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There are three sections:
A) New translations
B) Updating existing translations
C) Testing a translation
Follow the steps designated in each section to modify or
test your translation.
A) New Translations
1) Execute these commands:
$ ./
$ cd po
$ make monsoon.pot
2) A file called monsoon.pot has now been created in the po
directory. Rename this file to $LANG$.po. For example,
if you were translating german you would call it 'de.po'.
3) Open this file in your favourite text editor and fill in
the required translations.
4) Edit and go to line 55 and include your
translation in the list of languages. If you were
including 'de.po' you would make the following modification.
-ALL_LINGUAS="es fr"
+ALL_LINGUAS="es fr de"
5) When you're finished, run 'svn diff' and save the output.
Send that in as your translation.
B) Updating an existing translation
To update an existing translation, you need to do the following:
1) Execute the following commands:
$ svn up
$ cd po
$ make update-po
2) Open the required language file in your text editor and search
for "fuzzy" or "". These are places which need to be updated.
3) When complete run the following command and submit the
'language.patch' file. Replace $LANG$ with the language
you are translating. For German, this would be 'de'.
$ svn diff $LANG$.po > langauge.patch