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2008-04-10 Mike Kestner <>
* src/BannerItem.cs:
* src/HeadingItem.cs:
* src/LabelItem.cs:
* src/LinkItem.cs:
* src/MarkupItem.cs:
* src/RemarksItem.cs:
* src/SummaryTableItem.cs: Layout tweaks adapting to ink rect
2008-04-10 Mike Kestner <>
* src/DocView.cs : add size request support to enable scrolling.
2008-04-03 Mike Kestner <>
* initial checkin. DocTree widget is feature-complete for
on-disk catalog navigation. Layout and Painting in DocView with
limited Mouse event forwarding to the item hierarchy. Items include
a generic LabelItem, HeadingItem, and LinkItem. A BannerItem with
heading and links to parent docs. A MarkupItem which handles raw text
and simple markup like see/paramref/typeparamref. KitchenSinkItem
which will eventually handle the tangled mess of nested para/code/SPAN
and so on elements. And SummaryTableItem which handles the
Name/Summary tables seen on Namespace, Type, Members, and Ctor/Method
pages. Node pages implemented so far are the toplevel Catalog node
and the Namespace node.