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Some tutorials that we need to write:
* Basics
* Creating a new project
* Explaining solutions and projects.
* Adding assemblies or packages to a project.
* Creating reusable components.
* Creating C/C++ projects (can we even do this?)
* Development
* Refactoring
* Build and Deployment.
* Importing a Visual Studio Project into MonoDevelop
* Maintenance: creating makefiles, autotools.
* Creating packages.
* Working with Source Code Control
* Using source code control
* Web Programming
* How to create ASP.NET applications with MonoDevelop
* Accesing Services
* Consuming Web Services
Adding Web References.
* Adding
* Gtk# development
* Creating a project from scratch
* Using Stetic to create user interfaces
* Using Stetic to create reusable components.
* Localizing applications.
* Desktop Integration.
* Working With Databases
* The Database Explorer
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