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System.TypeLoadException is thrown when run .net standard library with Mono #6339

shangpeixu opened this issue Dec 26, 2017 · 1 comment


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@shangpeixu shangpeixu commented Dec 26, 2017

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a .NET Standard 2.0 class library, and add code like below:
public class Class1
        public System.Numerics.Complex c = new System.Numerics.Complex();
        public System.Numerics.BigInteger b = new System.Numerics.BigInteger();
  1. Create a .NET Framework 4.6.1 Console application, and reference the .NET Standard 2.0 class library, add code like below:
static void Main(string[] args)
            NetStandardLib.Class1 c1 = new NetStandardLib.Class1();
  1. Build and run the 4.6.1 console project with Mono, then TypeLoadException is thrown

Current Behavior

What is the current behavior?

Expected Behavior

Please describe the behavior you are expecting

On which platforms did you notice this

[ ] macOS
[ ] Linux
[ ] Windows

Version Used:
Mono JIT compiler version 5.4.1 (Visual Studio built mono)
Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Novell, Inc, Xamarin Inc and Contributors.
TLS: normal
SIGSEGV: normal
Notification: Thread + polling
Architecture: amd64
Disabled: none
Misc: softdebug
LLVM: supported, not enabled.
GC: sgen
You can use mono --version or About dialog to obtain this information.


Unhandled Exception:
System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type of field 'NetStandardLib.Class1:c' (0) due to: Could not resolve type with token 0100000e (from typeref, class/assembly System.Numerics.Complex, netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51) assembly:netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51 type:System.Numerics.Complex member:<none>
[ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type of field 'NetStandardLib.Class1:c' (0) due to: Could not resolve type with token 0100000e (from typeref, class/assembly System.Numerics.Complex, netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51) assembly:netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51 type:System.Numerics.Complex member:<none>
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@lambdageek lambdageek commented Dec 27, 2017

(Ignore the crossreference - I meant to link a different issue)

@marek-safar marek-safar self-assigned this Jan 2, 2018
marek-safar added a commit to marek-safar/mono that referenced this issue Jan 2, 2018
marek-safar added a commit to marek-safar/mono that referenced this issue Jan 2, 2018
marek-safar added a commit to marek-safar/mono that referenced this issue Jan 2, 2018
marek-safar added a commit to marek-safar/mono that referenced this issue Jan 2, 2018
jaykrell added a commit to jaykrell/mono that referenced this issue Jan 4, 2018
jonpryor added a commit to jonpryor/xamarin-android that referenced this issue Jan 4, 2018
jonpryor added a commit to xamarin/xamarin-android that referenced this issue Jan 5, 2018
jonpryor added a commit to xamarin/xamarin-android that referenced this issue Jan 5, 2018
joncham added a commit to Unity-Technologies/mono that referenced this issue Apr 6, 2018
jonpryor added a commit to xamarin/xamarin-android that referenced this issue Apr 25, 2018
Bumps to Java.Interop/master/0afb2b0f
Bumps to llvm/master/a9cfb50e.

Fixes: mono/mono#6169
Fixes: mono/mono#6187
Fixes: mono/mono#6192
Fixes: mono/mono#6255
Fixes: mono/mono#6264
Fixes: mono/mono#6266
Fixes: mono/mono#6281
Fixes: mono/mono#6283
Fixes: mono/mono#6320
Fixes: mono/mono#6339
Fixes: mono/mono#6343
Fixes: mono/mono#6349
Fixes: mono/mono#6379
Fixes: mono/mono#6383
Fixes: mono/mono#6401.
Fixes: mono/mono#6411
Fixes: mono/mono#6414
Fixes: mono/mono#6490
Fixes: mono/mono#6721
Fixes: mono/mono#6767
Fixes: mono/mono#6777
Fixes: mono/mono#6848
Fixes: mono/mono#6940
Fixes: mono/mono#6948
Fixes: mono/mono#6998
Fixes: mono/mono#7016
Fixes: mono/mono#7085
Fixes: mono/mono#7086
Fixes: mono/mono#7095
Fixes: mono/mono#7137
Fixes: mono/mono#7184
Fixes: mono/mono#7240
Fixes: mono/mono#7262
Fixes: mono/mono#7289
Fixes: mono/mono#7338
Fixes: mono/mono#7356
Fixes: mono/mono#7364
Fixes: mono/mono#7378
Fixes: mono/mono#7389
Fixes: mono/mono#7460
Fixes: mono/mono#7535
Fixes: mono/mono#7536
Fixes: mono/mono#7610
Fixes: mono/mono#7624
Fixes: mono/mono#7637
Fixes: mono/mono#7655
Fixes: mono/mono#7657
Fixes: mono/mono#7685
Fixes: mono/mono#7786
Fixes: mono/mono#7792
Fixes: mono/mono#7822
Fixes: mono/mono#7860
Fixes: mono/mono#8089
Fixes: mono/mono#8267
Fixes: mono/mono#8409
Fixes: xamarin/maccore#628
Fixes: xamarin/maccore#629
Fixes: xamarin/maccore#673
Fixes: xamarin/maccore#673
Fixes: #1561
lewurm added a commit to lewurm/mono that referenced this issue Feb 1, 2019
Commit list for mono/corert:

* mono/corert@1b7d4a1e4 [Number] make double 0.0 cmp more portable (#30)
* mono/corert@c4ae51646 Update ISOWeek.cs
* mono/corert@7e8bf2382 fix ISOWeek for mcs
* mono/corert@0e5f123f6 [corlib] Import System.IO.Stream/BufferedStream from CoreFX (#26)
* mono/corert@b6a822b74 Add null-check
* mono/corert@0fc965a54 [Reflection] Use actual type of element if constructor of custom attribute typed argument takes an array of objects.
* mono/corert@efd29b5cf Merge pull request #25 from ntherning/bump-corert
* mono/corert@49f9ed0e6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into bump-corert
* mono/corert@267410d0a Merge pull request #6342 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@24371c39a Merge pull request #6339 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@945dda397 Use elaborated type specifiers to prevent meaning changes (#6341)
* mono/corert@7a25422b7 * Revert  the changes to TryInsert() introduced by completely, which only showed modest size improvement
* mono/corert@282eca70f Fix inconsistent Intel hardware intrinsic APIs
* mono/corert@4f10c2ad3 Delete files moved to shared partition
* mono/corert@a11fabf11 System.Private.CoreLib: Move ResoureReader/ResourceSet to shared. (#19994)
* mono/corert@a0b3dc4d9 Fixed TimeoutHelper typos (dotnet/coreclr#19956)
* mono/corert@6e4ed79e9 Fixed typo ‘defualt’ (#19955)
* mono/corert@5b63d01b3 Update ChineseLunisolarCalendar.cs (dotnet/coreclr#19946)
* mono/corert@de836ae71 handle unresolved system module exception (#6331)
* mono/corert@0d009e60d Merge pull request #6332 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@3ca0b1048 Restore JIT prototype (#6327)
* mono/corert@44ebd7824 Fix build break in official build (#6326)
* mono/corert@5fa3a9f19 Implement Thread.GetApartmentState/TrySetApartmentState (#6323)
* mono/corert@e6ab01075 Revert changes that are causing buildbreaks of OOB packages
* mono/corert@989620485 CallSites for MemoryExtensions.Contains (CoreCLR) (dotnet/coreclr#19874)
* mono/corert@140f71b61 Move more registry files to shared partition
* mono/corert@3d69c4ae5 Delete moved files and fix build breaks
* mono/corert@33f85d84d Delete unused file
* mono/corert@f47c7a869 Move registry interop to shared CoreLib partition (dotnet/coreclr#19886)
* mono/corert@caba8d453 Merge pull request #6320 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@e17d570ba Fix multiple typos in the EventSource.cs design comment.
* mono/corert@fec022520 Merge pull request #6311 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@cc2b5096c Merge pull request #6310 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@878be8e12 ToPointerFix - VS debugger needs the ToPointer() methods to inspect a pointer, marking it as DependencyReductionRoot to make sure it is not optimized away.
* mono/corert@89468b3c6 MemoryExtensions.Contains (dotnet/coreclr#19863)
* mono/corert@572f4e6d6 Enable building and running ILVerification tests by default (#6307)
* mono/corert@a59cf6889 Update to official XUnit 2.4 (#6299)
* mono/corert@296c7356f Fix constrained calls and marshaling (#6275)
* mono/corert@9ca75bb78 Disabling the failing CoreFX tests related to ToString for negative zero
* mono/corert@5e8dadde4 Updating Number.Unix to properly set the sign of -0.0
* mono/corert@aac688597 Updating Number.Formatting to properly print -0
* mono/corert@cab2467d8 Merge pull request #6304 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@8355e3520 ProjectX: Toc exports for runtime import methods
* mono/corert@86f5fbcb1 Add managed non-const fall-back for AVX2 gather intrinsic
* mono/corert@3c5790619 [Linux/armel] Fix tests building (#6285)
* mono/corert@46b4d85e4 Fix warnings produced by xunit 2.4 analyzers (#6296)
* mono/corert@7266419e9 Update unit test projects to netstandard2.0 (#6295)
* mono/corert@0679531ee Rename CarryLessMultiply to CarrylessMultiply
* mono/corert@f9124d69e [Reflection] Handle case when "value" parameter is already of CustomAttributeTypedArgument type.
* mono/corert@4af59530e [Interpreter] StackItem redesign (#6286)
* mono/corert@c4f82672c Fix ServiceController name population perf (dotnet/corefx#32072)
* mono/corert@c8a970723 Merge pull request #6291 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@bdd0b15d9 Virtual AttributeType property and signature generic types (#19818)
* mono/corert@3577e093c Merge pull request #6293 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@712ff6fa5 Update `CompilerTypeSystemContext` to use a single gc static table for gc and non-gc fields.
* mono/corert@60a9b7c8c Make CustomAttributeData's AttributeType virtual (#6288)
* mono/corert@bf7be269c Merge pull request #6290 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@6a1658b5c Support separate blocks for Gc / Non-Gc thread statics in the managed type system. This is used in the Cross-plat AOT compiler for CoreCLR ready-to-run.
* mono/corert@473e0dba0 Merge pull request #6289 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@1bffabd1e Fix UAP build break (#6287)
* mono/corert@b8e5c4f94 [Reflection] Bring back an "array case" handling in CustomAttributeTypedArgument ctor. (#23)
* mono/corert@0ed3a0089 [Interpreter] Load Constants (#6284)
* mono/corert@d82d460a8 Revert "Remove not necessary type forwarded from attributes when type comes from mscorlib in netfx" (#19784)
* mono/corert@77819373b IndexOf(char, Ordinal) use fast path (dotnet/coreclr#19788)
* mono/corert@74a91c7db Fix build break in CoreRT/ProjectN
* mono/corert@d7e9cc3e1 Remove not necessary type forwarded from attributes when type comes from mscorlib in netfx
* mono/corert@15096cbc2 Review feedback
* mono/corert@b12c95f56 Fixed from testing
* mono/corert@3889df2d3 fix spelling
* mono/corert@e9a1deca3 Add try-catch
* mono/corert@77503ece9 Fix for passing enums to EventSources based on unsigned types.
* mono/corert@755f9d419 WASM: Add intrinsic implementation for ByReference<T> ctor and fix the Value getter (#5987)
* mono/corert@7c79aac01 Update dependencies (#6279)
* mono/corert@7662733e2 Update MonoGame package version (#6277)
* mono/corert@1d14948ca Merge pull request #6266 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@a843f957c Delete dead code in ILProvider
* mono/corert@98081dfb3 using advapi32 instead of kernel32
* mono/corert@17298c4d9 Using shared copy of registryvalueKind (dotnet/corefx#31922)
* mono/corert@2d366c23e hide EETypePtr from non winrt
* mono/corert@3cb781346 Merge pull request #6262 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@d62ba8968 Fix FileStream in WinRT build (dotnet/coreclr#19659)
* mono/corert@f0bcd9c2d Merge pull request #6259 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@c8bbf0e8d Workaround to remove unnecessary bounds checks when using {ReadOnly}Span.IsEmpty (#19640)
* mono/corert@cbb7caca8 Merge pull request #6258 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@31768b86b Fix equality comparison type issue - Compiling a function calling Internal.IntrinsicSupport.EqualityComparerHelpers.StructOnlyEquals<T> from a function that is itself generic on T where T is Nullable<SomeGenericStructWhichImplementsIEQuatable<__Canon>> produces an internal compiler error - The issue is that instantiating a method of Canon isn't actually permitted to be a "real, callable" instantiation - Fix by changing the "default" variant of StructOnlyEquals to depend on EqualityComparer<T> which is known to work (by using universal generics) - Then add a variant for just using the Equals function - Change the compiler to use the "Normal" variant most of the time - Except for the newly discovered problematic case which can fall back to the slower, but semantically correct EqualityComparar<T> path
* mono/corert@b059615c4 Unwinding support for arm (#6251)
* mono/corert@e2df35270 Fix base types of second paramters used in Avx.PermuteVar and Avx2.Permute4x64 for float, double overloads
* mono/corert@1f0ab27dc Fix for bug Bug 658901: [AppCompat] System.NullReferenceException caused by HockeyApp PEImageReader
* mono/corert@7c95acb9b Make sure RuntimeEventSource is passed to EventListener.OnEventSourceCreated (#19393)
* mono/corert@2d4981ac9 Add wasm debug info (#6186)
* mono/corert@6fdbbbada AesGcm, AesCcm (dotnet/corefx#31389)
* mono/corert@5455c6401 Merge pull request #6248 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@6df71f0a0 Fix an infinite app compilation
* mono/corert@76e284fde Undo CoreFX update temporarily (#6244)
* mono/corert@4ee7e7a8e Merge pull request #6247 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@213cea275 Fix a small linking error when building mrt100_app from a no_opt razzle window
* mono/corert@b8ad9c218 Normalize whitespace/indentation
* mono/corert@1531f0652 Update t4 templates to generate simplified type names
* mono/corert@e65798db4 Mark some readonly fields readonly (dotnet/coreclr#19559)
* mono/corert@915bb34f6 Optimize number formatting (dotnet/coreclr#19551)
* mono/corert@285ffeaf9 Mark more structs as readonly (dotnet/coreclr#19557)
* mono/corert@0c2f36bf0 Make DateTimeOffset a readonly struct (dotnet/coreclr#19552)
* mono/corert@13fec5bd3 Note that KnownGood tests are only known good on Windows (#6237)
* mono/corert@c6c84366a non shared changes
* mono/corert@e1cac05d6 Moved registry.cs to shared (dotnet/coreclr#19471)
* mono/corert@3812dad50 Merge pull request #6234 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@ac8eede30 Revert change to TypeLoaderEnvironment.LdTokenResult
* mono/corert@9bccc0434 Merge pull request #6233 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@6f37d0945 Merge pull request #6230 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@be4d49075 Optimize NumberBufferToDecimal (dotnet/coreclr#19072)
