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base: abfc626819
head fork: mono/monodevelop
compare: 27cda58f56
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Commits on Jan 25, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9769 - Failed to navigate to TaskCompletionSource<bool>.Tr…
@mkrueger mkrueger Merge pull request #18 from xamarin/fix_default_case_sensitivity
[SourceEditor] Do not be case sensitive by default
@alanmcgovern alanmcgovern Merge pull request #15 from xamarin/fix_splash_rendering
[Ide] Fix the rendering of the first run text
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9537 - Completion tooltip wrong for aliases'. e20ba17
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9787 - 3.x regression: Paste tries to be smart even though
indent mode is not set to smart'.
Commits on Jan 29, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9833 - Razor parser throws NREs on opening a file'. 22be964
@mkrueger mkrueger [Refactoring] Fixed possible null reference exception. b212146
@jstedfast jstedfast [Ide] Handle cases where Notebook.CurrentPage is -1 (meaning "No Page").
Fixes bug #9852.
@jstedfast jstedfast oops, minor fixup to previous commit 1e0d475
@jstedfast jstedfast [Mono.Debugger.Soft] Updated. ca6f42b
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Function breakpoints w/o params should be applied to all o…

Fixes most of bug #9722
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Fixed CheckTypeName to handle arrays, pointers and nullables. c776f9e
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Build] Bump Xwt and md-addins for Markdown fixes. f5f871b
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Deps] Bump Xwt and md-addins for more Markdown parsing fixes. 1601e63
@mhutch mhutch [Projects] Update MSBuild settings without a restart 370d7a6
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Fix NRE in TargetFramework f4f84d6
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9858 - Oblivion theme makes it hard to see errors'. 33b5d55
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9873 - Declare local creates invalid code for implicitly t…
…yped array'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9876 - Convert to for loop created invalid code if iterati…
…on variable is called i '.
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9878 - Declare const should offer to replace N occurrences'. 6efbcf1
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9881 - Extract method is broken'. ca48c78
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. 33cae91
@mkrueger mkrueger Try fix 'Bug 9877 - Same inspection can show up many times'. 2d8bb00
@jstedfast jstedfast [Core] Fixed logic for determining if TargetFrameworks can ref .NETPo…
…rtable frameworks

Fixes bug #9163
@jstedfast jstedfast [Core] Improved mhutch's NRE fix in TargetFRamework.ProfileMatchesPat…
@jstedfast jstedfast bumped version-checks 56af82c
Commits on Jan 31, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9920 - Find in Files dialogue has two Alt+C options'. 1bc38fe
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9896 - Wrong dot completion '. 6e548f9
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9905 - Cannot type new() constraint ' f074375
@mkrueger mkrueger [Ide] Fixed 'Bug 9920 - Find in Files dialogue has two Alt+C options' 97ee69b
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9907 - Overriding async member does not add async
@mkrueger mkrueger Revert "Fixed 'Bug 9680 - category filter not working in nunit addin'…
… with"

Broke single test run for me.

This reverts commit fd392ed.
@mhutch mhutch [CSharp] XBC9909 - Unified search spamming Console b8ccccd
Commits on Feb 01, 2013
@mhutch mhutch [Database] Disable Query command if no connections 9d43c81
@mhutch mhutch [MySql] Fix NRE initializing schema provider
Fixes BXC9961 - Xamarin Studio crashes when going Tools -> Database ->
Query Databases with no open project
@mkrueger mkrueger Implemented part of 'Bug 9933 - Can't clear the search results'. 459df40
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9954 - First parameter missing in tooltips when using exte…
…nsion method directly'.
Commits on Feb 02, 2013
@mhutch mhutch [Ide] Use correct window hints 911b354
@mhutch mhutch [Project] Ensure SolutionItem.BoundToSolution fired correctly
It's possible during deserialization for SolutionItems to be added to a
ParentFolder that is not yet connected to a ParentSolution. In those
cases we should avoid firing BoundToSolution, and instead recursively
dispatch BoundToSolution when the ParentSolution does become connected.

