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Moonlight: Core Support
To build Moonlight, you need to install a few dependencies for
the basic runtime engine (this is needed to support both API
profiles: Silverlight 1.0 and 2.0).
* Dependencies:
You must install ffmpeg, from:
Revision: 10885 is known to work
svn co -r 10885 svn:// ffmpeg
Then configure:
./configure --enable-shared
Build and install:
make && make install
You also need the alsa-devel package for Audio support.
To build a mozilla plugin installer (XPI) configure with
--enable-user-plugin and build as above. This modifies the libraries
to open the libraries it needs from ~/.mozilla/plugins and builds an
unsigned .xpi file which you may use to install the plugin in your
To install the plugin open the plugin/novell-moonlight.xpi with your
mozilla-based browser and follow the prompts.
Configuration Options
The plugin can be built in two ways: one designed to
go into the centralized location for all plugins
(relative to a prefix directory) or another that works
from the user's plugin directory (~/.mozilla/plugins/)
If you use this option, the makefiles will also build
a Mozilla XPI file that can be used to install the plugin.
For this to actually work you'll need to build a local version
of ffmpeg with a few changes, mostly to the way it links.
A patch is included (ffmpeg.patch) with the neccessary changes.
PKG_CONFIG_PATH must include your build of ffmpeg when you
configure moonlight.
We build ffmpeg with ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared --disable-ffmpeg --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay --disable-zlib --disable-network --disable-vhook --disable-debug --disable-muxers --disable-encoders --disable-demuxers --disable-bsfs --disable-protocols
Controls how Moonlight is compiled:
no Only builds Moonlight 1.0, with no managed code.
yes Builds Moonlight 2.0 with both desktop and plugin
desktop Only builds the desktop assemblies (GtkSilver widget).
browser Only builds the assemblies required for the browser
By default Moonlight will build with media support using ffmpeg.
Use this flag to disable all use of ffmpeg.
To enable audio using the ALSA stack, this can be
mixed with --with-pulse-audio=yes
To enable audio using the Pulse Audio stack, this can
be mixed with --with-alsa=yes
Moonlight: Silverlight 2.0 API support
If you want to support the Silverlight 2.0 API (managed
support, this includes the Mono runtime and .NET APIs to run
apps) you will need in addition to:
* Install Mono from SVN (you need both the mono and
mcs modules).
Use the --with-moonlight=yes option to configure
The current public API reflects the API as it was published in
Mix 07. The 1.1 API.
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