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This is MonoDevelop which is intended to be a full-featured integrated
development environment (IDE) for mono and Gtk#. It was originally a
port of SharpDevelop 0.98. See for more info.
Compiling for users
./configure --prefix=`pkg-config --variable=prefix mono`
make install
the pkg-config line is to get MD installed with the rest of mono/gtk-sharp/etc
This is *required*
Compiling for developers
To compile run the following command:
To run MonoDevelop:
make run
make clean && make && make run
Compiling the ASP.NET Editor Support
For this, you must build and install jscall-sharp
Then you must configure monodevelop with:
--enable-aspnet --enable-aspnetedit
Installing is currently optional.
(Use make run to use MonoDevelop without installing.)
make install
(It's possible that you need to install for your locale to be correctly set.)
Mono >= 1.1.10
Gtk# >= 2.8.0
monodoc >= 1.0
gecko-sharp-2.0 >= 0.10
gtksourceview-sharp >= 0.10
SharpDevelop Tech Notes
Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) standards
Integrating with GNOME (a little out of date)
Discussion, Bugs, Patches
------------------------- (questions and discussion) (track commits to MonoDevelop) (track MonoDevelop bugzilla component) (submit bugs and patches here)
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