Fixes an exception viewing the Components folder on projects in
Solution Folders.
Commits on Feb 03, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9998 - Doc comments completion offers </para> as end tag f…
…or <param>'.
Commits on Feb 04, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Applied [PATCH] Only start a window drag if the event concerns the
toolbar window
From Kristian Rietveld <>
Fixes 'Bug 9933 - Can't clear the search results'
@mkrueger mkrueger [Nunit] Test result pad now uses the log text view used by the output
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 9990 - Formatting a document on save splits event into 'e …
…vent' '.
@mkrueger mkrueger [NRefactory] Fixed broken test. a33b71b
@slluis slluis Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ui-refresh
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 8859 - Overriding a method causes issue with bracket spaci…
@mhutch mhutch [Projects] Rename MSBuild11 format to MSBuild12
The old name was inconsistent/incorrect and likely to cause bugs.
@mhutch mhutch [Project] Set default framework for MSBuild12 fc3d523
@mhutch mhutch [Mac] Make user update Mono if GTK+ is too old
Based on reverting:
    [Mac] Remove redundant GTK+ version check
@mhutch mhutch Update md-addins for VS2012 file format support 82ca254
Commits on Feb 05, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10013 - Implement interface refactoring insertion guide has
bad window decorations'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10025 - Reloading project should refresh highlighting in
referencing projects'.
@mkrueger mkrueger [NRefactory] Completion engine no longer inserts text into document. b8aa316
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fixed build. 76ca43d
Commits on Feb 06, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10058 - Semantic highlighting & resolve locations are
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10051 - Cannot type negate conditional' ea1310e
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed possible infinite recursion reported in 'Bug 9978 - Opening .sln
file with multiple projects with same name crashes MonoDevelop'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10059 - Resolve type fails for nested static types'. e9ba3c3
@mkrueger mkrueger [NRefactory] Fixed bug in AddAnotherAccessor action. af610ac
@mkrueger mkrueger [NRefactory] Added proper way of representing extension method invoca…
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Don't destroy Gtk widgets in a non-gui thread.
Fixes bug #10056
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Don't enable Continue command unless debugger is paused.
Fixes bug #10060
Commits on Feb 07, 2013
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Deps] Bump md-addins to pull in custom user-agent removal. bce39a6
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10096 - Code analysis spews exceptions on closing file(s)'. f7b73c0
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. 0ba650d
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10104 - Rename on generic type breaks non-generic
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10105 - Completion window should hide if user pastes while
it's open'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory / enabled reduced methods again. 9de9430
@mhutch mhutch [Docking] Don't make floating pads transient to main window
Workaround for BXC9883 - Xamarin Studio hides when there is a nonmodal
floating window and it loses focus
@mhutch mhutch [Ide] Fix enabling Mac menu when floating pad focused ead157c
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory/Track API changes. ce53a20
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. 70aadf3
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. 78ead2d
@mkrueger mkrueger [NRefactory] Fix build. 9e0ee51
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Fixed parsing of array syntax for FunctionBreakpoints baa95cc
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Copy ParamTypes when copying FunctionBreakpoints 866b5c1
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Deps] Bump md-addins to get fix for #9289. d616831
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Deps] Bump md-addins to get fix for #9893. 2cbd7cc
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Deps] Bump md-addins to get fix for #9989. f1c9db2
@bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic [Deps] Bump md-addins to get fix for #9307. 69dd777
@mhutch mhutch [Mac] Hide entire app when main window closed, not just that window
BXC10130 - Mac menu is disabled if window is hidden with close button
Commits on Feb 08, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10128 - Dictionary out of sync in type service'. 194d802
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10141 - If caret moves offscreen in zoom, it paints in
wrong place'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory/Track API change. 73a0d42
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10140 - For snippet is not formatted if inside another for
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. dceab28
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 7639 - Breadcrumb does not do selection on typing'. 9d4a040
@mhutch mhutch [Build] Deuglify buildinfo in About dialog
Make sure the all lines have keys, instead of trying to add one
to the first line later. This fixes an issue where the Mac build
had been altered to prepend a line with a key, causing the About
dialog to display a line with two keys and a line with no key.
@jstedfast jstedfast bumped version-checks for new iOS templates bf57481
@mhutch mhutch [Razor] Factor out some code to faciliate re-use f619475
Commits on Feb 09, 2013
@slluis slluis Bump monomac dep 9a0a717
@slluis slluis Bump maccore dep bdb7001
@slluis slluis Track api changes in MonoMac e435d92
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
@mhutch mhutch [build] Abort Win32 build if submodule update fails 80b29d2
@mhutch mhutch [build] Added script to reset submodules 8c41aa5
Commits on Feb 11, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10189 - Code completion bug when implementing actions (par…
…tial method)'.
@alanmcgovern alanmcgovern Bump md-addins for a build fix 1cc5928
@mhutch mhutch [MSBuild] Don't alter case of existing bool properties
[1/2] Fix BXC7914 - MonoDevelop changes csproj unnecessarily
@mhutch mhutch [MSBuild] Don't remove framework attributes
[2/2] Fix BXC7914 - MonoDevelop changes csproj unnecessarily
@mhutch mhutch [Ide] Remove nonsensical deploy metadata 3ae3dda
@mhutch mhutch [Razor] Re-sign Razor assemblies to they load on Windows
We were bundling a copy of the Razor assemblies that had been
built on Mono, so they used the MS key token but were not
actually validly signed, so .NET refused to load them.

