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The purpose of eglib is to be an X11-licensed subset of glib that can
be used with Mono when the Mono runtime is explicitly relicensed under
a different license by Novell.

The implementation is done from the public documentation available here:

Currently this is only being built standalone, use:

	  ./ --prefix=/tmp/test

Currently all the definitions go into a single file: glib.h, there are 
no separate files, please try to follow the convetions in the source code

* Tests
	Please read the README in tests/

* Plans: short and long term.

	The short term plans for eglib is to allow Mono to optionally
	build with it instead of using glib, gmodule and gthread, but
	the default build will continue to be done against glib 2.0.

	Our first target is to make this work with Linux, other
	platforms will follow after that.

	In the long-term (Mono 2.0) we are considering dropping glib
	as a dependency, considering that Mono requires a modern Unix
	system to run anyways (for its thread support) it would allow
	us to fix some of the glib API limitations we have to live
	with (explicit thread support for example), rework the API to
	use types from stdint.h and we would be able to drop three
	external shared libraries.

	This would reduce memory usage for the handful of routines
	that we use from glib, dynamic linker overhead for those and
	would allow us to tune the implementation to Mono's needs. 
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