* mono/corert@99deea997 Fix issue around relocs to ShadowConcreteMethods
* mono/corert@95d4083d6 Make file handle checks accurate on Windows (dotnet/coreclr#19508)
* mono/corert@db83da8e8 Merge pull request #6228 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@33cafebe0 Update JapaneseLunisolarCalendar.cs (dotnet/coreclr#19504)
* mono/corert@3653776c0 Merge pull request #6225 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@7c4bfd547 The name/semantic of the CanonicalEntrypoint method on the NodeFactory is a bit misleading, and were incorrectly used in a couple of places. I made a small refactoring to distinguish between the scenario where we need a IMethodNode for the purpose of dependency analysis (either a MethodEntrypointNode or a ShadowConcreteMethodNode), and the scenario where we really need a callable address of a canonical entry point.
* mono/corert@1271b47cc Add TypeConverter fallback to DefaultValueAttribute (dotnet/coreclr#19354)
* mono/corert@c214863ad Preliminary Interpreter Support (#6182)
* mono/corert@d55ebfd33 Fixed reverse ordering of unwind insts in the object file (#6220)
* mono/corert@9b17c1edb Add environment variables support for Unix (#6216)
* mono/corert@32226df5b Remove unused local from List<T>.RemoveRange (dotnet/corefx#31727)
* mono/corert@96b858b36 non shared changes and feedback addressed
* mono/corert@6a860c570 moved to shared (dotnet/coreclr#19419)
* mono/corert@18d9aeaad Merge pull request #6215 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@279fb8684 Fix CoreRT build break
* mono/corert@cdefa52b1 Merge pull request #6214 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@c69ea0f95 Add an option to disable generation of reflection invoke thunks
* mono/corert@b55fbd3fd Merge pull request #6213 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@0fd0ca289 Non shared changes
* mono/corert@64573a6e4 Moved SpinLock.cs to shared (dotnet/coreclr#19391)
* mono/corert@8500ebcc3 Don't early terminate on null for 64bit NR HashCode (dotnet/coreclr#19331)
* mono/corert@38a69d03d Create Microsoft.IO.Redist (dotnet/corefx#31679)
* mono/corert@106c32100 Moved to shared
* mono/corert@40af11f5d Moved to shared (dotnet/coreclr#19399)
* mono/corert@ea2950553 [armel tizen] Fixed unwinding support for ARM is not fully implemented #5874 (#6197)
* mono/corert@6048b4d2e Merge pull request #6200 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@38f5ba088 Add size-optimization switch passing from ilc to NUTC to CoreRT in PureNative mode
* mono/corert@49308757c Update CoreFX dependencies (#6195)
* mono/corert@9469038b0 Merge pull request #6196 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@1b63b12bf Trivial fix for typo in arm64 assembly (xzr -> wzr)
* mono/corert@23201e12d Merge pull request #6193 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@aa421b97d Merge pull request #6194 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@e7fa8d3f5 Add support for reflection invoking ref return methods
* mono/corert@5bed31924 Use --as-needed command line switch with the Unix linker (#6192)
* mono/corert@677a6ed3c Non shared changes
* mono/corert@7902bed42 Move methodbody and exceptionHandlingClause to shared (#19364)
* mono/corert@3f40d3c63 Merge pull request #6189 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@d3edd098d Fix for a GC hole bug with exception rethrowing code (Bug 659148).
* mono/corert@e76ee238a ReNaming and rearranging the variables to reduce the diff (#6188)
* mono/corert@914360af0 Optimize WASM arguments and returns (#6181)
* mono/corert@bdc6bfbef Improve StreamWriter format perf (dotnet/coreclr#19235)
* mono/corert@c684a80db Add WebAssembly to CI (#5845)
* mono/corert@84abd2b56 Fix calling sealed virtual methods now that sealed vtables are always enabled. (#6180)
* mono/corert@a01ce9972 Removing  file from src
* mono/corert@319a9f15e Moved LocalVariableInfo to shared (dotnet/coreclr#19184)
* mono/corert@35b2fa87a Delete file moved to shared partition
* mono/corert@7548a4494 Moved NativeCallable Attribute to shared (dotnet/coreclr#19258)
* mono/corert@938a3f743 Merge pull request #6174 from dotnet-maestro-bot/mirror-merge-9775978
* mono/corert@27e61c91f Make `Vector64<T>`, `Vector128<T>`, and `Vector256<T>` readonly
* mono/corert@eaf1f5a80 Update RyuJIT (#6170)
* mono/corert@e1da6605d Improve repro project config (#6172)
* mono/corert@bd767d46a Merge pull request #6171 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@684bb89d4 Allow illegal custom modifiers on generic constraints
* mono/corert@657b89495 hide typeforwarders for mono
* mono/corert@191e5c2ef Provide a desktop-only implementation of RuntimeThread.CurrentOSThreadId for Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource.Redist.
* mono/corert@62843a047 WASM: Multidimensional array instantiation fix (#6096)
* mono/corert@476627a87 Merge pull request #6166 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@baf3dabd4 Expose OSThreadId and TimeStamp on EventWrittenEventArgs (#19002)
* mono/corert@697c70b99 Merge pull request #6164 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@9d2773ed9 Merge pull request #6163 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@2ba984648 Implement API review feedback for the removable feature feature
* mono/corert@624c08c15 Fix build break
* mono/corert@2419ada0c Expose the x86 HWIntrinsics via a set of class hierarchies matching the underlying ISA hierarchies
* mono/corert@a57befcc8 Implement RuntimeThread.CurrentOSThreadId. (#6161)
* mono/corert@ebb363255 Merge pull request #6158 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@7310d4bcf Merge pull request #6157 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@b7ea3897c Change type of EnumLocaleData to struct (dotnet/coreclr#19193)
* mono/corert@65b42e1a5 Added version increment for TrimExcess and EnsureCapacity (#19096)
* mono/corert@8bda4d7a1 Add comment explaining the return value of ToUpper/ToLower (#19176)
* mono/corert@c914d5125 Entries in the export table were not correctly sorted based on ordinals, but were emitted based on the ISortableNode sorting logic. This doesn't work with targeted patching
* mono/corert@f0f4b3919 Make sure metadata nodes don't show up in the graph (#6152)
* mono/corert@5dbb1ef98 Add support for sealed vtables in CppCodegen (#6148)
* mono/corert@ba8cd5822 Add an option to only generate metadata for complete types (#6149)
* mono/corert@10190f1ff Update CoreCLR.issues.targets (#6146)
* mono/corert@a591f8820 Merge pull request #6143 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@9935cdb73 Merge pull request #6141 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@d23b7f190 [tfs-changeset: 1708860]
* mono/corert@49aaf8ee9 Merge pull request #6139 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@907e75814 Adding infinite recursion detection logic for the type assignability algorithm. When infinite recursions are detected, we consider that two types are not assignable (same behavior as Desktop/CoreCLR), and throw the exception.
* mono/corert@253cce998 Merge pull request #6137 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@5667290c0 Merge pull request #6136 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@0f43d7b3f Generate runs of interface dispatch cells
* mono/corert@5dd15a00b Merge pull request #6134 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@b6626f6ac Fixing the warning (bug 497509) we get from an unsupported alignment value for the ALIGN macro (for some reason, the arm64 assembler warns that 16 bytes exceed the max alignment value, and will not guarantee any alignment). We do not need that anyways because the thunks instructions are 16-bytes long, and all thunks will naturally be aligned at 16 bytes boundaries.
* mono/corert@6f7426c19 Merge pull request #6133 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@8432180b5 Merge pull request #6132 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@045a28051 Make generic composition details relative addresses
* mono/corert@cc97f7dc4 Fix unnnecessary reference to DateTimeFormatInfo.DecimalSeparator (#19064)
* mono/corert@a00e20d59 Merge pull request #6128 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@67ea31d51 Minor code review feedback
* mono/corert@46de4e32f Merge pull request #6127 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@abb75b738 Support Windows to capture PointOfFailure crash dump
* mono/corert@6abb0bb48 Improve throughput of TimeSpan.ToString/TryFormat with "g"/"G" (#19051)
* mono/corert@16a863473 Fixed missing readonly attribute (dotnet/coreclr#19052)
* mono/corert@21b9f29e4 Merge pull request #6121 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@aef0785f8 Add ILanguageExceptionStackBackTrace as WellKnown CCW interface
* mono/corert@0a4a6059d Merge pull request #6119 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@692a9ff7b Fix a reflection bug caused by my previous checkin. Weak reflected types should always be added to the TypeMap if they generated an EEType in the current compilation. My previous aiming at adding weak reflected imported types to the TypeMap table accidently broke that.
* mono/corert@a56019fb1 Add MemoryMarshal.AsRef implementation (dotnet/coreclr#19021)
* mono/corert@490253d8e Improve TimeSpan.ToString/TryFormat throughput for default format (#18990)
* mono/corert@36ca3c869 Fix desktop build break
* mono/corert@9bf3b7903 Merge pull request #6116 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@be13e0a39 Use AppContext.ProcessExit intead of AppDomain.* to fix CoreRT build breaks
* mono/corert@0637fbf4a Use Decimal implementation from shared partition
* mono/corert@4d5e01649 Optimize {Try}FormatDecimal (dotnet/coreclr#18935)
