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Don't install monograph #7845

lambdageek opened this issue Mar 27, 2018 · 4 comments


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@lambdageek lambdageek commented Mar 27, 2018

monograph ( is a utility that dumps a callgraph or type hierarchy information from a given assembly (in graphviz dot format).

I'm not sure who this is useful for, but this seems like a tool that ought to be built on top of IKVM or Cecil and not by embedding Mono.

We ship it, but it hasn't worked for a while because we never test it.

mono_os_mutex_lock: pthread_mutex_lock failed with "Invalid argument" (22)
Abort trap: 6

Since noone complained, I assume noone uses it. So we should stop shipping it.


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@lambdageek lambdageek commented Mar 27, 2018

The runtime crash will be fixed by #7836, so we can ship something that won't crash anymore. But we shouldn't ship it at all.


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@akoeplinger akoeplinger commented Mar 27, 2018

Alternatively we could add a test so we don't break it again ;)


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@marek-safar marek-safar commented Mar 27, 2018

It should be fine to stop shipping it, it's really special dev tools with no maintenance


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@directhex directhex commented Mar 27, 2019

It's been removed on Linux since 4.0.0 packages. #13699 for Windows/Mac

@directhex directhex closed this in 38fdb39 Mar 28, 2019
directhex added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 28, 2019
Delete monograph. Closes #7845
akoeplinger added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 29, 2019
(cherry picked from commit ac0f7ec)
@marek-safar marek-safar added the task label Apr 2, 2019
alexischr added a commit to xamarin/xamarin-android that referenced this issue Apr 9, 2019
Bump mono
Commit list for mono/mono:

* mono/mono@af5b50b [debugger-agent] Ignore thread_end event if thread is detached (#13938)
* mono/mono@6c59f0e [System.Net.Http] Use LEGACY_HTTPCLIENT on xammac_net_4_5
* mono/mono@e5985e5 [2019-02] [merp] Restore non-assertion behavior in debugger-engine.c (#13879)
* mono/mono@b2b2089 [System.Data] Remove unnecessary file from xunit tests (#13935)
* mono/mono@b1eb3d5 [AOT] remove confusing llcopts flag (#13910)
* mono/mono@6b98136 Bump bockbuild to get GTK fix (#13912)
* mono/mono@c4d0fae [corlib] Fix exception 'replacement' in IsolatedStorageFile.MoveFile()
* mono/mono@e728be3 [mono-dl] Don't do thread state transitions in mono_dl_fallback_register
* mono/mono@c61202d [2019-02] [merp] Fix image size reported (#13882)
* mono/mono@7ecc538 Add temporary workaround for internal StreamContent constructor.
* mono/mono@9eb2dbf [corlib] Disable EncodingTest.AllEncodingsAreSerializable() on XM4.5 too
* mono/mono@3a93521 [MacSDK] Bump bockbuild for fix to #13804
* mono/mono@6717c34 [2019-02] Bump linker to latest master (#13818)
* mono/mono@6d2f150 Add regression test
* mono/mono@fe613fb Add reflected class to event methods
* mono/mono@a1fc070 [System] Clear MONO_CFG_DIR before starting mcs in CodeDOM CSharpCodeGenerator for XM4.5 (#13742)
* mono/mono@ddb5110 [2019-02] [sdks,mac] Remove dependency on MXE in favor of MinGW (#13765)
* mono/mono@7827aff Update API snapshot
* mono/mono@4e3ef48 Update System.Net.Http for Watch
* mono/mono@0366d7d Bump binary-reference-assemblies
* mono/mono@5460d8a [System.Net.Http] Add IVT to Xamarin.* assemblies and update Mac
* mono/mono@4af52d1 [2019-02][System.Net.Http] Move Mac/iOS specific HttpMessageHandler's to Xamarin.*.dll (#13748)
* mono/mono@6e75d64 Delete monograph. Closes mono/mono#7845
* mono/mono@253d8a7 Merge pull request #13724 from monojenkins/backport-pr-13700-to-2019-02
* mono/mono@ebe0dc9 Switch `make dist` format from BZip2 to XZ.
* mono/mono@5c781f2 [llvm] Fix the computation of size of gshared instances in another place.
* mono/mono@bff188a [runtime] Revert daf92b9e62a847d521ae314c320d3502fefe217e. (#13696)
* mono/mono@c40db61 Port 13553 "Fix transition offset logic" to master
* mono/mono@01665fe [tests] Remove MONOMAC ifdef from BCL tests
* mono/mono@d88455b [mono] Don't try "open" handlers on iOS/Android in ves_icall_System_Diagnostics_Process_ShellExecuteEx_internal
* mono/mono@18b4372 [System.Xml] Don't hardcode nunit-lite-console in GeneratedCodeAttribute
* mono/mono@faddbca [corlib] Skip FileTest.LastWriteTimeSubMsCopy on older iOS Simulators
* mono/mono@232bcaf [llvm] Fix the computation of size of gshared instances in emit_args_to_vtype ().
* mono/mono@e305e6e [amd64] use 32bit variant of lea_membase for 32bit operations
* mono/mono@f19c20e Revert "Do not use MAP_JIT by default, instead make this something that is toggled by Xamarin.Mac which needs it" (#13645)
* mono/mono@865d4f4 Do not use MAP_JIT by default, instead make this something that is toggled by Xamarin.Mac which needs it
* mono/mono@55a50db [sdks] Easier labels for pipeline parts
* mono/mono@a3111b9 [sdks] Build Android Linux Mono SDKs package on CI
* mono/mono@d9b51f1 [arm] respect potential spilling for overflow flag check (#13578)
* mono/mono@181330a [2019-02] [aot] Avoid an assert which can happen in normal usage. (#13604)
* mono/mono@537f49f [2019-02] Bump linker to latest master (#13596)
* mono/mono@4291bf4 [2019-02] Make test runner able to deal with whitespace patterns other than newline (#13595)

Diff: mono/mono@7b621a3...af5b50b
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