145583
  6. @vargaz

    2009-11-06 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* mini-arm.c debugger-agent.c: Android changes from Koushik K. Dutta
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145575
  7. @vargaz

    2009-11-06 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* mini-arm.c (handle_thunk): Add a domain argument to control the domain
    	where the thunk memory should be allocated from. Fixes appdomain unloading
    	on arm.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145570
  8. @vargaz

    2009-11-06 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* mini-arm.c exceptions-arm.c: Make ctx->regs map directly to the 16 hardware
    	registers, instead of r4..r11,ip,lr. Make restore_context () restore r0..r3 too.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145564
  9. 2009-11-05 Geoff Norton <>

    Geoff Norton authored
    	* HttpsTransportBindingElement.cs: Implement basic https transport
    	binding support for Moonlight and MonoTouch
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145558
  10. 2009-11-05 Geoff Norton <>

    Geoff Norton authored
            * ClientRuntimeChannel.cs: Support OperationContext in async calls
            as well
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mcs/; revision=145557
Commits on Nov 5, 2009
  1. @vargaz

    2009-11-05 Rodrigo Kumpera <>

    vargaz authored
    	* debugger-agent.c: Fix windows build.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145553
  2. @vargaz

    2009-11-05 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* mini-amd64.c (mono_arch_output_basic_block): Don't allow OP_SEQ_POINT in
    	AOT, as it is not implemented yet.
    	* mini-x86.c (mono_arch_output_basic_block): Ditto.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145552
  3. @vargaz

    2009-11-05 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz authored
    	* debugger-agent.c (debugger_thread): Call mono_set_is_debugger_attached ()
    	after the client connects/disconnects.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=145551
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