* mono/corert@b7d7d2fbb Delete Span ifdefs that are no longer needed (dotnet/coreclr#18982)
* mono/corert@b41523616 Add back in code deleted in .NET Core port.
* mono/corert@cf04c5684 Move Decimal to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18948)
* mono/corert@1f0179b89 Improve throughput of {U}Int32/64.{Try}Parse for hex (dotnet/coreclr#18952)
* mono/corert@345888bb3 Merge pull request #6112 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@883cd734e Make ThreadStatics a bit more faster (#6109)
* mono/corert@698b55baa Merge pull request #6111 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@ce1cd12fd In ProjectN, when compiling in multifile mode, all imported types that are also declared in the weak reflected types list (reflection metadata) get added to the TypeMap table. This change enables ProjectX to behave in a similar manner, but only if such types are referenced and added to the dependency graph (There's no evidence so far that suggests the need to root all such weak reflected imported types in the graph).
* mono/corert@a394e9159 Make thread statics faster (#6108)
* mono/corert@e2c4bc3d7 Merge pull request #6107 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@e17545689 Merge pull request #6106 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@dbf3d4d25 Refactoring the ISortableSymbolNode into ISortableNode and ISymbolNode, to separate the sorting APIs into their own interfaces, independent of having symbols. Reasons:     1) There are some dependency nodes that need sorting, and are not necessarily symbol nodes (today they implement the SortableDependencyNode, which now with these changes will also implement the ISortableNode interface)     2) Avoid places where we have the messy 2 ClassCode and 2 CompareToImpl implementations, where one pair tail-calls the other (really the main reason behind this refactoring)
* mono/corert@2e533d85e Add support for embedding runtime configuration (#6103)
* mono/corert@c1e973808 Add DefinePInvokeStubs (#6104)
* mono/corert@3df57c80e Optimize {Try}FormatDecimal (#6099)
* mono/corert@a04dd9f56 Added System.Runtime.ProfileOptimization (#6095)
* mono/corert@ce4dc225a Fix decimal parsing for "-1e-400" (#6102)
* mono/corert@5666ae279 Improve throughput of UInt32/UInt64 integer parsing (dotnet/coreclr#18930)
* mono/corert@c9bde0236 Port changes in non-shared CoreLib partition
* mono/corert@9291687a3 Expose SpinWait.SpinOnce(int sleep1Threshold) overload (#18204)
* mono/corert@1e9fc3ace Exclude outdated tests
* mono/corert@23e975246 Remove version increment from Dictionary<K,V>.Remove overloads (#18854)
* mono/corert@8cf5b601e Improve Int32/Int64 {Try}Parse performance for NumberStyles.Integer (#18897)
* mono/corert@865acce3a Make Decimal a readonly struct (#6091)
* mono/corert@b4774e93e Merge pull request #6092 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@70ba15f26 Enable ThreadStatic GC layout test (#6090)
* mono/corert@40a42c1d4 Fix size of thread-local statics blocks (#6089)
* mono/corert@a7d68d35f Optimize Decimal multiplication (32-bit)
* mono/corert@f8e660a78 Optimize Decimal division and GetHashCode (32-bit)
* mono/corert@f6bccc82c Optimize Decimal addition/subtraction (32-bit)
* mono/corert@ec5387491 Optimize float to Decimal conversions (32-bit)
* mono/corert@d1035a6a9 Merge pull request #6088 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@b594277ed Mark EETypePtrOf and ToEETypePtr aggressively inlined
* mono/corert@5b53197e2 Optimize Double/Single.IsNegative
* mono/corert@a7c09b175 Get rid of DoubleHelper in non-shared partition
* mono/corert@a1659d86c Make Number.Parsing.cs BigEndian friendly (dotnet/coreclr#18853)
* mono/corert@fcb183fa2 Fix unnecessary thread-static handle reallocation (#6085)
* mono/corert@f8ee3a07f Fixes in non-shared partition for BinaryReader move
* mono/corert@29a2ade2b Fix two issues in Marshal.SecureStringToBSTR (dotnet/coreclr#18851)
* mono/corert@6227ea0ac Move BinaryReader to shared CoreLib partition (dotnet/coreclr#18845)
* mono/corert@cd4caf70e Regression test for inlined PInvoke with marshalling data (#6067)
* mono/corert@341380e54 Add back most CreateInstance APIs to AppDomain and Activator (#6056)
* mono/corert@f426c5102 Use uapaot mscorlib facade (#6068)
* mono/corert@123e8740d Merge pull request #6079 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@ad60136a1 Fix In,Out marshaling for SafeHandles (#6074)
* mono/corert@d5b01b3de Fix serialization type in NotFiniteNumberException (dotnet/coreclr#18833)
* mono/corert@5eb0ed9cc Non-shared changes
* mono/corert@c559acdbd Fix a comment in the string.ToLower() method (dotnet/coreclr#18832)
* mono/corert@c4314f34d Moved ManualResetEventSlim to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18799)
* mono/corert@898dc439c Disable PInvoke inlining (#6064)
* mono/corert@dd15f0472 Merge pull request #6078 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@482e922f1 Delete orphaned resource strings in S.P.Threading and S.P.Reflection
* mono/corert@19125deee LastIndexOf corner case fix when span is empty (dotnet/coreclr#18826)
* mono/corert@f11556c5d Fix Span LastIndexOf empty value handling
* mono/corert@a44233245 Improve DateTime{Offset}.ParseExact performance for "O"/"o" roundtrip format (#18800)
* mono/corert@67868ac7a Merge pull request #6066 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@7519aaccf Merge pull request #6059 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@ed5fcf3db Merge pull request #6058 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@0d3dca445 Fixing HFA issues on arm64 in the CallInterceptor infrastructure. The issue is that the FP blocks in the TransitionBlock or return block in the CallDescrData use 64 bit slots for floats and doubles, because the S and D registers on ARM64 overlap. However, the locals blocks used by the call interceptor logic do not have such overlapping, and use regular 32-bit floats in HFA structs. These changes replace the simple memcopy operations that the call interceptor was using to read/write HFA structs between locals blocks and native transition blocks with correct copy operations of individual float values, to properly form HFA structs in memory.
* mono/corert@5c54131e8 Fixing a perf issue discovered in the arm64 assembly stubs: using the BR instruction for tail calls, instead of the RET instruction. These changes should improve the overall performance on ARM64. An example of measured perf gains: 362% improvement for interface calls on cached cells. Here's the test output for 100000000 iterations:
* mono/corert@4a25e1aea Improve DateTime{Offset}.ParseExact{Multiple} performance for RFC1123 ("r") (#18771)
* mono/corert@583d9e1f8 Add LastIndexOf compareoptions overload (dotnet/coreclr#18652)
* mono/corert@59c778d6b [Linux] Fix build for new clang versions (#6047)
* mono/corert@51e993278 Fix handling of StdCall intrinsic (#6051)
* mono/corert@6956998b8 Merge pull request #6024 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@46db859fe Merge pull request #6050 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@303df5960 Fix MightHaveInterfaceDispatchMap to work with optimized CoreRT builds
* mono/corert@896ed3932 Merge pull request #6049 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@2b657a50d Roll back build break
* mono/corert@c040aff7b Merge pull request #6048 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@288679663 Fix dumping cache topology and running debug x86 code on ARM64.
* mono/corert@64b344ca9 Add back most CreateInstance APIs to AppDomain and Activator (#18751)
* mono/corert@d51121582 Fix stack slot kind for ByReference.get_Value in CppCodegen (#6034)
* mono/corert@2152ccc2c Dispatch Runtime Events to EventListener (dotnet/coreclr#18649)
* mono/corert@effd5312c Merge pull request #6043 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@a49a6cd2e Fixing HFA issues on arm64 in the CallInterceptor infrastructure. The issue is that the FP blocks in the TransitionBlock or return block in the CallDescrData use 64 bit slots for floats and doubles, because the S and D registers on ARM64 overlap. However, the locals blocks used by the call interceptor logic do not have such overlapping, and use regular 32-bit floats in HFA structs. These changes replace the simple memcopy operations that the call interceptor was using to read/write HFA structs between locals blocks and native transition blocks with correct copy operations of individual float values, to properly form HFA structs in memory.
* mono/corert@766ced933 Updating the Avx.Extract/Insert methods to throw PNSE when IsSupported is false
* mono/corert@ad2279213 Enable PInvoke calli stubs
* mono/corert@1b248ccfd Add StdCall intrinsic support
* mono/corert@1a67946d8 Tabs vs. spaces
* mono/corert@e3364969f Update RyuJIT (#6038)
* mono/corert@42d41b8cf Fixing some Bmi1 HWIntrinsic method names (dotnet/coreclr#18718)
* mono/corert@beac74237 Regex: reduce allocation slightly, add tests, code cleanup, add parser comments (#30632)
* mono/corert@d5eaa6e14 Improve bool.TryFormat perf (dotnet/coreclr#18711)
* mono/corert@d109c7c98 Merge pull request #6033 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@053011069 Fixing CoreRT git mirroring break. The issue here is that the code enumerates the slots of a VTable node of a runtime determined interface instantiation (declType.GetTypeDefinition().RuntimeInterfaces), and in CoreRT the vtable slots are only produced when used by the code. Given that nothing uses these method definitions, we end up empty vtables, and end up with missing entries in the dispatch map and sealed vtable. I'm rewriting the code to enumerate methods on the fully instantiated VTable,