Since these are used for code completion only, and not for user
projects, we can change the key via ildam/ilasm.
@mhutch mhutch [Ide] Pass correct app name to GTK
Should fix Bug 10199 - 'MonoDevelop' in dialog title
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Make SetProcessName match entrypoint exe, not app name
For consistency with other ways process name is set.
Commits on Feb 12, 2013
@mhutch mhutch Bump md-addins e939ca7
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10215 - Missing space in tooltip'. b409236
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10227 - Regression: Doc comment autofill no longer creates
undo steps '.
@mhutch mhutch [Ide] Delegate window fullscreening to platform service 3e81e4b
@mhutch mhutch [Mac] Make fullscreen command do Lion-style fullscreen 7d26e2b
@mhutch mhutch [Ide] Idiomatic text for fullscreen command on Mac 9f9dc34
@mhutch mhutch [Mac] Enable Lion fullscreen button
Based on a patch from Geoff Norton.
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10200 - Autocompletion not updating with inner method call' da528b6
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10184 - Some color style names not visible unless
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10183 - Completion turns #elif into #elifelif'. 37ad4b6
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10201 - Wrong generics expansion for base recursive types'. 0adafd1
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. b661179
@mhutch mhutch [Mac] Add fullscreen button before the window is shown e0af910
@mhutch mhutch [Mac] Simplify handling of app quit event fd3384b
@mhutch mhutch [CSharp] BXC10249 - Document outline does not show nested classes 3c37916
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Implemented new tooltip style for parameterized types. b6693d1
@mkrueger mkrueger Added default json color style. 5a6c1a5
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. d512f3c
@mkrueger mkrueger Updated nrefactory. d8b1d1f
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger Implemented 'Bug 815 - Git log for single file should have the diff
view expanded.'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Implemented 'Bug 1398 - No Suggestion mark displayed when user define…
…d void type function and tried to return any data type value.'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Implemented 'Bug 4880 - Explicit interface implementations do not
colour in red when they're incorrect'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Implemented 'Bug 5689 - Format selection with no selection should
format line'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Implemented 'Bug 9869 - Global search filter for commands'. 165b136
@mkrueger mkrueger Worked on new color sheme. d04a091
@jstedfast jstedfast Fixed "Lenght" typo in public API. 4ee39d5
@jstedfast jstedfast Fixed typo 97fbf38
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Work around Mono bug that broke PCL enumeration
BXC2975 - System.IO.Directory.EnumerateFiles doesn't return any file
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10309 - NRE when opening context menu'. 55b491c
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10294 - Comments in preprocessor directives are not handle…
…r correctly'.
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10310 - Indenter does not update after policy change'. 9220cab
@grendello grendello Don't use source directory name in target destination, it will cause …
…the source directory to be nested should the target one already exist
@mkrueger mkrueger Switched editor color scheme system. e162a1d
@mkrueger mkrueger Track Color Sheme API changes. 80deafd
@mkrueger mkrueger Corrected some usages of the syntax scheme system. a3b18c6
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Finish workarounds for Mono file enumeration bug
BXC2975 - System.IO.Directory.EnumerateFiles doesn't return any file
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Cleaned up ImmediatePad code a bit b871f7d
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Replaced OldNRefactory expression evaluator
Fixes bug #6570
@jstedfast jstedfast [OldNRefactory] Removed all but 1 reference to OldNRefactory b6bacfa
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Removed nrefactory reference. 48a0e55
@mkrueger mkrueger Converted some old color names. 0c4d15a
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Various fixes to the expression type resolver d6195f8
@jstedfast jstedfast Nuked OldNRefactory a7ee903
Commits on Feb 16, 2013
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Fixed the last of the debugger unit test failures
Also managed to remove the gross tryTypeOf hack.
@mkrueger mkrueger Worked on vs importer. 4bd57e9
@mkrueger mkrueger [Text Editor] Improved VSSetting importer. ba1a9b9
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Improved VSSetting converter. 367ce85
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Improved handling of undefined colors in vssetting files. 5960880
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Added support for style xml doc comments. 5497857
@mkrueger mkrueger [SourceEditor] ColorScheme editor now works again. 848e6dd
@mkrueger mkrueger Converted diff colors. 4a6da5a
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Synced xml colors. 51fbd4a
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Added Html mode & colors. 3a5c4a8
Commits on Feb 17, 2013
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Use IKVM.Reflection to read assembly names
Else we hit the runtime loader lock.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Don't re-scan known frameworks from every runtime
This saves us from reading a lot of assembly names. On my machine,
with 7 Mono runtimes (2.10.9, 3.0.0, 3.0.1, 3.0.3, MonoAndroid,
MonoTouch, Mono from source) this cuts the number of assembly name
reads from 1493 to 118.

