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2009-01-14 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/standalone-player.js: Fix URI resolution in the case that the
command line COM component is unavailable to do the resolution; do not
show the application controls if there is no said command line component,
indicating that we are running embedded and not standalone
* content/moon-media-content-listener.js: Remove the 'hide' URI component
2009-01-12 Aaron Bockover <>
* standalone/ Pass %U to Exec
* content/standalone-player.js: Handle command line argument
2009-01-12 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/standalone-player.xul: Disable the View menu and listen
to unload, which will kill the moonlight element
* content/moon-media-extension.js: Better test for Totem
2008-12-24 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/moon-media-extension.js: Disable the totem-gmp plugin
2008-12-23 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/uri-player.xul: Removed, merged into standalone-player.xul
* content/standalone-player-hidecontrols.xul:
* content/standalone-player-hidecontrols.css: XUL and CSS overlay to
hide controls when running inside of a browser
* content/standalone-player.xul: A XUL shell that embeds the media player
that can act as a fully standalone player, like a mini Totem, when
invoked with firefox -chrome
* content/standalone-player.js: Application logic for the standalone
* content/moon-media-content-listener.js: Fix chrome URI
* content/player/player.js: Added a public Fullscreen method
* content/moon-utilities.js: Some Utility functions
2008-12-23 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/uri-player.xul: decodeURI before setting on the player
2008-12-23 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/moon-media-content-listener.js: Listener that intercepts content
type that are supported by the player, redirects requests to the internal
XUL Silverlight player
* content/uri-player.xul: Silverlight shell in XUL that embeds the player
* content/test-moon-console.html:
* content/moon-console.js: Added some more functions
* content/moon-media-extension.js: Create and register the listener
* content/player/player.js: Call XULMoonEmbeddedPlayerInit if defined
2008-12-19 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/moon-media-extension.js: Create a MoonMimeEditor
* content/moon-mime-editor.js: Began working with the RDF service to
hopefully be able to add handlers for arbitrary mimetypes
* content/moon-console.js: Wrote a good console class with a proper
recursive object dumper that supports all types
* content/test-moon-console.html: Test cases for the console
* content/moon-media.xul: Load the console and the mime editor
2008-12-08 Aaron Bockover <>
* content/player/player.js:
* content/player/player.xaml: Implemented volume slider and full screen
icons; added keyboard support for play/pause and volume up/dowin
2008-12-04 Aaron Bockover <>
* Initial Import: extension works for FF3, the media player does not
yet bind to the SL DOM element
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