* mono/corert@25e1613eb Merge pull request #6032 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@602a88cec Fix MembersMustExist to account for dotnet/coreclr#18645 (#6030)
* mono/corert@fb30371ea Make emission of managed resources controlled by a policy (#6031)
* mono/corert@1ad2cda80 [32BIT] Fix cpp codegen (#6028)
* mono/corert@8df841f1c Typo (#6029)
* mono/corert@489106a15 Change string.Compare(...) == 0 occurrences to string.Equals(...) (#18616)
* mono/corert@9ffbd3db2 Non Shared Changes
* mono/corert@f8a484a83 Moved SafeWaitHandle and cancellationToken to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18662)
* mono/corert@7b2766c8f Applying PR feedback
* mono/corert@be76b03fb Changed internal value to readonly to all the primitive types
* mono/corert@cd717b61e Fix Aes and Ssse3.Shuffle intrinsic APIs
* mono/corert@f290974f1 Merge pull request #6023 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@8a67e171c Changing the interface method resolution logic used in building the sealed vtable and the interface dispatch map to work with type definitions instead of instantiated types, to correctly handle the cases where we get generic interface collapsing, and when the implementing method ends up in the sealed vtable (This was causing the interface resolution logic at runtime to fail). This also fixes the cases of dynamic types, since we use fully canonical instantiations as templates, and these canonical instantiations can suffer from the same generic collapsing problem.
* mono/corert@8cf35760e Removes duplicate attributes (dotnet/coreclr#18668)
* mono/corert@5036cc85f Simplify built-in types across corefx (dotnet/corefx#30656)
* mono/corert@5ddf79df0 Fix bogus assert in ArraySortHelper (#6018)
* mono/corert@635cf21ac Add cumulative error checking to CoreFX tests (#6014)
* mono/corert@d6905df41 Merge pull request #6012 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@8e3635626 Include clrcompression.dll in the CoreRT package
* mono/corert@8b5ccfa09 Update CoreFX
* mono/corert@ef047a97b Minor cleanup of the framework depproj files
* mono/corert@a4c6faac2 Simplify types in non-shared corelib (#6008)
* mono/corert@899828418 Update to latest released dotnet SDK (#6005)
* mono/corert@280fedd83 Update dependencies (#6006)
* mono/corert@c101f3e39 Update CoreCLR.issues.targets (#6003)
* mono/corert@c7cae6d52 Simply type names in Corelib (dotnet-maestro-bot/coreclr#18623)
* mono/corert@450de75f4 non shared changes and disabling tests
* mono/corert@3f5611a76 Moved EventWaitHandle.cs to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18612)
* mono/corert@c9326538e Plumbing to generate calli PInvoke stubs (#6002)
* mono/corert@6c2368b53 Mark a few methods with NoInline attribute (#6001)
* mono/corert@7502b1837 Merge pull request #5999 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@f57690f33 Merge pull request #5998 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@05937b1ec Fix bug in  Overlapped refactoring
* mono/corert@a1aa613d7 Fix WebApi sample (#5995)
* mono/corert@bf22f5593 Non Shared Changed And feedback
* mono/corert@4f98b1f44 Moved Semaphore.cs and Semaphore.Windows.cs to shared (#18597)
* mono/corert@5132d4ae8 Update behaviors of new TextWriter StringBuilder overloads (#18578)
* mono/corert@a2ce8ed7a Merge pull request #5993 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@f61d47a92 Merge pull request #5992 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@611f1a04e Merge pull request #5991 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@2bcf67a5f Allow constructed byref-like types
* mono/corert@5821d7e3c 1- Fix baseline TOC reading to handle missing/changed contents correctly (we were not handing MissingMemberExceptions, we were just handling TypeLoadExceptions) 2- Fix ordinal assignment bug for nodes that do not exist in a baseline TOC 3- Remove unnecessary counter instructions from type layout TOC data (the counters were initially made so that the TOC tool would know how many items to parse, but it no longer parses the type layout data. Instead, we just ildasm the contents for diffing).
* mono/corert@6fa2c2297 Update dependencies (#5984)
* mono/corert@2a8093401 Fix warning in cordebuginfo.h (#5983)
* mono/corert@be3a3cf75 Merge pull request #5912 from benaadams/Update-sample-to-2.1
* mono/corert@4871869f7 Undo accidental 2.0 -> 2.1 renames (#5981)
* mono/corert@0ef8645fc Update WebApi sample for .NET Core 2.1
* mono/corert@7ad111f11 Update WebApi sample to 2.1
* mono/corert@8d6690c4e Rev netcoreapp2.0 to netcoreapp2.1 (#5974)
* mono/corert@9313018c5 [Documentation] Usage of .Net Native and CoreRT (#5971)
* mono/corert@6a76847da added concurrent access detection to Remove() (dotnet/coreclr#18524)
* mono/corert@06999e49b Avoid extra allocation in IDNA (dotnet/coreclr#18551)
* mono/corert@756e71269 Update RyuJIT (#5969)
* mono/corert@46845627c Remove StringBuilderCache usage from System.Text.RegularExpressions (#30474)
* mono/corert@2e739d3eb Avoid two unnecessary string.Substring calls in PunycodeDecode (#18546)
* mono/corert@8d05be7ab Merge pull request #5963 from am11/alpine-rid
* mono/corert@795f02dd0 Pass RID to crossgen
* mono/corert@1329682ed Improve Intel hardware intrinsic APIs (dotnet/coreclr#17637)
* mono/corert@d966f7361 Delete PinnableBufferCache (#5950)
* mono/corert@194d20baa Document span lifetime issue in CreateSpan (dotnet/corefx#30490) (#18528)
* mono/corert@7801856fd Typo (dotnet/coreclr#18520)
* mono/corert@b58827149 Add opt-in switch to disable metadata blocking (#5955)
* mono/corert@40e96e0cf Merge pull request #5948 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@fa35c2320 Update CoreFX dependencies (#5953)
* mono/corert@75b6df170 Fix CoreRT break in thread static name mangling
* mono/corert@68d78d7fe Standardize on PLATFORM_WINDOWS instead of PLATFORM_UNIX (#18411)
* mono/corert@97c1d8e5f Update RyuJIT (#5920)
* mono/corert@5719b3729 Avoid some virtual dispatch in Encodings (dotnet/coreclr#18487)
* mono/corert@4d641d159 Ensure AdjustmentRule.DaylightDelta is within [-12,12] (#18477)
* mono/corert@fb655bdb8 moving ARM HW Intrinsics files to shared partition (dotnet/coreclr#18451)
* mono/corert@03c1c6b90 Merge pull request #5947 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@c9fbc5ec8 RI from ProjNdev3 up to CS1704145
* mono/corert@a330079c0 Fix handling of generating relative path to parent (dotnet/coreclr#18460)
* mono/corert@8f7bc5167 add overloads (dotnet/coreclr#18458)
* mono/corert@af2851453 Merge pull request #5944 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@0ac83cb8d Add option to strip exception messages from framework
* mono/corert@a9b3ad17f Write and WriteAsync overloads for StringBuilder. (dotnet/coreclr#18281)
* mono/corert@668fe4d4a Adds original error info to NotSupportedException during FileStream initialization (#18455)
* mono/corert@4ad43dce7 Skip version (dotnet/corefx#28835)
* mono/corert@c59fe8877 Add resource string
* mono/corert@9595a7d19 Added ISOWeek to System.Globalization (dotnet/coreclr#18456)
* mono/corert@80000c509 Dwarf: add support for static members (#5592)
* mono/corert@b568db3a9 Removing ifdef CORECLR now that we shared intrinsics files
* mono/corert@879a66fa9 Added CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute (corefx issue 21809) (#18404)
* mono/corert@4fbddf63e Update unshared Reflection.Emit files
* mono/corert@c0cd5b989 Move x86 HW intrinsics files to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18427)
* mono/corert@6916bb8e2 Merge pull request #5936 from chcosta/corert-publish
* mono/corert@92d199e37 Publish indexed symbols
* mono/corert@c0078cb46 Variable Corrected (#5934)
* mono/corert@7bdea5354 Merge pull request #5933 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@393fffa84 Merge pull request #5932 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@d62126ec7 Add Reflection.Emit types and members
* mono/corert@9d3637738 Fix UTF8 encoding fallback index (dotnet/coreclr#18387)
* mono/corert@313dd912b Merge pull request #5928 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@e2b4d9c39 Fix CoreRT build (#5929)
* mono/corert@3230b78e2 Hooking up the baseline TOC logic so that the compiler would reuse ordinals of a baseline build when provided with one during exportations. Cleanup dead code.
* mono/corert@dda21a9e0 Optimize Decimal.Remainder (#5926)
* mono/corert@7e3b79805 Removing length constrain on semaphore, mutex and eventhandle names
* mono/corert@e15faaa98 Removed length restrictions on named synchronization primitives lengths on Windows (#18402)
* mono/corert@745a37ff2 Fix number formatting exception with empty NumberGroupSizes array (#18221)
* mono/corert@06cb740d2 Add ifdef to fix build break
* mono/corert@f6c77e710 Remove Substring in TimeZoneInfo parsing (dotnet/coreclr#18378)
* mono/corert@e6395fb23 Use cached strings for values 0 to 9 (dotnet/coreclr#18383)
* mono/corert@d230bce48 Add missing #ifdef.
* mono/corert@9152c20d5 Use nameof of Encoding classes (dotnet/coreclr#18395)
* mono/corert@d5d06cfaa Use sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) in PAL and GC ONLY on ARM and ARM64 (#5919)
* mono/corert@27feaa34c moving mutex.cs to shared
* mono/corert@dab60509f Fix EventPipe EventHandle Caching for TraceLogging (dotnet/coreclr#18355)
* mono/corert@69dfc6f38 Moved Mutex.cs From src to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18320)
* mono/corert@937e6fd16 Update dependencies (#5918)
* mono/corert@45e1f0d07 Skip old time zones adjustments with offsets higher than 14h (#18305)
* mono/corert@20016cca3 Escape native library paths in Microsoft.NETCore.Native.Windows.props (#5916)
