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# NOTE: this file is for git 1.6.6 (and possibly older)
# Post-1.7.2 there is eol and text, and crlf is deprecated
# but we can't depend on an unreleased version...
# This file mainly controls line ending conversion behaviour, if
# the user has the setting core.autocrlf true.
# The meaning of the attributes is a little odd
# -crlf means DO NOT convert line endings
# crlf means CONVERT to lf in the repo & Linux/Mac, crlf on Windows
# First, turn off git line ending handling except on a case-by-case basis
# because our repo isn't normalized, in general.
# There are even files with mixed line endings.
* -crlf
# sln is always CRLF, even on linux, so don't convert
*.sln -crlf
# These files can be converted, since they're new
.gitattributes crlf
.gitignore crlf
# Having proj files as crlf on windows will make VS happier
# MD can deal with (and preserve) either, so it doesn't matter.
# Unfortunately MD creates with LF, so we need to convert these.
*proj crlf
# All Stetic's files are always generated as LF, so explicitly ignore those.
# Sadly, git has useless path globs
*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
*/*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
*/*/*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
*/*/*/*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
*/*/*/*/*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
*/*/*/*/*/*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/gtk-gui/* -crlf
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