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March 25, 2014


Revert "[llvm] Fix the build."
This reverts commit d6cc132.

Revert this as it doesn't work with the currently used llvm version.
February 18, 2014


Fix some warnings on !MONO_ARCH_AOT_SUPPORTED targets.
February 06, 2014


[System] Fix process creation when UseShellExecute is set to false.
This fixes the behavior of process spawning when UseShellExecute is
set to true.

The right behavior is to return no process only when we used the system
launcher. So, spawning /bin/cat should behave in the same way independent
of how UseShellExecute is set.
December 16, 2013


[PCL]: Add new `System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime' APIs a…
…nd Facade Assembly.

This is a squashed cherry-pick of commits 37af8b7, 7d23865, 1908e1d and d0d5f5a, which
fixes problems with the MS Rx NuGet package.
November 14, 2013


[runtime] Fix the osx mavericks stack size calculation in sgen too.
October 25, 2013


Revert my last two commits; these would require a new cecil.
This reverts commits c29ac46
and b31c948.
September 11, 2013


Bump ikvm again to only pick-up my single commit.
I created a new 'mono-master' branch in ivkm-fork, which is based
at the previous ikvm commit, then cherry-picked my single commit.

Apparently, there are API changes in IVKM which prevent it from
being applied cleanly.
July 29, 2013


Include all of Martin's spec file changes
July 22, 2013


Bump version number to 3.2.0
July 15, 2013


Put the unbox_trampolines table into the .text segment instead of .ro…
…data on mt since it contains code.
July 09, 2013


[runtime]On install, symlink mono to the right binary.
June 14, 2013


Mark MonoCMethod (runtime subclass of ConstructorInfo) as serializabl…
…e. Fixes #12611
May 21, 2013


Fix the check in bf9c7dc.
The C preprocessor sucks.
April 16, 2013


When .NET serializes it will use the TypeForwardedFrom information when
writing Assembly information but Mono does not. This means that
serialized objects created on one platform are not able to be
deserialized on the other, thus preventing interoperability between .NET
and mono applications. Fixes the ObservableCollection part of bugzilla
April 13, 2013


Clear the domain on thread exit after the profile thread end hook, si…
…nce it might need it to be set.
April 09, 2013


Hopefully fix the windows build.
April 04, 2013


rx: Add -d:HAS_AWAIT options to 4.5 and 2.1 builds.
March 07, 2013
March 07, 2013


empty commit to get a new build going with a gtk-sharp fix
February 27, 2013
February 25, 2013
February 19, 2013


Avoid deadce on OP_INEG since it sets the condition codes, and the OP…
…_LNEG decomposition depends on this on x86. Fixes #10320.
January 11, 2013


[msbuild] Fix import set to expected path when invalid imports are al…

It was failing to resolve <Import> to correct path because it allowed
invalid imports too early in Import.ForEachExtensionPathTillFound().

It is due to Project.AddSingleImport() that checks if invalid imports
can be ignored by load setting. But simply removing this check results
in regressions in nunit tests that fails to report required invalid imports.

This bug was one of the blockers to build fsharp-droid from xbuild:
January 08, 2013


Remove NET_2_1 default (broken) context
December 05, 2012


Treat param area stack slots as being part of the callee frame, not t…
…he caller, so precise stack marking works for methods with tail calls as well.
November 28, 2012


Make sure we don't corrupt the heap when serializing a unix domain so…

	* socket-io.c (create_object_from_sockaddr): The resulting array size must
	be two bytes larger than the sockaddr one since we always serialize the family
	kind at the beginning.

	This fixes a crash on MD-linux-amd64-mono-sgen-3.0 running unit tests.
November 05, 2012


Remove SRE.UnmanagedMarshal dependency from System.Reflection.
	* FieldInfo.cs:
	* MonoMethod.cs:
	* ParameterInfo.cs: Remove silly dep on UnmanagedMarshal to use
	MarshalAsAttribute which is what we need in the end.

	* icall.c:
	* reflection.c: Use the custom attribute type instead of the SRE
	one. This allows FULL_AOT_RUNTIME to work with stuff that uses
October 16, 2012
September 06, 2012


Fix base type definition in repl. Fixes #5913.
August 09, 2012


Bump the debian submodule to the right revision again
someone accidentally reverted it to an old commit.
June 26, 2012


Fix UdpClientTest.UdpClientBroadcastTest().
You must not use Send() with an endpoint after using either the
hostname constructor or calling Connect(); see the MSDN docs.
April 19, 2012


Document new sgen options in the man page.
March 22, 2012


Initial separation of state machine and anonymous method story to all…
…ow both of them exist in same block
January 30, 2012


Fix gdb backtraces on OSX.
We can't redirect output from gdb: since gdb will suspend us we won't
be able to read from the pipe we've redirected output to, and we'll
end up deadlocking if gdb outputs a lot of data (see bug #2548).
December 19, 2011


Disable gdb backtracing until #2548 has been fixed.
December 19, 2011

Disable gdb backtracing until #2548 has been fixed.
December 05, 2011


Add TimeZoneInfo.MonoTouch.cs so that it's included in dist
September 15, 2011


Fix prepending $(CURDIR) to paths failing under cygwin
August 22, 2011
August 08, 2011
July 29, 2011


Use wrappers for accessing socket errors. Cygwin does not have some e…
…rrors in errno.h. Fixes Windows build.
April 25, 2011
March 21, 2011


Revert fcbb571 and implement it differently.
The commit had the good idea but since some values of the enumeration overlap it broke the correct behavior. Instead we now turn off the extra options and use the previous way to check.
February 25, 2011
February 22, 2011
February 17, 2011


Make sure we keep a root for the delegates when calling them.
	* method-to-ir.c (mono_emit_method_call_full): Make sure
	we keep a root for delegates when calling them using the
	fast delegate dispatch.

	Fixes #667921
February 09, 2011


Add MonoCQItem to the moonlight build, otherwise we abort
February 01, 2011
November 29, 2010
November 17, 2010
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