* mono/corert@0296349da Merge pull request #5914 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@02bdd0528 Fixed and optimized Decimal.GetHashCode (#5886)
* mono/corert@a7049d519 Enable Alpine ARM/ARM64 cross build (#5911)
* mono/corert@43d51ff37 Some extra changes needed in shared
* mono/corert@e746abb32 Changes needed in non-shared partition of System.Private.CoreLib
* mono/corert@f41c8a4d0 Moves CurrentSystemTimeZone, ICastable, RegistryView and RegistryValueKind to shared (#18337)
* mono/corert@197925a5d Force short date pattern to use yyyy on Linux (dotnet/coreclr#18316)
* mono/corert@2b1e0abd8 Remove dead case from string.Compare (dotnet/coreclr#18345)
* mono/corert@4468480fe Guard Windows code under PLATFORM_WINDOWS (dotnet/coreclr#18344)
* mono/corert@05563be50 Remove a dead branch from __DTString (dotnet/coreclr#18334)
* mono/corert@8e7e4b5e0 Changes needed in non-shared partition of System.Private.CoreLib
* mono/corert@078fa1a8e Moves FastResourceComparer and TaskAwaiter to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18283)
* mono/corert@39f518734 Fix CI-breaking change (#5900)
* mono/corert@ec288c929 [ARM] Fix exception handling asm (#5898)
* mono/corert@9ff16bea4 Switch back to SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN for WebAssembly (#5861)
* mono/corert@001314313 Merge pull request #5891 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@c6ddbdb23 Make Encoding.Unicode.GetString faster on 64-bit platforms (#18263)
* mono/corert@99d857771 Fixed a couple of comments on TimeSpan.SecondsPerTick and Thread.SleepInternal (#18276)
* mono/corert@6a5e4b43e Optimise HtmlEncode to produce less garbage
* mono/corert@bfe180416 Initialize EventSource.EventMetadata.EnabledForEventPipe.
* mono/corert@3dbd2f5cc Flow EventSources to EventPipe on Windows (dotnet/coreclr#18217)
* mono/corert@be932a184 Merge pull request #5892 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@1b81ee76c Order ExternalReferencesTable after DefaultConstructorMap
* mono/corert@326ab5eeb Merge pull request #5890 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@31ea93ce5 Clean up tracking default .ctor dependencies
* mono/corert@7f1ec023c Merge pull request #5889 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@1afa028a1 Make FinalizeTest run last (#5887)
* mono/corert@992fa8333 Try to fix issues with Unicode on big endian OSes (dotnet/coreclr#18254)
* mono/corert@4356ec3f8 Merge BCryptGenRandom.cs (dotnet/coreclr#18233)
* mono/corert@a3c75a862 Optimize float to Decimal conversions (#5883)
* mono/corert@52e587a08 Implement corefx/#16619 Add FormattableString.CurrentCulture (#18253) (#5882)
* mono/corert@e76b0690f Fix a comment (#5881)
* mono/corert@e341f7557 Merge pull request dotnet/coreclr#18216 from vancem/FixThreadNameSet
* mono/corert@7d7b6d4c1 Fix CoreRT build breaks in Stream moved to shared
* mono/corert@8eed6292c Moves Stream to shared location (dotnet/coreclr#18142)
* mono/corert@cdc943800 Fix SpanHelpers.ClearWithoutReferences alignment detection (#18222)
* mono/corert@86277500c Expose Exception.set_HResult as Public (#5871)
* mono/corert@b953895d5 Delete unnecessary MembersMustExist annotation (#5876)
* mono/corert@97bcb906d Fix Mirroring build break
* mono/corert@a9279c1d2 Support new Japanese calendar eras (dotnet/coreclr#18209)
* mono/corert@e9ad56912 Enable OSX and Linux CoreFX CI tests (#5864)
* mono/corert@9a75da3cf Moves MissingXException to shared and minor cleanup elsewhere
* mono/corert@a77091dff Moving MissingFieldException (fully) and MissingMethodException (partially) to shared (#18207)
* mono/corert@468bacb0c Fix build break
* mono/corert@d8986c60a Expose Exception.set_HResult as Public (dotnet/coreclr#18203)
* mono/corert@4f56f80a0 Inline Span.CopyTo (dotnet/coreclr#18006)
* mono/corert@70b1da97b Merge pull request #5869 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@92893399c Fixing the cases of missing default constructor. This fix makes the default constructor of all constructed types show up in the map. This fix is a bit on the conservative side, and avoids more complex detection logic to only include default ctor entries for types that will really need them (detection with generics might be complex to implement, and might still have holes at the end), but that's acceptable given that the size on disk impact is negligible (less than 0.3% on average).
* mono/corert@24fe4f5e7 Use shared ArraySortHelper
* mono/corert@6c1d4fa67 Moves ArraySortHelper common code to shared location (dotnet/coreclr#18125)
* mono/corert@48d1220c6 Fix CI Command generation (#5865)
* mono/corert@27590b2cc Removing StackFrame, already included in projitem
* mono/corert@750b9c2e1 Moving common logic of StackFrame into shared (dotnet/coreclr#18134)
* mono/corert@383344243 Fix: call memory allocation instead of return (#5866)
* mono/corert@42debf49f amend call (dotnet/coreclr#18159)
* mono/corert@b3fdede4f Enable OSX and Linux CoreFX CI tests (#5860)
* mono/corert@8197c0beb Merge pull request #5856 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@57289ff33 Use sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) to get number of processors (#5853)
* mono/corert@ece4ed1e3 Merge pull request #5854 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@1df071070 Merge pull request dotnet/coreclr#18103 from vancem/StringBuilderEnumeratorUpdate
* mono/corert@12964a0b9 Merge pull request #5852 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@498c952ae Fixing a bug with handling HFA of floats for arm64. When passing HFAs, if the struct fits in the SIMD registers, given that the S and D registers overlap and how the UniversalTransitionThunk and CallDescrWorker copy D values, we treat the HFA struct as an HFA of doubles instead of floats (And we double the size of the struct during this processing). The issue however is when there aren't enough SIMD registers to fit the HFA struct, and we're forced to pass it on the stack. In that case, we shouldn't double the size of the struct and treat the floats as doubles.
* mono/corert@937d81ff4 Change Alpine RID to linux-musl (#5849)
* mono/corert@e30bb9151 Usability improvements - Testing Documentation and scripts (#5836)
* mono/corert@98158ab9b Adding Argument_MustBeRuntimeType to CoreLib resource file
* mono/corert@aa05f92a8 Removing SerializationInfo from CoreLib project
* mono/corert@30c52da10 sharing SerializationInfo for corert and coreclr (dotnet/coreclr#18102)
* mono/corert@a028615ab Skip simple tests and multimodule tests under CoreFX (#5846)
* mono/corert@4aeeb6a58 Fixes emitting end offsets for R2R header regions by: (#5844)
* mono/corert@023db45b4 Merge pull request dotnet/coreclr#17530 from vancem/StringBuilderEnumerator
* mono/corert@83bd931f4  Add additional support to CoreFX testing for CI  (#5823)
* mono/corert@be3a4edc0 Removing exceptions already moved to shared
* mono/corert@872d9afcb Move InsufficientMemory, OutOfMemory and ThreadInterrupted exceptions (#18049)
* mono/corert@58afa171f [ARM] Add missed System.Private.TypeLoader.Native stubs (#5834)
* mono/corert@e8589d155 Remove bogus NoInlining uses (dotnet/coreclr#18061)
* mono/corert@9c15653f6 Remove IsAscii fast paths from Equals and Compare OrdinalIgnoreCase (#17985)
* mono/corert@9fdc2fcde Code cleanup and formatting for System.Memory files. (dotnet/coreclr#17451)
* mono/corert@fb3052d5c Change archival conditions (#5830)
* mono/corert@43eb1f254 Archive test results (#5829)
* mono/corert@2d72dd5be Update Tizen rootfs build script (#5828)
* mono/corert@3e7c4fed2 Fix CoreCLR job name (#5826)
* mono/corert@e9c58a310 Optimize WebAssembly value types (#5738)
* mono/corert@52570eba3 Avoid freezing ConcurrentQueue segments in Count (dotnet/coreclr#18035)
* mono/corert@69568a3d8 Merge pull request #5816 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@087b8f88e Change condition check (#5818)
* mono/corert@d6b9e0a31 Change job name generation (#5822)
* mono/corert@5fca3b1c4 Staging Commit - Netci.groovy refactor and addition of a CoreFX CI job (#5817)
* mono/corert@f563c3691 Merge pull request #5821 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@3a0d80e3b Merge pull request #5815 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@edafa6b8f [tfs-changeset: 1700475]
* mono/corert@09437ab72 Double/Float casting and comparisons, push floats as 64bit to stack (#5813)
* mono/corert@94f3464f9 Add some more documentation for ValueTask (dotnet/corefx#29726)
* mono/corert@799a4940c Moving ConcurrentQueue to shared (dotnet/coreclr#18024)
* mono/corert@6bb338379 Update CoreFX dependencies (#5812)
* mono/corert@c36b8aed3 Do not build System.Private.TypeLoader.Native for WASM (#5811)
* mono/corert@3bc920757 improved llvm generated variable names (#5794)
* mono/corert@a76bf3981 Reflecting changes made in coreclr for moving ConcurrentQueue to shared
* mono/corert@1edc22abf Moving ConcurrentQueue to shared folder (dotnet/coreclr#17956)
* mono/corert@51e510c10 Start building System.Private.TypeLoader.Native (#5805)
* mono/corert@75ad39ea7 Fix case sensitive gss for osx (#5806)
* mono/corert@a16b75649 Merge pull request #5799 from MichalStrehovsky/appContext
* mono/corert@4b8f72956 Merge pull request #5803 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@219af3e8d Merge pull request #5802 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@cecadf180 Move TypeLoader.Native to open
* mono/corert@e36ca82da Remove StringBuilderCache from S.P.CoreLib.csproj
* mono/corert@53aebd42a Move StringBuilderCache to shared (dotnet/coreclr#17964)
* mono/corert@ae10405ba Merge pull request #5801 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@12361f7a6 Add possibility to opt out of strict `Enum.GetValues` semantic
* mono/corert@f23d2de22 Add support for setting AppContext switches
