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.TH "mxap" 1
mxap \- Moonlight XAP file Generator.
.B mxap [options] [directory]
Use the
.B mxap
tool to generate Silverlight XAP files. These files pack a
complete application for Silverlight to consume (XAML files, images,
resources, libraries and their dependencies)
mxap will create a .xap file based on the contents of the specified
directory (or the current directory, if no directory is specified).
.B mxap
will create an application manifest (AppManifest.xaml), create the
XAML code behind files (using xamlg), create a <appname>.g.resource
file including all of the directories .xaml files (using respack),
compile the directories C# files, including the generated files, zip
all of the libraries and application manifest into a .xap file and
create an html file for viewing the new application.
.I \-\-runtime-version, \-\-rv=VALUE
Select the Silverlight Runtime Version (2 = 2.0.31005.0, 3 =
3.0.40818.0 4 = 4.0.50401.0, or use the full version string)
.I \-\-use-existing\-manifest
Use an existing AppManifest.xaml file.
.I \-\-entry\-point\-type=VALUE
Specify the entry point type for your application. This will be used
in the <Deployment section of your AppManifest.xaml
.I \-\-cs\-sources=VALUE
A list of source files to compile. By default all .cs files found in
the directory will be compiled.
.I \-\-res\-sources=VALUE
A list of resource files to be added to the application. By default
all of the .xaml files found are converted to resources and embeded in
the app.
.I \-\-ares\-sources=VALUE
A list of assembly resources that will be embedded into the main
application assembly.
.I \-\-cres\-sources=VALUE
A list of content resources to be added to the xap. These are
items like images or scripts that you would like to access from your
.I \-\-generate\-html[=VALUE]
If this option is specified, a sample HTML container file is generated
using the
.B xaml2html
.I \-\-include\-mdb[=VALUE]
If this option is used, the XAP file will also package the debugging
information (the files that end with the .mdb extension). This is
useful to get line number information and more detailed stack traces.
.I \-\-application\-name=VALUE
Specifiy the name of the application generated. The default name is
the name of the current directory.
.I \-\-generate\-manifest[=VALUE]
Whether or not an AppManifest.xaml file should be generated. An
AppManifest is created by default. Use this option if you would like
to create your own AppManifest.xaml file.
.I \-\-desktop[=VALUE]
Create a xap for running desktop, non sandboxed applications. Xaps
created with this option will not run in the browser.
.I \-r, \-\-reference=VALUE
Reference the supplied assembly. Identical to the compiler -r: option.
.I \-\-pkg=VALUE
Use assemblies listed in .pc files to build. They won't be included in
the xap, so this is only useful for extra system libraries.
.I \-l, \-\-list-generated[=VALUE]
List the generated files. This is useful for cleanup scripts that want
to delete all of the generated files.
.I \-v, \-\-verbose[=VALUE]
Verbose printing.
.I \-d, \-\-define[=VALUE]
Define a constant value for compilation such as --define=DEBUG
.I \-\-clean
Removes generated files. Use with caution, this could delete important
files like your AppManifest.xaml.
.I \-\-out, \-\-output\-dir=VALUE
Specify an output directory for the generated xap.
.I \-\-inplace[=VALUE]
Don't use a temporary directory
The Moonlight mailing lists is at
mono(1), mopen(1), respack(1), svg2xaml(1)
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