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2011-01-19 Andreas Windischer
* monocov.1: README -> Man Page synchronized.
* MANIFEST: MonoCovOptions.cs, gui/qt/* added.
2011-01-16 Andreas Windischer
* coverage.c: Check fgets return value.
2011-01-15 Andreas Windischer
* gui/gtk/CoverageView.cs: Expand on double click fix.
* CoverageModel.cs: If assembly could not be found, search in datafile-directory.
2011-01-12 Andreas Windischer
* MonoCovMain.cs, MonoCovOptions.cs, monocov.1, README:
The application will return an exit code which can be used to determine if all
classes/methodes have a greater code coverage than specified.
2011-01-02 Andreas Windischer
* gui/gtk/CoverageView.cs: Create the method nodes only when
the class item is opened
2010-12-30 Andreas Windischer
* HtmlExporter.cs: Never used private fields removed.
* gui/gtk/CoverageView.cs: Never used private field removed.
* MonoConvMain.cs: xml/html-export error handling added.
* MonoCovMain.cs, MonoCovOptions.cs, gui/gtk/MonoCov.cs, gui/qt/MonoCov.cs, gui/gtk/MonoCov.cs, Makefile, configure:
Migrate from Mono.GetOptions (obsolete) to Mono.Options
2010-12-28 Andreas Windischer
* gui/gtk/MonoCov.cs: catch file open error.
2009-01-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* README: Add a status section.
2008-12-02 Peter Johanson <>
* gui/gtk/CoverageView.cs:
* gui/gtk/MonoCov.cs: small enhancements to the gtk# UI.
2008-07-15 Sandy Armstrong <>
* CoverageModel.cs, symbols.cs: Update to build against latest code
in Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter.
2007-04-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* gui/gtk/CoverageView.cs: Applied patch from
Valentin Sawadski <>. Add color coding to the
coverage tree.
2007-04-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* coverage.c: Applied patch from
Valentin Sawadski <>. Fix handling of generic
2007-04-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* coverage.c (output_method): Escape classname as well.
Thu Nov 30 17:36:43 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* gui/gtk/SourceWindow.cs: work around Gtk bug.
* coverage.c: disable domain unload for now and make sure
methods names are encoded correctly in the XML file.
Thu Nov 30 12:15:03 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* Ship a Cecil binary in the source tarball. Added a
configure option to specify a Cecil binary.
* style.xsl: fixed mangling of hrefs.
Mon Nov 27 13:47:24 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* UI updates. Removed unused dependency on gnome-sharp.
Upped version.
Fri Nov 24 20:09:05 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* Fixes and manpage added.
Fri Nov 24 19:41:04 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* XmlExporter.cs: deal with nested types by changing slashes
into dots in filenames.
Fri Nov 24 17:01:27 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* Makefile, configure: added configure script and install/dist target.
* coverage.c: updated to not require access to mono internals.
Fri Nov 24 16:25:51 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* CoverageModel.cs: updated to use Cecil to load assemblies
so the tool can be used with both 1.0 and 2.0 runtimes.
Made it handle the conversion between the different name
conventions for nested types.
* coverage.c: include the assembly filename in the output so
we don't have to try and emulate the runtime assembly load
process and we can find the used assembly right away.
Fri Nov 24 16:23:38 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* gui/gtk/*.cs: usability improvements and changes to make
it run with more recent versions of glade-sharp.
2006-04-04 Jacob Ilsø Christensen <>
* CoverageModel.cs: Removed redundant for loops
in GetSourceRangeFor.
* Makefile: Use -debug instead of -g.
2006-04-04 Jacob Ilsø Christensen <>
* Makefile: Fixed clean target.
* README: Updated.
2006-04-04 Jacob Ilsø Christensen <>
* .: Added svn:ignore property values.
2006-04-03 Jacob Ilsø Christensen <>
* Makefile: Use gmcs instead of mcs.
* symbols.cs: Updated after port to gmcs.
* CoverageModel.cs: Updated after port to gmcs.
2006-04-02 Jacob Ilsø Christensen <>
* Makefile: Use gtk-sharp gnome-sharp and glade-sharp in 2.0 verions.
2005-11-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* Makefile gui/gtk/MonoCov.cs: Update to latest mono.
2005-07-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* LICENSE: Change license to the class libs license.
2005-03-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* gui/gtk/*.cs: Applied patch from Rafael Teixeira <>.
Fix compilation problems on HEAD.
* symbols.cs: Update to latest Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter.
* Makefile: Disable building of nunit-console.exe for now.
2004-12-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* coverage.c *.cs Makefile: Applied patch from Mike Tindal ( Fix compilation problems on HEAD.
2004-05-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* CoverageModel.cs: Invoke GetGuid dynamically since it is no longer
2004-04-15 Rafael Teixeira <>
*: README - nowadays it's mono --profile=xxx and not --profile:xxx
2004-04-15 Zoltan Varga <>
*: Update to latest mono + gtk#.
2003-10-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* nunit-console.cs: Update to latest nunit.
2003-07-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* style.xsl: Made the output valid HTML 4.0 Transitional.
2003-07-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* coverage.c (mono_profiler_startup): Fix startup if no arguments
are provided.
2003-07-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* Makefile: Updated to work in the mono CVS directory structure.
* MonoCovMain.cs gui/gtk/MonoCov.cs gui/qt/MonoCov.cs: Moved all
non-gui command line processing into a separate class.
* all: Initial import into CVS.
2003-07-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* HtmlExporter.cs: Implemented HTML exporter.
* style.xsl: Small modifications needed by the HTML export method.
2003-06-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* New version with many enchantments.
2003-01-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* gui/qt/SourceView.cs: fixed viewing of source files which contain
tags recognized by QTextEdit.
2003-01-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* coverage.c: Handle nested types correctly.
2002-12-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* coverage.c README: Added filters to the back end. They can be used by
passing the '--coverage-args filterfile=<NAME>' argument on the command
2002-12-28 Zoltan Varga <>
* first public version.