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Removed Joel per his request;

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commit 7c90a39f53b274d218613e66fa968d51bfee651b 1 parent 929a596
@migueldeicaza migueldeicaza authored
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  1. +0 −1  worker/bloggers.xml
1  worker/bloggers.xml
@@ -129,7 +129,6 @@
<Blogger Name="Chris Howie" RssUrl="" IrcNick="SerajewelKS" Head="chrishowie.png"/>
<Blogger Name="David Srbecky" RssUrl=""/>
<Blogger Name="Chris Gameweld" RssUrl="" />
- <Blogger Name="Joel Reed" RssUrl="" />
<Blogger Name="Valentin Sawadski" RssUrl="" />
<Blogger Name="Seo Sanghyeon" RssUrl="" IrcNick="sanxiyn"/>
<Blogger Name="Alp Toker" RssUrl="" IrcNick="alp"/>
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