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Notes on how to do a localisation for MonoDevelop

Updating localisations:
	The command
		make update-po
	will update the messages.po main catalog from the MonoDevelop source, 
	then use it to update the all of the language-specific po files.
	NOTE: In general, this is not necessary, as all of the .po files in 
	SVN are regularly updated.

Creating a localisation:
	Find the ISO standard country code for your translation, e.g. "da"
	for Denmark/Danish. Copy the main catalog to your new translation, 
		cp messages.po da.po

	Add your localisation's language code to the ALL_LINGUAS variable 
	in the ../ script, and to the po.mdse file in the 
	current directory.

Editing your localisation:
	Edit the .po file with some kind of editor. Several good GUI editors 
	are available, including MonoDevelop itself.
	To test it, you must build the whole of MonoDevelop, then set the 
	LANG environment variable
		export LANG=da
	and run MonoDevelop with 
		make run
	in the top-level Monodevelop source directory.
	Finally, attach your updated localisation to a bug report at or email it to the Monodevelop mailing list,\

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