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[PeerExchange] Ignore PeerExchange messages when we have enough peers

PeerExchange messages are pretty CPU heavy to process as we need to
ensure we don't have duplicate peers in the list. As such, ignore them
once we have enough peers.
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1 parent a2b47b5 commit ed4175ce48eabf03e733447568232db033180fb0 @alanmcgovern alanmcgovern committed Oct 10, 2010
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  1. +4 −0 src/MonoTorrent/MonoTorrent.Client/Modes/Mode.cs
@@ -186,6 +186,10 @@ protected virtual void HandlePeerExchangeMessage(PeerId id, PeerExchangeMessage
if (id.TorrentManager.Torrent.IsPrivate || !id.TorrentManager.Settings.EnablePeerExchange)
+ // If we already have lots of peers, don't process the messages anymore.
+ if ((Manager.Peers.Available + Manager.OpenConnections) >= manager.Settings.MaxConnections)
+ return;
IList<Peer> peers = Peer.Decode((BEncodedString)message.Added);
int count = id.TorrentManager.AddPeersCore(peers);
id.TorrentManager.RaisePeersFound(new PeerExchangePeersAdded(id.TorrentManager, count, peers.Count, id));

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