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# No modifications of this Makefile should be necessary.
# This file contains the build instructions for installing OMF files. It is
# generally called from the makefiles for particular formats of documentation.
# Note that you must configure your package with --localstatedir=/var/lib
# so that the scrollkeeper-update command below will update the database
# in the standard scrollkeeper directory.
# If it is impossible to configure with --localstatedir=/var/lib, then
# modify the definition of scrollkeeper_localstate_dir so that
# it points to the correct location. Note that you must still use
# $(localstatedir) in this or when people build RPMs it will update
# the real database on their system instead of the one under RPM_BUILD_ROOT.
# Note: This make file is not incorporated into xmldocs.make because, in
# general, there will be other documents install besides XML documents
# and the makefiles for these formats should also include this file.
# About this file:
# This file was taken from scrollkeeper_example2, a package illustrating
# how to install documentation and OMF files for use with ScrollKeeper
# 0.3.x and 0.4.x. For more information, see:
# Version: 0.1.2 (last updated: March 20, 2002)
scrollkeeper_localstate_dir = $(localstatedir)/scrollkeeper
omf: omf_timestamp
omf_timestamp: $(omffile)
-for file in $(omffile); do \
scrollkeeper-preinstall $(docdir)/$(docname).xml $(srcdir)/$$file $$file.out; \
touch omf_timestamp
$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(omf_dest_dir)
for file in $(omffile); do \
$(INSTALL_DATA) $$file.out $(DESTDIR)$(omf_dest_dir)/$$file; \
-scrollkeeper-update -p $(scrollkeeper_localstate_dir) -o $(DESTDIR)$(omf_dest_dir)
-for file in $(srcdir)/*.omf; do \
basefile=`basename $$file`; \
rm -f $(omf_dest_dir)/$$basefile; \
-rmdir $(omf_dest_dir)
-scrollkeeper-update -p $(scrollkeeper_localstate_dir)
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