* mono/corert@e19bace28 Fix diagnostic stacktrace for shared generic methods (#5796)
* mono/corert@8f12ec10a Merge pull request dotnet/corefx#29636 from stephentoub/formatmessage
* mono/corert@a704dda86 Extract class library composition into `.targets` (#5793)
* mono/corert@832b86f06 fix dup instruction result to no longer reference the original memory in WASM (#5784)
* mono/corert@932f1d078 Replace easy Substrings with AsSpan/Slices (dotnet/coreclr#17916)
* mono/corert@8d2db1441 Fix mirroring porting
* mono/corert@bb914c8f3 Fix reading Time zone rules using Julian days (dotnet/coreclr#17635)
* mono/corert@1ba1446d4 Update xml comment for {ReadOnly}Memory.Pin method (dotnet/corefx#29137) (#17709)
* mono/corert@11fb1db81 Merge pull request #5787 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@feb4b14e8 Fixing a bug with calls to USG vtable-methods wrapped in a calling convention converter thunk. The issue was that the TypeBuilder creates calling convention converter thunks that uses mismatching method signatures and instantiation type arguments. The fix is to encode the signature of the declaring method (where the vtable method appears first on the type hierarchy), to make it match with the instantiation arguments that the call converter uses for substitution.
* mono/corert@bebd6a382 Fix CoreRT build break
* mono/corert@2dfb241a0 Move ConcurrentExclusiveSchedulerPair to shared CoreLib partition (#17914)
* mono/corert@a05b082ed Fix in ParameterInfo.DefaultValue path (#5786)
* mono/corert@4b49f0c8a Partial implementation of Thread.GetApartmentState (#5781)
* mono/corert@dfc7498a9 Port Array.Reverse optimization
* mono/corert@7b4ed3246 Speed up Array.Reverse by using ref reassignment (dotnet/coreclr#17891)
* mono/corert@26089dafa Delete unnecessary internal layer of Span globalization helpers (#17890)
* mono/corert@92418505e Enable resolving of .netmodule references (#5767)
* mono/corert@544dc8d06 Merge pull request #5774 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@cd67ae38c Add implementation of Marshal UTF8 methods (#5770)
* mono/corert@164e874a0 typo (dotnet/coreclr#17867)
* mono/corert@b6e552ae2 Clarifying comment on overflow (dotnet/coreclr#17865)
* mono/corert@671fc1cf1 Add Delegate cast to Task constructors (#5765)
* mono/corert@40d0efa2c Fix faulty assert in Utilities.SelectBucketIndex (dotnet/coreclr#17863)
* mono/corert@c5adaac59 remove duplicates
* mono/corert@becb08ebd Change x64 call to vcvarsall (#5763)
* mono/corert@a06ad74a3 Update DotnetCLIVersion.txt (#5762)
* mono/corert@4c08d92f8 Merge pull request #5760 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@d83618355 Merge pull request #5761 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@2d6804d5d Delete unnecessary SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity annotations
* mono/corert@472c2d151 Merge pull request #5759 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@2b4ff24eb Add McgMarshal.SysFreeString and McgMarshal.SafeCoTaskMemFree
* mono/corert@947e37a5a Delete unnecessary caches (dotnet/corefx#29392)
* mono/corert@20e062b37 Fix safe handle marshaling (#5754)
* mono/corert@94b97bf50 Merge pull request #5755 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@c1d07a0dc Fix Number.ParseNumber to not assume '\0' at the end of a span (#17808)
* mono/corert@aa517a501 Devirtualize delegate creation to sealed virtuals (#5749)
* mono/corert@f771b2f01 Change label name in Unix macro (#5750)
* mono/corert@aad951a27 Enable Interface dispatch for WASM (#5748)
* mono/corert@08d3d2c4a Fix AsyncLocal<class> changed event to not be raised multiple times for one change in value (#17767)
* mono/corert@363c982e0 [X86/ARM] Cross compiling docs update (#5692)
* mono/corert@c85da447f Add documentation of prerequisites to samples (#5746)
* mono/corert@33b606d99 Fix issues related to WebAssembly interface dispatch: (#5735)
* mono/corert@967bcfe73 Add new resource strings
* mono/corert@2de3785d8 Move Hashtable & friends to shared parition (dotnet/coreclr#17316)
* mono/corert@7721271d4 Respect allowReentrantWait in PalCompatibleWaitAny (#5743)
* mono/corert@048d22342 Merge pull request #5741 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@a54d59c4d Preserve pinned flag in {ReadOnly}Memory<T>.Slice (dotnet/corefx#29246) (#17712)
* mono/corert@6a22efa7c Fix getting the Absolute path while looking up the TZ files (#17711)
* mono/corert@869961e85 Tweak order of interface declarations on string (dotnet/coreclr#17660)
* mono/corert@b459963c0 Delete duplicate file (#5734)
* mono/corert@1bebadb12 Merge pull request #5733 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@7c91d97b1 Update MonoGame samples to WinExe (#5727)
* mono/corert@1f88f7d3b Disable Object.GetType optimizations (#5728)
* mono/corert@93e699c5b Use fully canonical method in ready to run helpers (#5726)
* mono/corert@fb6c218e6 Merge pull request #5729 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@ad06bed6f Move BSTR Marshalling support from MCG Template into S.P.Interop
* mono/corert@aa7f41b37 Return NULL from getTailCallCopyArgsThunk instead of throwing (#5712)
* mono/corert@3c4466f88 Update dependencies (#5724)
* mono/corert@9dfab1cb4 Add GetPinnableReference back to Span and ReadOnlySpan (#17504)
* mono/corert@10e56aed6 Adding failing string to Boolean and TimeSpan parse failure exceptions (#15661)
* mono/corert@7b63138ee Fix struct marshaling bugs (#5707)
* mono/corert@4d70212cd Add error message for common case of unsupported cross-compilation (#5709)
* mono/corert@93311a87c Dict: Use Ref Local Reassignment (C# 7.3) (dotnet/coreclr#17483)
* mono/corert@36ca6d6d3 Update xml comment for {ReadOnly}Memory.Pin method (dotnet/corefx#29137) (#17593)
* mono/corert@a084d10bb Collapse leftover AsSpan().Slice(...) into AsSpan(...) (#29078)
* mono/corert@3e43066d3 Remove CreateFromPinnedArray from Memory (moved to MemoryMarshal) (#17532)
* mono/corert@dfdced587 Update KoreanLunisolarCalendar.cs (dotnet/coreclr#17542)
* mono/corert@958f615bd UserDefinedTypeDescriptor: fix type for enum vars. (#5550)
* mono/corert@7f902d4d8 Build in Windows subsystem on Windows when OutputType is WinExe (#5701)
* mono/corert@64c254fc0 Fix default style argument to Double/Single/Decimal.Parse (#17556)
* mono/corert@8bb387b5a Update dependencies (#5700)
* mono/corert@9141909ef Use string.IsNullOrEmpty to eliminate bounds check to first char (#17512)
* mono/corert@d63532b73 Refresh ObjectWriter package (#5688)
* mono/corert@9b8838a2e Fix build with the latest clang (#5696)
* mono/corert@d3f7f96cd Some cleanup for ArrayPool trimming (dotnet/coreclr#17518)
* mono/corert@52d73ad66 Merge pull request #5697 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@084a8c7c4 [ARM/X86] Fix calling conventions (#5684)
* mono/corert@ca7b6a82e Update RyuJIT (#5689)
* mono/corert@bfeb19ea8 Merge pull request #5695 from MichalStrehovsky/nmirror-merge
* mono/corert@753b12932 Fix metadata generation for null string constants (#5690)
* mono/corert@900214568 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/nmirror' into nmirror-merge
* mono/corert@657a36664 Use canonical method IL in scanner's ImportCall (#5686)
* mono/corert@55cb81aff Fix test scripts (#5687)
* mono/corert@dd69f1636 Add conservative upper bound calculation for GC in CoffNativeCodeManager (#5585)
* mono/corert@df8d48011 Put reference to RhCompatibleReentrantWaitAny behind a define (#5691)
* mono/corert@f1da066af Merge pull request #5693 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@4f0bf6e23 UnwindRhpThrowHwEx - Fix the stack unwinding issue during hardware exception dispatch
* mono/corert@aa528836c Remove MemoryManager.Length (dotnet/coreclr#17498)
* mono/corert@04305ff98 Port dynamic load checks from CoreCLR (#5683)
* mono/corert@3b8b65ee8 Fix Assert in ValueTask (dotnet/coreclr#17511)
* mono/corert@33b19b28a Fix CoreRT build breaks
* mono/corert@1d8128886 Simple trim of ArrayPool buffers (dotnet/coreclr#17078)
* mono/corert@c287404f6 [ARM] Fix missed NYI_Assert in Release build (#5679)
* mono/corert@213fa37d7 Fix cmake toolchain compile flags loop (#5646)
* mono/corert@7741fe1e7 Update Unix dependencies doc (#5678)
* mono/corert@54e795980 Add CreateFromPinnedArray to MemoryMarshal (dotnet/coreclr#17500)
* mono/corert@0e09fc28f Merge pull request #5675 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@5a7117010 [tfs-changeset: 1695985]
* mono/corert@1718de1ec Make ObjWriter build work on Windows (#5671)
* mono/corert@1c49e1e19 Merge pull request #5673 from MichalStrehovsky/nmirror
* mono/corert@2086232bf Avoid Unsafe.As usage in ValueTask that can break type safety (#17471)
* mono/corert@16b9fc789 Use non-inlineable overload for rare CompareOrdinalIgnoreCase path (#17492)
* mono/corert@7b588675b Avoid Unsafe.As usage in ValueTask that can break type safety (#17471)
* mono/corert@393e8f002 Update ThrowHelper to include manager
* mono/corert@84c8e1f11 Fix MemoryManager ctor and use internal span ctor to improve performance (#17452)
* mono/corert@e874d6c58 New ObjectWriter NuGet packaging scripts (#5667)
* mono/corert@88c56dbf1 Quality of Life improvements to CoreFX testing infra (#5651)
* mono/corert@e8bdf874e Change section of RuntimeMethodHandle/RuntimeFieldHandle (#5666)
* mono/corert@46f519708 Disable type equality optimizations (#5665)
* mono/corert@b0699ed71 Add gssapi_krb5 to linker args on Linux (#5663)
* mono/corert@7ce5d362d Add YieldAwaiter support to the async method builder delegate optimization (#17441)
* mono/corert@a1d1dc873 Initialize modules and run StartupCodeMain in wasm (#5621)
* mono/corert@c4d4dd827 Add some comments to SpanHelpers.Char IndexOf and LastIndexOf (#17447)