with a warm disk cache, this saves ~50ms on MD startup time. With a
cold cache it would be a lot more.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Go back to System.Reflection.AssemblyName
It turns out it's faster than IKVM. On a warm cache, the assembly
service initialization was about 30% slower when using IKVM.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Only rebuild relations if runtime has custom frameworks 2d26705
@mhutch mhutch [Core] More fine-grained lock for assembly name cache
This means in general we'll be able to return cached names even
while some other thread is reading an assembly's name from disk.
In the worse case we may read a single assembly's name from disk
multiple sives if several threads request the name for that
assembly at the same time and it is not yet cached.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Scan External frameworks once, not once per runtime
Takes warm for 1200ms to 1100ms on my machine with 5 mono runtimes.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Worked on ASP.NET/Html color conversions. caa0106
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Changed import color for suggestion & hint underlines. ef8bc1a
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Fix regression with runtimes creating fx backends
A previous perf fix make runtimes skip scanning custom frameworks
if they had already been scanned and registered by another runtime.
This fix inadvertently caused them not to create backends for those
runtimes. Now they will create backends for all previously-registered
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Add assembly versions into framework definitions
This saves us a few AssebmlyName reads on startup.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Only pre-load the default runtime
Instead of pre-loading all runtimes on startup and blocking on
this when loading a solution, only pre-load the default runtime.
Non-default runtimes will be loaded if/when they're used. This
improves startup time for users with multiple runtimes installed,
at the cost of a small delay when switching runtimes.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Runtimes should replace dummy TargetFrameworks
If a dummy TargetFramework is created for an unknonw framework,
and a runtime is later loaded that has a definition for that
framework, it should replace the dummy.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Port remaining SystemAssemblyService Cecil code to IKVM 1344096
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Better assembly target framework detection
When attempting to determine the target framework for an
assembly, look for TargetFrameworkAttribute. That's what it's for.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Use threadpool for runtime initialization 70f1f59
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Remove some redundant code 852661d
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Updated old color schemes. 81bf3a0
@mkrueger mkrueger Added default json color style. 43c1f7e
@mkrueger mkrueger Worked on new color sheme. cff890b
@mkrueger mkrueger Switched editor color scheme system. d0a8f06
@mkrueger mkrueger Track Color Sheme API changes. 2337170
@mkrueger mkrueger Revert "Track Color Sheme API changes."
This reverts commit 2337170.
@mkrueger mkrueger Revert "Switched editor color scheme system."
This reverts commit d0a8f06.
@mkrueger mkrueger Revert "Worked on new color sheme."
This reverts commit cff890b.
@mkrueger mkrueger Revert "Added default json color style."
This reverts commit 43c1f7e.
@mkrueger mkrueger Merge branch 'mike-colorsheme' into ui-refresh
@mkrueger mkrueger [HexEditor] Track API changes. 75fd8f2
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fix compiler warning. dd23e60
@mkrueger mkrueger [SourceEditor] Fixed build on mono3. bfb43ec
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fix build under mono 3 96560d9
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed some syntax modes. aa3baf5
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] GetChunkStyle now mimics old behavior with the plain text
fall back.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Updated oblivion style. d15fae1
Commits on Feb 18, 2013
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Fix init failure in SystemAssemblyService 51f7cbc
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Improved JSon syntax mode. d29d83e
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10335 - code folding freezes for several seconds in huge
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10349 - C# parser broken on operators'. fab0a82
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEdior] Fixed some "text" references. 4a86807
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fixed comment colors. 530b038
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10361 - No completion for optional attribute arguments'. dcea070
@mkrueger mkrueger Fixed 'Bug 10350 - Code Analysis doesn't work properly for enum value…
…s with names like RESERVED_1'.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Changed oblivion punctuation colors. ba341f9
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Reworked color schemes to re-use the plain text
background & adjusted some oblivion+solarized colors.
@mkrueger mkrueger [SourceEditor] Fixed potential null reference exception. ac62af1
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed color style panel edit & remove commands. 7477ca4
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] When cloning Breakpoints, make sure to copy the column as …
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed missing color/implemented scheme validation. e88387b
@jstedfast jstedfast [Mono.Debugger.Soft] Updated. 1e826ea
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Don't filter unhandled exceptions
Fixes bug #8746
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Added missing color to tango style. 1ba22f1
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Added support for foreground font fallbacks.
Needed to be compatible to certain styles.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] ASP highlighting now supports attribute name colors. 7f9342c
@jstedfast jstedfast [Ide] Render the tooltip onto the correct widget.
Fixes bug #10326
@jstedfast jstedfast [Ide] Make the tooltip rendering code easier to read 3861a65
Commits on Feb 19, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Imported folding square background color. 09767ae
@mkrueger mkrueger [SourceEditor] Highlighting panel is now more verbose when loading
errors occur.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Text editor can now load incomplete color schemes by
copying the values from default.
Old color schemes remain valid if colors get added later.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Adjusted indentation guide colors. 2967a7e
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Updated visual studio style. 2eb785a
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Adjusted quick diff colors for the visual studio style. 91f1524
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Adjusted indentation guide color for the solarized
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fixed bug in semantic simple type highlighting. 51b36f1
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Semantic highlighting now supports the more fine
grained semantic entities defined in the color styles.
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fixed semantic highlighting of field initializers. f09dc08
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fixed composed type semantic highlighting. 5b76ad5
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed bug in foldingscreen background renderer. 63b0123
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Updated the signature generator to use the more safe
color style properties instead of the description strings.
This is really a good example of how the syntax scheme system improved
- now all colors need to be accessible through a property.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Corrected tag coloring for the html modes. b900400
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Improved tooltip background conversion. 5958ffa
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Signature markups now support color fallbacks. 11d9dd0
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] VSSetting importer - default style is now choosed based
on the brightness of the imported theme.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Syntax mode service can now directly handle .vssettings
files without converting them first.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Added support for 'Excluded Code' color. ee91f9c
@jstedfast jstedfast [Mono.Debugger.Soft] Updated c8d6ed0
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Report conditional breakpoint errors to the user. 8aafae1
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] When the entry loses focus in the ExpressionEvaluator dial…
…og, close the completion window

