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<script type="application/x-javascript">
function install (event) {
var params = {
"Moonlight Media Player": { URL:,
IconURL: ("iconURL"),
Hash: ("hash"),
toString: function () { return this.URL; }
InstallTrigger.install (params);
return false;
<h1>Moonlight Media Player</h1>
<p>The Moonlight Media Player is an extension for Firefox that emulates the Windows Media Player ActiveX control. When embedded Windows Media content is found, this extension loads a generic Moonlight based player control to support the content.</p>
<p>Firefox 2 and newer is supported. Additionally, you must have <a href="">Moonlight</a> or <a href="">Silverlight</a> installed. This should work on Mac OS X as well, but it has not been tested.</p>
<li><a href="@XPI_FILE@"
onclick="return install(event);">Install Moonlight Media Player (version @VERSION@)</a></li>
<li><a href="moonlight-media-player-@VERSION@.tar.bz2">Download Source Tarball</a></li>
<p>Create a Firefox Profile for development with a simple name (&quot;dev&quot;):</p>
<p><code>firefox -P</code></p>
<p>Check out <code>moon-mp</code> from Mono Subversion:</p>
<p><code>svn co svn://</code></p>
<p>Install the <code>moon-mp</code> extension into the new profile:</p>
<p><code>make install-dev</code></p>
<p><em>Note this only needs to be run once. This command links your development profile to the checkout directory. Any changes made in the checkout will be reflected in Firefox after a restart.</em></p>
<p>Run Firefox with the profile:</p>
<p><code>firefox -P dev -no-remote</code></p>
<h2>Running the Standalone Player</h2>
<p>The extension includes a XUL application that can be run &quot;standalone&quot; and allows more advanced functionality, like loading media files directly from the file system.</p>
<p>Currently, it must be invoked manually:</p>
<p><code>firefox -P dev -no-remote -chrome chrome://moon-media/content/standalone-player.xul?controls=show</code></p>
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