* mono/corert@85b5e0abe Merge pull request #5659 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@f3e3b2620 Merge pull request #5657 from MichalStrehovsky/copyToRegression
* mono/corert@3f8ad5cfc Fix Dictionary CopyTo regression (dotnet/coreclr#17300)
* mono/corert@f3e58aab2 revert "Work around MCG bug around `ref char` marshalling #5481" (#5656)
* mono/corert@18dee6b6b Vectorize and use ROSpan.LastIndexOf as the workhorse for string.LastIndexOf (#17370)
* mono/corert@79215333d Merge pull request dotnet/coreclr#17432 from stephentoub/portnumericperf
* mono/corert@4596d662c Consolidate and optimize TextInfo.ChangeCase (dotnet/coreclr#17391)
* mono/corert@1c8cdc1ac Avoid unnecessary string allocations in IdnMapping (dotnet/coreclr#17399)
* mono/corert@c95de93bc Update CoreFX dependencies (#5650)
* mono/corert@4d0c43772 Add gss as NativeFramework on OSX to support NetSecurityNative linking (#5644)
* mono/corert@ce65d9a48 Make AsSpan(this string) ForceInline to be on par with AsSpan(this T[]) (#17368)
* mono/corert@78f37847c Change OwnedMemory to MemoryManager and add an IMemoryOwner. (#17340)
* mono/corert@916b9fd28 Dict cache default comparer for object types (dotnet/coreclr#17285)
* mono/corert@382a92b66 StringBuilder.Equals: value to span (dotnet/coreclr#17311)
* mono/corert@7a6d611ee Implement P/Invoke 'A' and 'W' Probing (#5618)
* mono/corert@de3f215ed Use ROSpan.IndexOf as the workhorse for string.IndexOf (#17284)
* mono/corert@d2a240024 Fix Dictionary CopyTo regression (dotnet/coreclr#17300)
* mono/corert@9efeb9316 Nit changes in API diff between .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Core 2.1 (#17288)
* mono/corert@52f30f135 Update dependencies (#5638)
* mono/corert@74615b4e9 Get rid of compiler warning in StaticLibrary test (#5636)
* mono/corert@9737e5030 [Linux/ARM] Fix mapping symbols for compiled managed code (#5634)
* mono/corert@7381280c5 Report IsIntrinsic on InstantiatedType (#5633)
* mono/corert@dfcd12f92 Use a shared DynamicInvoke for delegates and reflection (#5615)
* mono/corert@e0b0120be Adding Memory.Pin() to eventually replace Memory.Retain(bool) (#17269)
* mono/corert@5bfd7d54c Fix regression in StreamWriter.Write perf for small inputs (#17251)
* mono/corert@f882b1490 Fix SIMD intrinsic detection
* mono/corert@abe104f35 Move String.Comparison.cs to shared CoreLib partition (#17247)
* mono/corert@6813cdf3d Merge pull request #5631 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@86a739dc0 All valuetype generic parameters of a constructed type are effectively constructed This is generally not that critical, but in the presence of universal generics the compiler may generate a Box followed by calls to ToString, GetHashcode or Equals in ways that are not otherwise be detected by dependency analysis. - Force all struct type generic parameters to be considered constructed when walking dependencies of a constructed generic
* mono/corert@cd109d354 Cleanup InternalsVisibleTo (dotnet/coreclr#17185)
* mono/corert@4fe753e76 Update CoreFX Test Binaries URL (#5628)
* mono/corert@2e5258163 Delete MemoryExtensions.AsBytes (dotnet/coreclr#17245)
* mono/corert@4fc352f38 Vectorized SequenceCompareTo for Span<char> (dotnet/coreclr#17237)
* mono/corert@5911cea5a New chunk should be equal/larger than the one it replaces (#17219)
* mono/corert@032ac7c0e Update uses of AsBytes to use MemoryMarshal.AsBytes (dotnet/corefx#28460)
* mono/corert@73b8d8fd1 Vectorize Span.IndexOf for T = char, similar to T = byte. (#28464) (#17218)
* mono/corert@57a72aa82 Merge pull request #5620 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@c74e45e9e Dictionary/List code clean up/formatting (C#7) (dotnet/coreclr#17196)
* mono/corert@229befa81 Fix CompareTo/Equals when dealing with Empty Span or Span wrapping a null string (#17115)
* mono/corert@cb17e8c12 Merge pull request #5613 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@5f16e6b30 Fix "dotnet publish" on Unix (#5610)
* mono/corert@5975ce3f9 Merge pull request #5612 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@b3a5080a3 Rename CancellationTokenRegistration.TryDeregister method to Unregister and make it public. We need to call this method from CoreFX's AsyncInfoToTaskBridge to avoid leaking memory when a CancellationTokenSource is reused.
* mono/corert@82821754e Fix Path.GetTempFileName on Windows (dotnet/coreclr#17148)
* mono/corert@e85b85fb3 Update dependencies (#5608)
* mono/corert@9df718944 Fixes StringBuilder unbounded size growth in Clear() when we use a mix of Append and Insert (#16926)
* mono/corert@85b8a2612 Rename new Stream.Read/Write{Async} Span/Memory source/Destination arguments to buffer (#17141)
* mono/corert@ed6176229 Handle null execution context in threadpool callback (#5605)
* mono/corert@57082a666 Update dependencies (#5601)
* mono/corert@ce97ac1f2 Merge pull request #5602 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@88a928a89 DwarfSimpleArrayTypeInfo: change type of Size to uint64_t (#5600)
* mono/corert@d07f54d34 Fix incorrect array dereference. (dotnet/coreclr#17113)
* mono/corert@0a62dc2aa Merge pull request #5597 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@5b3316913 Rename {Try}Read/WriteMachineEndian to just {Try}Read/Write (#17106)
* mono/corert@9751537e6 Improve DateTime{Offset} "r" and "o" formatting performance (#17092)
* mono/corert@639cf84e4 Moving Span APIs that allow skipping visibility checks to MemoryMarshal (#17087)
* mono/corert@f8edf2eeb Small tweaks to Dict asm size (dotnet/coreclr#17096)
* mono/corert@0e7e9dd42 ProjectX: Bug fix for sealed vtable entries for dynamic SzArray types
* mono/corert@7f872fe28 Avoid allocating when SuppressFlow'ing in default ExecutionContext (#17081)
* mono/corert@d1660c462 API consistency for System.Memory APIs (argument names) (#28160)
* mono/corert@e19f3f748 Enclose all paths passed to linker in quotes to ensure spaces are treated correctly (#5589)
* mono/corert@d325e5804 Enable local strongname signing (#5582)
* mono/corert@17069af03 Produce correct pdb file during "Dotnet publish" (#5588)
* mono/corert@38c8a8836 Port System.Memory performance improvements to Convert.TryFromBase64Chars (#17033)
* mono/corert@e7eded4ec Fix build break
* mono/corert@aa7e2120e mechanims -> mechanisms (#5568)
* mono/corert@f5f9074cb Merge pull request #5583 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@c6b58e796 Fix for customer bug Bug 519008: Add support for suppressing stack frame resolution using reflection invoke map
* mono/corert@e92ca298c Fix major System.Memory performance regression on .NET Framework x86 (#28179)
* mono/corert@b115e9526 Move CompareInfo.* to shared CoreLib partition (dotnet/coreclr#17062)
* mono/corert@f812b3357 Merge pull request #5573 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@c4752d355 Merge pull request #5579 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@a669542d5 Add pointer type unwrapping for return values
* mono/corert@7a1a5f557 Merge pull request #5578 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@611aec178 Undo workaround for ProjectN bug #555233
* mono/corert@539b297a3 Merge pull request #5577 from dotnet/master
* mono/corert@0ac0f76d9 Fix ProjectN build break and work around MCG bug (#5576)
* mono/corert@bc0d90234 Objwriter: fix warnings (#5571)
* mono/corert@a6928b568 Fix automatic rebuild of the objwriter project (#5552)
* mono/corert@26fdd9c31 Remove eager assert (#5574)
* mono/corert@a174072dd Merge pull request #5572 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@670505faf Implement support for System.Reflection.Pointer in dynamic invocation scenarios
* mono/corert@31651b106 Make Server GC component optional (#5565)
* mono/corert@828a35d58 Fix EventSource Test Failures in CoreFX (dotnet/coreclr#16999)
* mono/corert@0b7256a4a Use Win32Marshal from CoreLib shared code (dotnet/corefx#28161)
* mono/corert@0a60033bf Use vectorized T=byte implementations to optimize all MemoryExtensions APIs for T != byte (#28080)
* mono/corert@6f04b626a Add EventSource TraceLogging Support for EventPipe (dotnet/coreclr#16861)
* mono/corert@107dd839d Port changes in non-shared CoreLib partition
* mono/corert@9c9f0548d Prevent concurrent use corruption from causing infinite loops (#16991)
* mono/corert@ba62f21e4 Updates unsafe String constructors to be consistent when handling null value (#17002)
* mono/corert@e88d8f061 Put the path on IOException strings when possible (dotnet/coreclr#16998)
* mono/corert@986374fa7 Fix warning, add assert (#5563)
* mono/corert@b8b426cb9 Filter out bogus control PCs passed to CodeManagers (#5562)
* mono/corert@7a57b7b19 Switch back to more performant and portable Marvin implementation
* mono/corert@2007ee0b6 Fix comment in IgnoreCase CompareInfo handling.
* mono/corert@4cc6985b7 Use managed marvin hashing for IgnoreCase comparison (dotnet/coreclr#16945)
* mono/corert@3fdbb6d7e Port SequentialEqual() optimizations to ReadOnlySpan overloads (#28073)
* mono/corert@f485eff90 Merge pull request #5559 from dotnet/nmirror
* mono/corert@f76c6638a Merge pull request #5560 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@f5ee8b1d4 [tfs-changeset: 1692327]
* mono/corert@81558f07e Merge pull request #5558 from dotnet-bot/from-tfs
* mono/corert@6dd566f4e Fixing bug 463121. Removing the unnecessary _callConverterWrappedMethodEntrypoints dictionary lookups, since they are already covered by another API on the calling convention converter.
* mono/corert@953ea41ef Fix GetTempPath (dotnet/coreclr#16921)
* mono/corert@d78cf6248 [Linux] Implement generation dwarf debuginfo for types and vars (#5542)
* mono/corert@e915c6330 Update main readme file (#5555)
* mo…
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