Fixes bug #10270
@jstedfast jstedfast [TextEditor] Fixed exception when color name lookup failed. b88edc7
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Ignore missing methods when reading TargetFrameworkAttribute
This means we don't have to care about correct assembly resolution.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Kill a catch{}
and replace it with logging.
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Added TargetFrameworkMoniker.TryParse f00993b
@mhutch mhutch [Core] Robustify GetTargetFrameworkForAssembly 57212d7
@jstedfast jstedfast [Debugger] Check static fields/props of parent types for the identifi…
…er, too

Fixes bug #10234
Commits on Feb 20, 2013
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed some nightshade colors. 9c4acbf
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed some tango style colors. 10c6b95
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Signature markup creator now prefixes identifiers that
are keywords with @.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Improved the vssetting importer (calculated some missing
colors) & fixed plain text background.
@alanmcgovern alanmcgovern [VersionControl] Add some missing 'IsRunning' checks in SvnClient bede6cd
@alanmcgovern alanmcgovern [VersionControl] Fix threading issues with the subversion backend
Split out a SubversionBackend class fdrom SvnClient. This way we can
keep SvnClient nice and threadsafe (as it is meant to be as it is a shared
instance) and we can instantiate an SvnClient for every SubversionRepository
instance we create. This prevents us from reusing the same svn_client_context_t
instance for multiple svn repo queries simultaneously and blowing up our
process with corrupt memory.

Should finally fix
@alanmcgovern alanmcgovern [VersionControl] Downgrade to SharpSvn 1.6 on windows
We need an svn 1.6 based SharpSvn as we lack support
for the 1.7 format. This makes svn support work on
windows again.
@mkrueger mkrueger [Ide] Fixed color calculation in AddLight.
For some colors the other hsl class seems not to work correctly.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] VSSetting importer can now handle transparent plain text
I think these styles are not correct, but they're out there ...
@alanmcgovern alanmcgovern [VersionControl] Fix more SVN related threading issues on windows
MonoDevelop interacts with it's repository objects from multiple
threads simulataenously internally when opening up things like the
Blame view. This causes SharpSvn to throw an exception as it is not

'Fix' this by just locking all access to the client to enforce single
threaded usage.
@mkrueger mkrueger [TextEditor] Fixed tag color bug in xml syntax mode 0385ee5
@mkrueger mkrueger [CSharpBinding] Fixed delegate declaration semantic color. 27cda58