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Commits on Feb 17, 2011
  1. @kumpera

    Make sure we keep a root for the delegates when calling them.

    kumpera authored
    	* method-to-ir.c (mono_emit_method_call_full): Make sure
    	we keep a root for delegates when calling them using the
    	fast delegate dispatch.
    	Fixes #667921
  2. @marek-safar
  3. @marek-safar
  4. @marek-safar
  5. @marek-safar
  6. @grendello

    [,mvc3] Fix for bug #668655. Implemented a few more NameValueC…

    grendello authored
    …ollection method overloads.
  7. @marek-safar
  8. @jstedfast
  9. @grendello

    [mcs] Fix builds which use full file paths on the command line

    grendello authored
    Passing /tmp/source.cs to mcs would result in "error CS2007: Unrecognized command-line option: /tmp/source.cs"
    this patch fixes it.
  10. @marek-safar
  11. @marek-safar
  12. @garuma
  13. @garuma

    Remove ctors in TpScheduler

    garuma authored
    This also remove the capping of the ThreadPool, problem needs to be fixed in the pool itself.
  14. @garuma
  15. @garuma
  16. @garuma

    Kill old IScheduler interface.

    garuma authored
    We still use the ParticipateUntil facility of IScheduler internally and provide a default implementation for pure TaskScheduler
  17. @garuma

    When finding best worker number in Parallel loops use current TaskSch…

    garuma authored
    …eduler instead of default TaskScheduler
  18. @garuma
  19. @garuma
  20. @garuma
  21. @garuma
  22. @garuma

    Threadpool Task scheduler

    garuma authored
  23. @marek-safar
  24. @marek-safar
  25. @marek-safar
  26. @kumpera

    Handle gsharing and marshal by ref.

    kumpera authored
    	* method-to-ir.c (mono_emit_method_call_full): Non virtual
    	marshal by ref methods with gsharing context must always
    	be called using indirect calls.
    	Fixes #665893
  27. get out from NET_4_0.

    Atsushi Eno authored
  28. Couple of corcompare fixes.

    Atsushi Eno authored
  29. HTTP authentication in HttpListener had dropped during refactoring. N…

    Atsushi Eno authored
    …ow it's back.
  30. @garuma
  31. @marek-safar
  32. @marek-safar
Commits on Feb 16, 2011
  1. Fix ARCH_STORE_REGS on arm to save r0->r12 properly

    Geoff Norton authored
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