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Feel free to add items to this TODO list
* SupportedCulture:
This requires special handling on the XAML processor.
There are no visible properties from SupportedCulture, instead the
XAML processor should read the content as in:
And use that to instantiate the supported cultures somewhere, not
clear where.
Need information on the relative Uris that
Application.GetResourceStream accepts and their meaning.
Silverlight 2 Support
To get Silverlight 2 support to work, we need a few bits:
This requires changes to the XAML parser to allow the
XAML parser to use an object that has been already
created as its toplevel, and populate it with data
from parsing a XAML file.
Currently it only allows the passed object to be a
Canvas, with SL2 the passed object can be a UserControl.
Maybe we could wrap the object in a Canvas to keep
things simple?
We are currently using `PluginHost.Handle' to track the handle
to the plugin, and in a couple of places we also use the
AppDomain to pass information, its not clear why this code was
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetData ("PluginInstance");
In plugin/moonlight.cs, separate the appdomain management from
the Loader class.
Move plugin/moonlight.cs CreateApplication into its own helper
* Consolidation
Now that Mono.Moonlight.dll has been rolled into
System.Windows.dll, and the AppDomain hacks have been removed
from moonlight.exe, we should be able to further reduce our
managed footprint and per-domain costs by removing
moonlight.exe altogether.
* AppDomains
Most of the AppDomain infrastructure (MarshalByRef,
Serialization, Remoting) is unavailable in SL 2.0, currently
we keep it all hidden with our linker, but it might be worth
exploring dropping this infrastructure if not required.
Need to pass the object initialization arguments to the
Application.Startup method, currently we pass an emty list, it
should be the list of arguments from the <object> tag.
* xaml.cpp:
How to register SupportedCultureCollection, as there is no
"SupportedCulture" really.
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