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Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @Therzok
  2. @Therzok

    Merge pull request #887 from gitexperience/patch-12

    Therzok authored
    [Ide] Configure 'Rename' operation
  3. @gitexperience

    [Ide] Configure 'Rename' operation

    gitexperience authored
    'Rename' operation is not working properly and it shows 'invalid characters error' all the time , this patch fixes this.
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @garuma

    Updated reference to md-addins

    garuma authored
  2. @Therzok
  3. @Therzok
  4. @Therzok

    Merge pull request #881 from Indomitable/windows-password-fix

    Therzok authored
    Remove check for UserName equal to IntPtr.Zero
  5. @DavidKarlas

    Fixing build

    DavidKarlas authored
  6. @alanmcgovern
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @sgmunn

    bump md-addins

    sgmunn authored
  2. @bratsche

    Merge pull request #879 from manish/refactor-uitests

    bratsche authored
    Added UITest for ASP.NET and Miscellaneous templates
  3. Remove check for UserName equal tu IntPtr.Zero

    Ventsislav Mladenov authored
  4. @Therzok

    Merge pull request #877 from mono/repo-detection

    Therzok authored
    [VersionControl] Fix for interleaved repositories, so we don't always ch...
  5. @slluis

    Merge pull request #878 from gitexperience/patch-9

    slluis authored
    [Ide] check for invalid characters for filename
  6. @Therzok
Commits on Apr 15, 2015
  1. @sgmunn

    [Ide] When disposing, fire pending change request.

    sgmunn authored
    This logic seemed wrong, Dispose would never fire the pending change request unless it was called a second time.
    Fixes bug#29070
  2. @manish

    Added tests for Generic and C/C++ Miscellaneous templates

    manish authored
    * Generic
      * Generic Project
      * Packaging project
    * C/C++
      * Shared Library
      * Static Library
      * Console Project
  3. @manish

    Added ASP.NET template test

    manish authored
    * Extracted General and Other category in TestBase
    * Create a method which geneates projectname from template name by cleaning it of any special chars
    * Refactored MonoDevelopTemplatesTest to remove redundent information
  4. @gitexperience

    Update FileDescriptionTemplate.cs

    gitexperience authored
    Excuse me for that blunder ,here is an updated patch.
  5. @manish
  6. @Therzok

    [VersionControl] Fix for interleaved repositories, so we don't always…

    Therzok authored
    … choose Subversion over other vcs.
    There's no Unit Test for this as the framework does not support it.
  7. @gitexperience

    [Ide] check for invalid characters for filename

    gitexperience authored
    Provides creation of filename with only valid characters.
  8. @Therzok
  9. @slluis

    Merge pull request #875 from mono/test-framework

    slluis authored
    Test framework
  10. @Therzok

    [Core] Remove SupportFeature as the new project dialog handles this d…

    Therzok authored
    The widgets are still in the repo tree. Some of them are toolbox items,
    some of them might need porting to new Project Dialog wizards.
    Check this commit for which widgets are still dangling in the tree.
  11. @Therzok
  12. @alanmcgovern
  13. @iainx
  14. @iainx

    [Test Framework] Add a Contains operator

    iainx authored
    Contains is like Text but doesn't have to match exactly.
  15. @iainx
Commits on Apr 14, 2015
  1. @sgmunn

    bump md-addins

    sgmunn authored
  2. @DavidKarlas

    bump md-addins

    DavidKarlas authored
  3. @iainx
  4. @iainx
  5. @iainx

    [Test Framework] Don't proxy the TimerCounters

    iainx authored
    Instead of passing the TimerCounters across the wire as MarshalByRefObjects and
    accessing them directly by properties, wrap operations that need to be waited on
    in a timer context, and do all the waiting on the MonoDevelop side
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